What is it like fluttering, a seagull in the world

Theresa 2022-04-21 09:02:03

six stories

The first story, neat and tidy, tells about a person’s karma in twenty minutes, the second story, it is a blessing in disguise, just ten minutes condenses the joys and sorrows of life, the third story, loneliness and sorrow, heaven and earth The inhumane regards all things as a dog. The relationship between people is purely a relationship of use. Once it loses its value, it will inevitably make room for other creatures to live. It is painful for the protagonist. The fourth story, bright Optimism is the one with the most positive and lively tone. In the fifth story, I actually felt a little bored when I read it, but the blank space at the end was very good. The sixth story is eerie, with a few people talking in a closed space, and only a few words describe the characters. , also contains confusion about the end point.

In the second story, the seasons go from spring to winter until the snow is white, and the story is getting colder and colder to the white land.
"A sea gull in the world", a strong sense of loneliness
A story with the brightest colors and the most vivid details. There are birds, deer and butterflies in the background, which also implies that the fate of the protagonist is more optimistic.
end of the journey

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  • Jerad 2022-03-24 09:01:49

    The time-honored "The Ballad of Buster Scrub" once again sings on the uncertain West Wilderness, but the wild and absurd story always happens where there are people. It shows that the Coen brothers have always believed that cruelty and tenderness are in this "human"-centered world law, so one by one common short stories in uniqueness strung this epic long volume about human activities. As we read page by page, we seem to be out of the way and seem to be in the middle of it.

  • Richard 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    West is full of suprises, and life sucks.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Buster Scruggs (segment "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"): Misanthrope? I don't hate my fellow man, even when he's tiresome and surly and tries to cheat at poker. I figure that's just a human material, and him that finds in it cause for anger and dismay is just a fool for expecting better.

  • Alice Longabaugh (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled): Gilbert had a saying for any situation. A ready bit of wisdom. He was very certain.

    Billy Knapp (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled"): He was a doughface?

    Alice Longabaugh (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled): ...He had fixed political beliefs. All of his beliefs were quite fixed. He would upbraid me for being wishy-washy. I never had his certainties. I suppose it is a defect.

    Billy Knapp (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled"): I don't think it's a defect at all. Oh no. Uncertainty. That is appropriate for matters of this world. Only regarding the next are vouchsafed certainty.

    Alice Longabaugh (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled): Yes.

    Billy Knapp (segment "The Gal Who Got Rattled"): I believe certainty regarding that which we can see and touch, it is seldom justified, if ever. Down the ages, from our remote past, what certainties survive? And yet we hurry to fashion new ones. Wanting their comfort. Certainty... is the easy path. Just as you said.