The song is blowing in the wind

Una 2022-04-23 07:02:00

you see them, you play them, when you see the cards, you have to play the hero, follow the rules, but there will always be a stronger hero. I sing a song and leave peacefully/die is very beautiful. The sheep wow, and then he fell in love with a girl before he was caught for stealing. They walked along the road, and they became more and more indifferent and lonely, and their hearts became more lonely, so he was abandoned and joined this journey as a traveling merchant. The original ecological life of the people with hope is full of mines im old but you are older. I am so moved. Then I was shot in the head by a mantis catching a cicada and a oriole. Afterwards, I know that this boy is an old soldier who "brings the dead back to life"! There is a phenomenon of human-to-human transmission of cough. What did the puppy do wrong? Maybe the money is on the dog (it's not) It's really an ignorant little girl who won't be deceived by the team A love in the wild (but kindness still has regrets Miss Langebeau didn't want to face the savage Indians and shot herself in the head We searched for the uncertainty of the future but not even the old things of the past The desire to talk is full of narrow carriage

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  • Holden 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    The typical black fable of Cohen, the western part also has the feeling of Quentin. The one that I like the most about Fu Lanlan is the shortest and the most funny. The saddest one should be Liam Mnison, who is particularly desperate. Although great but not as good as Rome.

  • Armando 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    The Western movie opens but breaks the routine, with reflection and sentiment coexisting. The whole movie is still a gorgeous playlist, and the taste is still the Coen brothers. Six fables, light and simple, brought me deep sorrow. The sixth one looked bad, but it was actually a finishing touch. The fifth one established the reflection of the whole movie in the context of the present, so every All of them are concentrated capsules of human nature, and I like them all. One of two private favorites in Venice.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You know the story, but people can't get enough of them, like little children. Because, well, they connect the stories to themselves, I suppose, and we all love hearing about ourselves, so long as the people in the stories are us, but not us. Not us in the end, especially.

  • Trapper (segment "The Mortal Remains"): You're bounty hunters.

    Englishman (segment "The Mortal Remains"): Literal man! Cruel man!... yes, fine: bounty hunters. An ugly title, really... as if emolument were the point. Is the cobbler not paid for his shoes? It's an honest calling!