Reality games confuse me

Jazmin 2022-09-07 07:55:21

After watching this movie, I was a little confused.

The fast switching shots and frequent flashes in there really made me a little dizzy.

Violence, breastfeeding, pornography, blood, alas, I don't know what to do, it really tested my psychological quality.

The end of the film makes me feel a little confused, why are those people cheering when they see the mastermind behind the scenes being stabbed in the stomach? Aren't they addicted to that virtual killing game? The conspiracy of the mastermind behind the scenes to control all human beings was seen by the world with just such a murdered fragment?

What I find interesting about this movie is that in the world, some people are controlled by others, and some people are controlled by others. It's a real virtual world.

Of course, the mastermind means that he wants to control all of humanity by himself.

Nano enters the human brain, and then nano cells replace human natural cells. The packaging of this approach means that people will not grow old and have no diseases, but, in fact, the conspiracy behind it is to rule all human beings.

The scene where the protagonist kills the mastermind at the end is quite interesting, because since the mastermind can control the actions of others through his own thoughts, the protagonist asks him to imagine the scene where he is stabbed by a knife in the stomach, and think realistically, the mastermind As soon as I thought about this scene, I was stabbed in the stomach by the protagonist with a knife. Hehe, did the protagonist kill the mastermind, or did the mastermind commit suicide?

After watching this movie, I was thinking, who will the character I control when I play CS?

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