Get the innocence back.

Pablo 2022-04-22 07:01:16

After waiting for a week, I finally saw the legendary gun version. Before watching it, I watched the behind-the-scenes video of Princess Goldfish on the Internet.

The interview started with the old man doing the plot and drawing the design draft. The place where the old man lives in the shot (I don't know if it's his studio or his home) is similar to a small wooden building like the Earth House in "Listen to the Side", and the nearby community is also Peaceful and peaceful, great place! !
Use the details of daily life to show the pure heart of a 66-year-old old man, the old man who has a drawing and design draft, the old man who has the following article, the old man who is thinking hard, the old man who watched his son's movie and came out smoking a cigarette, and the old man who drove out to shoot dv The old man, and the old man standing quietly by the sea...
In addition, I also photographed a hut that the old man lived in when he went to the beach to conceive. The kind of house that faces the sea and the spring flowers looks really comfortable.
With the passage of time, the walls and cabinet doors were gradually filled with design drafts, and the early stage of "Princess Goldfish on the Cliff" was released like this.

Besides, the first appearance in "Princess Goldfish on the Cliff" that I saw today
is the magician (this is a key figure, the princess' father, this mystery was only revealed later, but unfortunately the princess' father has a face of Granny Tang) let The birth of a large jellyfish (the scene is spectacular), the princess sister (the other little princesses are much smaller than Ponyo, so it should be her sister) walking out of Dad's submarine to play, accidentally surrounded by human boat nets, stuck in in a glass bottle. The bottle rushed to the beach and was picked up by Sousuke, who broke the bottle and saved the little goldfish. Sousuke brought the little goldfish home, added water to the bucket, and named her Ponyo......

The flooded street, the big fish and the little fish swimming in the street, the occasionally awkward grandmother, The woman holding the baby, the rescue fleet, the turbulent waves jumping like a fish, the red-haired Ponyo running on the waves, the beautiful princess fucking, the princess who is reluctant to Ponyo and his dad, calling him a fool over and over again. Mama Risa.....There is no bad guy in the world, everything is simple and cute. how nice~~~

I don't know why Mr. Gong's world can be so pure. He can only see the height of 67 years of experience. Or the innocence that has been full of 67 years? The sound is loud, the elephant is invisible, and the simplest things move people the most.

If you think it disappoints you, it is because you are disappointed in the world.
The eyes that were covered by the mud could not see the world as pure and transparent as water.
So, let go of the complexities in front of you, and work with the old man to bring back the innocence.

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Ponyo quotes

  • Fujimoto: Respect your father!

  • Fujimoto: You must promise me something. You will never go back to the surface, yes?

    [He offers Ponyo a piece of food on a toothpick]

    Fujimoto: Come on, now. Eat, Brunhilde.

    Ponyo: I want ham!

    [She defiantly blows away the food]

    Fujimoto: Ham? You ate the food! What else did you do? Did you taste blood, Brunhilde?

    Ponyo: My name is not Brunhilde. It's Ponyo.

    Fujimoto: Ponyo?

    Ponyo: Ponyo! Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human too!

    Fujimoto: Human? What do you know about humans, Brunhilde? They spoil the sea. They treat your home like their empty black souls.