Magical Realism Masterpiece: When Death's Ballad Sings Again

Brody 2022-04-20 09:01:41

This film once again refreshed my best movie viewing experience this year, and it deserves an Oscar.

This is typical magical realism. When you put your imagination in the wild west world, law, morality, all bottom lines no longer exist, and human nature can no longer be measured, the story presents infinite possibilities.

The first four stories are relatively simple.

The first story, there is a sky outside the sky, broke the narrative norm, made a cowboy with the halo of the protagonist to be killed within a few minutes, and had such a beautiful out-of-body soul at the beginning; the second story, with a smile on his face The second hanging; the third story, the trade-off between a hands-free busker and a calculating chicken, the poor man who even had the right to play a little bit when business was good, when he was ruthlessly thrown When going down the river, the story continued in the mind of the calculation chicken; in the fourth story, the old gold digger encountered a robber who liked to pretend to be a gangster, shot in the back, pretended to be dead, and then fought back.

The fifth story is the most complicated. A woman who is reluctant to fall into the hands of the Indians, misjudging the situation between friend and foe, commits suicide prematurely before tripping over the Indian's horse in the groundhog hole, and she has just agreed to a The Cowboy's Proposal... This story hints at the uncertainty of life, laying the groundwork for the next one.

The sixth and last story is the most mysterious, and understanding the ending is equivalent to understanding all six stories—all six stories with the same destination. This is the last conversation between Death and three passengers who have different identities but have to be on an equal footing. The educator's wife didn't calm down until after listening to Death's song and accepted the reality that she was about to be in the underworld with her husband who had been dead for three years. reunion.

The process of life is full of uncertainty, only death is certain, even measurable.

The film is very serious, and a small amount of dark humor also fully serves the serious theme. Five star offering.

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Extended Reading

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You know the story, but people can't get enough of them, like little children. Because, well, they connect the stories to themselves, I suppose, and we all love hearing about ourselves, so long as the people in the stories are us, but not us. Not us in the end, especially.

  • Trapper (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You're bounty hunters.

    Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): Literal man! Cruel man!... yes, fine: bounty hunters. An ugly title, really... as if emolument were the point. Is the cobbler not paid for his shoes? It's an honest calling!

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