The Ballad of Busters - A Wonderful Ballad

Ulises 2022-04-23 07:02:00

At the beginning, a beautiful light music entered the ear, which was very nice. The whole film is divided into six short stories. In the Badlands of the West, an outlaw in a white coat and hat rides a white horse, plays the guitar and sings. When he got to the first tavern, he shot six big men in the tavern for a glass of whisky. In the second tavern, he killed Old Joe for playing cards, and then ran over without pressure in a duel with Old Joe's younger brother. At this time, there appeared a cowboy who also sang and rode a black horse, wearing a black coat and a black hat, and it was indeed Bastskrus who fell in this duel. No matter how good you are in your field, you can't always be at the top, someone will always replace you, and you can't always be the winner. On a desolate hillside, there is a lonely bank. A robber faced the bank's old man, and was captured by the man who was covered with pots in the duel. When he was hanged from a tree for trial, a group of natives attacked the inquisitor, and the native chief let him go. But he still wasn't out of danger, because as the horse gnawed on the grass below, his neck was pulled tighter and tighter by the rope. At this time, there was a cattle herder in the distance. The unlucky person thought he had encountered a savior and shouted for help. He was indeed rescued. He did not expect to encounter another wave of law enforcement officers. The person who rescued him was a cattle thief. The poor man was hanged again, this time the miracle did not happen, dust to dust, dust to dust. People don't always have good luck, especially after doing bad things. Maybe I can get away with it for a while, and I can't hang for a lifetime.

A carriage, driving slowly on the cold road, when it reached the town, the driver began his show, a young man without legs and arms, telling a story. The two of them make money on this. They only stayed one night in a town and didn't say where their destination was. As the weather gets colder, the two earn less and less money. Until the driver saw a rooster that could count, and he bought the rooster at a huge price, it meant that the young man had no use value and was not worthy of sympathy. Finally, at a railway bridge, the carriage stopped, and when the carriage began to move again, only the rooster was left in the carriage. Compassion is not out of compulsion. In the face of life, we cannot ask too much from others.

A gold prospector, alone, struggling to find his gold mine. When he finally found the gold mine, he was shot from behind, but luckily he didn't hit the key. The victim was killed. Gold diggers finally get their reward for their hard work. Trying to get something for nothing and stealing the fruits of other people's labor will eventually pay a price. Even if he takes advantage of it for a while, he will always pay a painful price.

The fifth and sixth stories, I didn't read it very well, and I don't know what he wanted to express. Like the fifth story, what exactly does the dog's existence express.

I like the first story the most, I think the first story is the most exciting, and the songs are also very pleasant, with the shadow of the songs in Disney animation. All in all, a very good movie. Every story tells the viewer a truth.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Buster Scruggs (segment "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"): I got to set myself up, in the undertaking business. Stop doing all the skill work, so another man can profit. But, then, do I want to wear a black suit?

  • Prospector (segment "All Gold Canyon"): It didn't hit nothin' important!