Words from Hayao Miyazaki to Goro Miyazaki

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I don't know much about Hayao Miyazaki
now or before
. I came back from Deba that day to
watch the Goldfish Princess on the Cliff that he supervised and watched
some records of him making this animation before.
The old man has
a touch of empathy

. In the animation world, Hayao Miyazaki is undoubtedly a successful giant,
but in real life,
Hayao Miyazaki always has a shadow of loneliness in his heart.
He also admitted that he is an emotional person and does not like it. The idea of ​​disguising one's own heart
is precisely because of this character and the dedication to the animation career, which has caused the long-term indifference of the relationship between Hayao Miyazaki
and his long-term Miyazaki Goro. Hayao Saki strolled to Studio Ghibli and saw Goro Miyazaki in the studio directing the Battle of the Sea . Hayao Miyazaki's subconscious action was to turn around and go to another office, "hiding". The reporter asked curiously, "Why don't you want to see me?" He" Miyazaki answered very firmly, "I don't want to see him, but I don't want to be close to him." At the premiere of the first animation directed by Goro Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki saw him halfway through . He got up by himself and left the reporter to interview him. After watching, he only said three sentences , "I came to see my child, he is not mature enough, that's all." Hayao Miyazaki was in this moment when he expressed the above feelings. The production period of Princess Goldfish on the Cliff is said to be the last theatrical animation directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

I have reason to believe that there must be something in this animation that he left to Goro Miyazaki.

This is because Hayao Miyazaki's animation creation process has a characteristic.
His animation creation does not start from the script,
but from his own. Impression draft
He first hand-painted the impression he wanted to express about this animation
until he drew the real impression he wanted to express, and then started the screenwriting and production of the animation
based on these impression drafts . Therefore, Hayao Miyazaki's animation is so distinctive. And can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people because his animations are faithful to his inner real and unique feelings , so we have reason to believe that his current emotions or feelings will be more or less reflected in his animations. Since Miyazaki Jun commented on his eldest son's first animation "He is not mature enough" So let's see how he tells his children what "mature" is in his last animation ? The whole story of Princess Goldfish on the Cliff is just a story between two 5-year-old children who like each other. The 5-year-old Sousuke who lives on the cliff by the sea finds a little mermaid who is inseparable and takes care of the little mermaid, so the little mermaid likes it. Sousuke 's father who hated humans found the little mermaid and took it to the deep sea. In order to see Sousuke again, he stole his father's magic potion and turned into a very cute 5-year-old girl. Then he rolled the sea and rode the wind and waves to find her. The little boyfriend finally kissed the little mermaid under the oath of Sousuke's innocence. Sousuke got his wish and became a human story with a happy ending . Compared with Miyazaki Goro's Earth-Sea Battle, this kind of story seems so simple to the point of childishness.

But after watching these two films, you will find that
the distance between maturity and childishness is not in "simple"
Hayao Miyazaki's goldfish princess on the cliff is
just like the warm sunshine in spring to warm you
unconsciously I think this It 's what Gong Lao calls "mature" feeling "unconsciously to warm you" so don't think you're always right Don't force your emotions, thoughts, feelings on others You can let others feel you but don't try to be yourself I have to admire Hayao Miyazaki. It's like two masters fighting each other . Goro Miyazaki used his sharp Earth and Sea Wars to fight against his father's goldfish princess on the cliff. Goro Miyazaki beat Hayao Miyazaki . Then, Tai Chi is proficient in four ounces . Hayao Miyazaki uses a master-level technique to tell his children that maturity comes from an understanding of simplicity. Since an animation cannot carry the heavy mission of changing yourself and others, please make it simpler. What amazes me even more is that in the entire Ponyo on the Cliff, PONYO and his ocean freak dad have only one dialogue. Dad stated 4 points of view "eat this" "Brunhilty" "human beings are Stupid and abominable creature" "Change me back" Look at PONYO's counterattack "Pfft, I want ham" "I'm not Brunhildi, I'm PONYO"

"PONYO wants to become human"
"PONYO wants hands, PONYO doesn't want such feet"
How tit-for-tat
this emotional conflict
is very similar to Miyazaki's objection to Miyazaki Goro's production of the Battle of the Sea
, but Miyazaki Goro insisted It is

precisely because of Hayao Miyazaki's impression draft that he seems to be able to feel the image of the two fathers in the goldfish princess on the cliff of
his life in his animation, with the shadow of Hayao Miyazaki himself and the images of the two children. With the shadow of Goro Miyazaki, especially the father of the ocean weirdo , he is also so arrogant and stubborn. If Hayao Miyazaki really shows his image as this weirdo, it can be seen that he has guilt towards Goro Miyazaki. It is heartwarming to think that in Goro's heart, he should be such a weird person . Whether it is Kososuke or PONYO , in Miyazaki's eyes, they are still so cute and innocent. Did Miyazaki who portrayed Kososuke also thought of it ? What about Goro Miyazaki when he was young? The other side that can confirm this conjecture is that the images of the two mothers in this animation are the wife of the sailor's father, the sturdy mother image that Hayao Miyazaki has repeatedly shown in animations . It's more like Hayao Miyazaki's own mother because in Hayao Miyazaki's young impression, the mother is very strict but lovable . The other is the wife of the sea monster, Hayao Miyazaki must be depicted as beautiful, based on his own wife. The Goddess of Wisdom

Thinking of this, I have to admire Miyazaki again.

I really hope that Hayao Miyazaki and his son can be harmonious,
just like PONYO's father took the initiative to show his love to Sousuke.
Father: "Can I shake hands with you?"
Son: "Yes",
just like Sousuke Just like my father playing a signal light,
my father: "I'm sorry, I love you !

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