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Aimee 2022-08-19 20:45:21

The bloody story of a muscular man who kills his blood to avenge the reunion of his wife and children. No matter how surreal the setting is, the genre movie or the genre movie, it depends on whether the audience will buy this generation of muscular men. This is a bit like a gladiator from ancient Rome, a truck driver type, not very handsome, a pure man type. It's a pity that most of the time, the gun is used, and there is not much chance of showing flesh. What era produced the story of what era, I remember that the governor played a similar theme back then, the death row game came out, and Jason Statham also played it, but it was also a remake, and the speeding game came out. In the high-tech era, of course, it is necessary to get out of high-tech games. So, what nanotechnology, what LAG, a bunch of terms plus the ever-popular CS and SIMS constitute the illusion of a sci-fi movie. The final decisive battle still exposed the essence of its B-level film. The little minions just beat and played, and it is better to be exciting in the game. Of course, the film still depicts a part of the "beautiful" future for us, such as the virtual sex of the real COS, such as the degenerate human behind the computer monitor, such as the 360-degree AV, I believe the director must be a big otaku.

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  • Jazmin 2022-05-20 18:37:44

    Michael C. Hall is a GQMF!

  • Dessie 2022-05-20 14:40:14

    cool very cool quirky very quirky style very style. and u, MC.Hall so damn talented! oh man u definitely owned all films ur in! EPIC WIN!

Gamer quotes

  • Kable: [after killing Hackman] You should have let him fight for himself. Maybe then he would have had a shot.

    Ken Castle: I think you're missing the point, my man.

    Kable: No, no, I get it. You're pulling all the strings around here. Which makes my next move pretty stupid...!

    [He lunges at Castle with a knife, but freezes unexpectedly]

    Ken Castle: I neglected to mention my smart boys reversed that crack the Humanz worked for you. Easy-breezy, once I had access to their drives.

  • Simon: [flipping through options on his computer] Gay... gay... gay... retardedly gay...