The magical girl from another world, and the fairy tale world we need

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The female protagonist with magical abilities in another world came to the human world, faced with everything completely unfamiliar, and slowly adapted under the guidance of the male protagonist, and fell in love with the human world.

At the same time, it also showed the male protagonist the mystery from the magical world.

In the end, the human world and the magical world work together to solve the crisis of world destruction.

Well, it's not Wonder Woman or anything, it's Ponyo on the Cliff.

A fairy tale.

What is the most familiar meme about fairy tales?

It is a typical fairy tale ending that everyone ridicules. The princess and the prince are happily together from then on. After that?

After that there is no after.

This famous stalk, which was once loved by everyone, has been applied in various places, so that it has become a bad stalk.

People who don't think with their brains may have two reactions when facing the ending after watching "Ponyo on the Shore".

Or they will play the same shit, with a self-righteous tone: Ah, the prince and princess live happily ever after again.

Either insist on saying to the previous kind of person: fairy tales, the ending should be like this.

But this is not the case with fairy tales. Fairy tales have never had a rigid formula, nor should they have a fixed template.

But about the recurring fact of this ending in fairy tales, I have always harbored a malicious speculation and a benign judgment.

The former is due to lack of writing power and cannot be edited anymore, because what the prince and princess really live together, and where the happiness is reflected, the storytellers do not know; the latter is an early fairy tale writer with a kind of warmth, I want to bring some reverie of a beautiful world to children, knowing that life is not a fairy tale when written, so I don't talk about it.

Did you say anything? There are also, such as Hesse's fairy tales, the protagonist will find peace in life after desolation and pain; Yuan Jie's fairy tales also have this flavor, such as "Goldfinger" which brought me the first time to think about life.

But these are very inconsistent with the fantasy background drawn by the entire fairy tale world before .

Then in order to maintain a dream world, let's just end here, just right.

But for Mr. Gong (well, this name is very grandmaster), things are different. In fact, he has already expressed what Sousuke and Ponyo's future life style will be.

Just look at their parents. Two pairs of parents who are separated from each other have taught children who know how to love.

Lisa and Genichi, on the shore and at sea respectively, are the nurse and captain of the nursing home. We can fully imagine how much enthusiasm they had, the busy nights, communicating with each other across the distance of the ocean with lights. There are so many nights like this that five-year-old children have learned the language of lights.

His mother loved him very much, and so did his father who was away for a long time. When the ship made waves at sea and Koichi saw a girl running on the waves, his first reaction was: as big as Sousuke.

And Ponyo's parents. One is a "bad magician" who has abandoned his human identity, is afraid of seeing his wife, wants to save the world in his own way, strictly manages his daughter and insists that he is all for her daughter's good; the other is a mysterious, A true "daughter of the sea" with magical powers. We don't know the story that happened between them, but we can see it, and it's also a romantic story.

Compared with traditional fairy tales, for Snow White, we only know that she has a cruel stepmother; for Cinderella, oh, also a cruel stepmother, piggybacking two malicious sisters. Their prince, the background is nothing, where does the family live, what family, has nothing, doesn't know anything.

For such princes and princesses, the phrase "live happily together" is enough.

And what about two people who have a family and a life? Affected by the family, there is a high probability that he will live like his parents.

Sousuke has seen his mother communicate with his father at night with lights on, and he has seen his mother go out in danger in the middle of the night to visit a nursing home.

Ponyo's parents are two people who are most qualified to say that they have been in a romantic relationship in the whole film, and they are also worried about saving the world by the way.

I'm not worried about what will happen to Ponyo and Sousuke in the future, I can say with confidence that they will live happily and happily.

As for the usual villains in fairy tales.

Evil dragon, stepmother, none here.

There is a "bad magician". But this title is just the sentence "Is he also a bad magician?" when Ponyo asked Sousuke's father's occupation, and it can't be taken seriously.

After all, when the male protagonist mentioned his mother, he mentioned "very fierce and bad", and Ponyo said it casually, and so did his mother. But in fact, that is obviously the two most beautiful, kind, and understanding female characters in the whole play.

So the phrase "bad magician" is completely a nickname that her daughter has for her old father with intimacy and disgust.

Full of affection.

There is no villain in this Miyazaki film.

Just like for every child, the "villain" in life is not just taking care of himself, he is not allowed to do this, and he is not allowed to worry about his parents.

But what happens to children in reality, forced by their parents and the real world?

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for college students to commit suicide.

There were even elementary school students who chose to commit suicide in order to sleep more.

heartbreaking news

too tired. Really tired.

Do you also need to save the world or what?

I suggest that children who can't settle down and watch this film slowly need to examine themselves to see if the strings in their minds are too tight. Only visual sensory stimuli, or "useful" things, can be seen.

The awakening of the ocean in the Triassic period, the tides brought about by the approaching moon, the drag racing on the seaside, the girl walking on the waves, the cemetery of ships under the skyline, the world crisis.

The aquatic species revived in the ancient times, above the town, are all empty and helpless.

so cute.

It's the fairy tale world we need.

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