The Ballad of Buster 12

Theodore 2022-04-21 09:02:03

I really like this movie.

No matter what, first of all this film brings a visual feast.

So beautiful. Both the people and the scenery are so beautiful.

I especially like the way he tells the story by opening the book page by page. very funny. (I want to do something similar in the future)

The first story, the appearance of the sharpshooter, set the tone for the film. Well, as you can see in a few shots, this is an extraordinary film.

Every story is filled with dark humor.

1. The sharpshooter is full of confidence and kills with one shot. But he met his opponent and took his life with one shot. Very comical.

2. The robber who robbed the bank was knocked unconscious by an old man who was covered with pots and pans. The showdown in this was really funny. In the end, he fell up for the second time, looked at the crying person next to him, and said sarcastically, you are the second time. Then his eyes turned to a beautiful woman in blue under the guillotine, and hung up. Ha, it's really dramatic.

3. The performance business for the disabled is getting worse and worse. Eventually the broker bought a chicken instead. Then in a fast-flowing river, the disabled comedian drowned. There's a black field here, and let this man end his life. I find this blind picture very interesting. Life was sad and ironic when the camera turned to this agent's face and this chicken, but it had to go on.

4. The scenery of the gold digger is really beautiful. Stunning. He was hit by gold dug in the gold mine, the blood slowly spilled out, the gunman lit a cigarette, and I really thought the story was over. I didn't expect him to come alive. Killed the gunman. He said, "You vile bitch, sneaking after me, making me do all the hard work, and shooting me in the back." So funny. How unhappy. Gotta hold on no matter what. Kill you and go with gold.

5. The third woman waiting to be married. well, their outfits are really classic. The shape of the grandmother is simply a Western classical painting. But I don't really like this heroine at all., the picture is really too classical and beautiful. I think it deserves an Oscar for this film.

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  • Monte 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    So, all have to die.

  • Kelli 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    The headshot of the wine slaughterhouse empty-handed headshot, fast gun song god ascends to heaven, Guo Nan Hongfan hangs his neck and swings, and his beauty smiles openly. The speech and form are all materialized. The old man is finally replaced by the calculation chicken. Tom Waits Taohuayuan gold rush is a one-man play hard. The daily romance of the team is difficult to match the life and death of the marmots in the Asura field, how deep is the relationship between people, and the king is vain...Happy, cruel, romantic and poetic, the Coen brothers are all alive and well received.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You know the story, but people can't get enough of them, like little children. Because, well, they connect the stories to themselves, I suppose, and we all love hearing about ourselves, so long as the people in the stories are us, but not us. Not us in the end, especially.

  • Trapper (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You're bounty hunters.

    Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): Literal man! Cruel man!... yes, fine: bounty hunters. An ugly title, really... as if emolument were the point. Is the cobbler not paid for his shoes? It's an honest calling!