Six short stories of human nature in a western context.

Merl 2022-04-22 07:01:23

8 points or so is more appropriate, 8.5 is a bit high.

1. There is someone outside.

The dark green guitar, white horse and white horse and the loess in the west are so beautiful. Maybe the black horse and black cowboy who killed the white horse and white cowboy will be killed by another white horse and white cowboy in the next second. A story with the most ballads.

2. There is an unknown possibility every second before death.

In the last shooting, the male protagonist committed suicide but was able to escape from death. I've seen line managers covered in pots and pans, and I've seen cattle herders who put out stolen cows, I've been hung on a tree swing, I've been pulled to the guillotine, I'm a gamer, I've had countless adventures in life, and I've put my life and death aside The prodigal son, because of your glance in the crowd, I no longer love the game and love the beauty. Unfortunately, it's too late. The most handsome story ever.

3. Mercy cannot be forced.

"I" cites the classics, the sonnet "I" is recited like a fluent, and the professors in Cambridge are not as eloquent as "I", but "I" is a disabled person without limbs. Chickens are smart, maybe another meaning of being under the fence is to be slaughtered by others, then let the quietly flowing river serve as the eternal audience of "I".

4. Clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

Maybe it was the kindness of the gold digger who couldn't bear to eat all the owl eggs and saved him. He was so old, and he dug so many sand pits with patience. The overall lush background is different from other desert western backgrounds. The only one that is not badending.

5. Cowardice is the protagonist of tragedy.

It's hard to have sweet love, because he misunderstood the leader's pretending to be dead and committed suicide, kindly rescued the puppy, but timid but killed himself. The heroine is responsible for the appearance of the whole play, and she feels a bit like the little fairy of the up master. The timidity brought about by the timidity of the behavior is very degrading. Maybe this kind of professional male is an orphan hahaha, but the straight man of the male protagonist has a clumsy romance. The only protagonist is the heroine.

6. A trip with multiple deaths.

The change of tones from warm to cool should herald the transition from the earth to the underworld. The self-proclaimed bounty hunter should be the god of death, and his face is dead white and dead white (this is the same in China and abroad, black and white impermanence in domestic film and television dramas is also full of powder) The whole car is an old man in the twilight. It should be said that everyone is talking about their own life. They will not become compassionate or discriminatory because of dying, and their character will not become warm because of dying. Everyone has something to be proud of in his life. . The last castle and the surrounding environment were separated by mist, which also indicated that they were isolated from the world. The only story where the supporting characters have more lines than the main characters.

I feel like it would be nice if the ends were linked together like a pulp novel, or if the characters in the stories were intertwined.

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