nothing to do with love

Isobel 2022-04-21 09:01:54

I didn't watch it when I first came out, but I'll watch it today. Ponyo is the kind of child image I like, very cute, real, healthy and lively. Like the sister May in "My Neighbor Totoro". Such a mermaid is naturally not a tragedy, she is a girl who has received blessings and is full of courage.

However, this movie has nothing to do with love. I prefer the relationship between Ponyo and Sousuke to be an intimate relationship between family and friendship. Love is too vulgar for children. Their world is clear, clean and transparent. If you like it, you can kiss it, if you don't like it, you won't play with you, and even spray you with a water gun. How simple. The pure love of youth in Japan is love. The love of young people shows the most ideal and beautiful appearance of love at the beginning. The belief in love should be found here. Miyazaki describes the world of children. Love is too pure here. It is completely out of the definition of love. It is the intimate relationship between good children, the most noble and profound friendship.

As for whether poor Sousuke will only fall in love once in his life because of Ponyo, have a woman, and so on. I think it's a silly question from an adult with a long head. Go watch a love action movie.

Compared with the past, this film is simpler and more relaxed. There is no thought-provoking and tear-jerking content, and the plots also draw on others. It looks very interesting and simple. The so-called "test" at the end was more engaging, and the ending was abrupt and hasty. The choice of the magic of righteous words is still a matter of human beings. In fact, the seriousness of Ponyo cannot be shown in the role of Ponyo. Naturally, the director just justified it and didn't have any plans.

The brave, willful and innocent Ponyo finally ushered in the realization of her dream, and the introduction of this dream was a piece of sausage. Ponyo is a carnivore. With her big eyes, she seriously despises and despises human civilization. She devotes herself to the depths of the ocean to engage in magical research. She is also a vegetarian father. No matter how magical magic, no matter how firm the belief in natural harmony, it is not as real as a delicious sausage. This is the child.

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  • Crystal 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    Hayao Miyazaki is a pessimistic environmentalist but at the same time has boundless faith in the purest human emotions

  • Grayce 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Japanese neuropathy Hayao Miyazaki got goosebumps after watching it. As long as everyone starts to like a director, I usually don't like it. . .

Ponyo quotes

  • Sosuke: Ponyo, make the candle bigger!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human, too!