The Ballad of Buster Struggs

German 2022-04-21 09:02:03

The film is very novel in structure, combining six separate stories into one feature film, each of which has a deep moral and such a small story will not make the audience's eyes tired when watching it. The essence of each story can be well absorbed.

1. In the first story, the selection of the scenes for shooting is relatively light tones, and after adding the filter, it also gives people a feeling of smoke and dust, creating a desolate population in the western United States. I also have ulterior motives in the choice of clothes. The protagonist is dressed in light colors, while the group and villains are dressed in dark colors. The color of the clothes reflects the style of the characters.

The story combines the most Cohen elements, with plot twists, genre parody (cowboy duels), dark humor, religious sentiments, and song and dance. As the first part of the film is extremely exciting.

2. The wonderful thing about the second story lies in the contrast of the characters in the first half, and the structure of the story is relatively simple. The difference in tone is small, and it also highlights the barrenness of the American West.

3. The third story tells the story that the disabled tells the same story every day, and cleverly uses editing to reflect the tediousness of his daily work without making the audience feel tired when watching. In the application of lighting, the light is intentionally hit on the face of the person to better highlight the person's demeanor.

4. The fourth story is my favorite part. The framing is closer to nature. Instead of deliberately using props to create scenes, some small special effects are used to match the scenes made by nature. Love the twists and turns of the story and the ending. What I like in acting is that when the old man started to dig a lot of gold, he was not very excited at the beginning, nor was the old man stunned, but had a kind of dull feeling of success after a lot of hard work, and then dig a bigger one. When it was Jin Zi, he laughed happily and the music was also excited... The story behind the waves - the death of the old man was also very exciting. At the end, animals such as fish and butterflies return to the camera again, reflecting the scene at the beginning of the story, showing that nature is still alive and prosperous!

o5. The fifth story has a female protagonist. Compared with the first four stories, the protagonist of this story does not appear embarrassed. The actor's performance is also superb. And the white hooded carriage is also a very unique scene.

6. The scene of the sixth story is done in one go, mainly six people in a carriage sitting together and finally arriving at the hotel. What makes me feel wonderful about the scene on the carriage is that the lighting changes from sunset to night, from bright to dark, from warm to cold, and the color gradient runs through the whole story. Gradually creating a depressing atmosphere, until the emergence of contradictions later broke the silence under the dim light...

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