2021 New Year's Eve Surprise! Master classic beauty to suffocate

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On the last day of 2020, a work by master Hayao Miyazaki was released.

This film also becomes Hayao Miyazaki's third work to be released in mainland China after "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away".

The nearly 80-year-old old man also wrote a New Year's message for the Chinese audience .

New Year's Eve, UP chose to spend it with this animation.

On the first day of the new year, let's talk about this with you--

The film was born out of the well-known Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Daughter of the Sea" .

There is no heavy environmental theme like "Princess Mononoke" , no complex information and exciting development like "Spirited Away" , nor the magnificent scenes and soul-stirring love like "Howl's Moving Castle" .

Miyazaki's "Mermaid Princess" has faded from the religious overtones of the original and turned into a simple and innocent children's adventure.

Sousuke is a five-year-old boy who lives in a seaside house on a cliff in a seaside town.

His mother , Lisa , works in a local nursing home, and his father, Gengyi, has been away from home for a long time.

One day, while playing on the rocky beach beneath a cliff, Sousuke picked up a goldfish trapped in a glass bottle.

Sousuke rescued her, named her Ponyo , and kept her in a green plastic bucket.

He assured Ponyo that he would take good care of her.

Ponyo is actually a goldfish princess who lives in the deep sea. Sousuke broke his finger while saving Ponyo, and Ponyo licked his bleeding wound.

The wound healed immediately, and Ponyo turned into a 5-year-old girl by licking human blood .

Ponyo's father, Fujimoto, is a magician who lives in the deep sea. He ignores Ponyo's wishes and wants to force her back into the sea.

But Ponyo, who wants to stay by Sosuke's side as a human being , has made up her mind. Not only did she run away from home, but she also poured the "Water of Life" that her father treasured into the sea.

As a result, the sea level rose, huge waves engulfed the town where Sousuke lived, and the residents of the town were affected.

Because of the water of life, the earth's ecosystem begins to become unbalanced, the satellites in the sky begin to fall, and the moon is getting closer and closer. Can mankind escape this crisis? And will Ponyo eventually become a human, or will it become a foam in the sea?

If you want to know, go to the cinema and rewatch it.

This work is Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro" in 1988, once again targeting the audience to the youngest audience, the core idea is to make 5-year-old children understand.

The master left the sky and clouds he knew well, and plunged into the deep blue sea.

In this film, scenes related to the sea accounted for nearly 80% . Miyazaki paid special attention to the performance of sea water and waves, and personally drew all the waves in the film.

To find the best way to present it, he carefully observed the stormy sea, capturing and figuring out the changing forms of the waves.

And such vibrant lines can only meet Hayao Miyazaki's expectations with hand-painting, so this film does not use computer CG to draw, but uses hand-painting.

Nearly 70 original painters drew about 170,000 drawings in one and a half years, which is 1.5 times the workload of "Spirited Away" .

Before the start of the film, Hayao Miyazaki visited the Tate Gallery in the UK and admired John Everett Millais ' Ophelia . strong impact.

These are all reflected in this work. When drawing the shot of Ponyo's mother, it is full of oil painting texture , with a strong warmth and strong sensory stimulation.

In addition to the exploration of visual style, the master still pursues the ultimate in details .

The drawing of food is the master's forte. In the past works, there are often scenes that make people move their index fingers.

This film is no exception. Risa makes ramen noodles for Sousuke and Ponyo, with half an egg and two slices of ham on the surface.

Ponyo, who loves ham, can't wait to grab it with her hands and eat it.

At first, the original artist drew Ponyo to grab the slice of ham on it and eat it .

Later, after the director's correction, it was changed to grab the bottom piece of ham, because the bottom piece will be hotter when it is attached to the noodle soup , which is closer to the reaction of the later plot.

It is this obsessive pursuit of detail that characterizes Miyazaki's work.

Many viewers know that the prototype of Sosuke is actually the eldest son of Hayao Miyazaki, Goro Miyazaki when he was 5 years old .

The father and son had conflicted due to different ideas during the production of "Earth-Sea Battle" before , and the two have been in a state of cold war since then .

Just like the father Gengyi who has been away from home and neglected to take care of his relatives in this film.

"Ponyo on the Cliff" can be said to be Hayao Miyazaki's work of family reflection .

Unlike most Japanese movies, the parents and Sosuke in this film are called by their first names , which is quite rare in Japan where the old and young are distinct and honorifics are strictly used.

The titles "father and mother" hardly appeared, and this deliberate invisibility was precisely what Hayao Miyazaki wanted to take away from his parents' prestige .

One of the two fathers in the film is not at home all the year round, causing the alienation of the father-son relationship. Although work is the most important thing, the behavior of "abandoning his wife and children" cannot be regarded as an example of a good father in a happy family ;

Another was human but now hates human beings. He limits Ponyo's admiration for human beings. He locks his daughter in a huge blister, which looks like protection, but is actually restrictive.

These two images are superimposed together, isn't it Hayao Miyazaki .

The film is a reconciliation letter from a father to his son .

Not only did he reflect on his indulgence in work, but he also expressed to his son that his interference with him was out of love, but he did not want to bring pressure because of love.

The disappearance of the parental title means acknowledging that Goro has grown up and will treat his son as an adult.

At the end of the film, Fujiki shook hands with the little boy to make peace, and Miyazaki also hoped that Goro could hold his hand and forget the past unhappiness.

UP's favorite is also the ending credits .

There are no positions in the list, and all the people involved in the production of this film are listed in the order of their Japanese pseudonyms .

Big investors and small temporary workers are all treated equally .

You can't tell who is the director and who is the writer, and even the three stray cats that frequent Studio Ghibli's neighborhood are listed.

There is no seniority or inferiority, just the love and dedication to the film.

Return to the basics, remove all authority and impurities, and leave only a piece of complete sincerity.

The film has brought endless joy to the audience for more than ten years. When it first landed on Japanese TV, it received a rating of 29.8%.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the film was banned indefinitely on major Japanese TV stations in order to avoid evoking painful memories because of the tsunami hitting the shore .

It is rare to land in domestic theaters this time, so you might as well use it to start a year full of infinite love .

Click [Useful], and I wish you a Happy New Year.

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