Every shot of the movie "Kung Fu" is fascinating

Hugh 2022-04-19 09:01:44

We often say that an actor is famous, but we just can't remember what his masterpiece is. This is a bit sad for an actor. No matter how famous you are, if you don't have a memorable work, you are a failure. Zhou Xingchi's works are familiar to us.

Starting from "Changjiang No. 7", Zhou Xingchi's later films have a very obvious feature, weakening the aura of the protagonist and highlighting the performance of the supporting roles. This style reached its peak in the movie "Kung Fu". In this movie, we don't even know the full name of the main character. It's unheard of for a movie with a protagonist who doesn't even have a name. Only Zhou Xingchi dared to do this, and he did it successfully.

There are too many supporting roles in "Kung Fu", but each of them is very brilliant, and the performance is three-pointed. Every shot is shot with a definite purpose and profound meaning. The opening "Sin Buster" plaque. This is Stephen Chow's best reversal humor. When we thought it was a very upright and solemn side, it reversed in less than a second and the plaque shattered.

Feng Xiaogang's two lines. To be honest, Feng Xiaogang has had a lot of cameo roles. But I only remember this "crocodile gang boss". The first line, "Who else?" This line matches Feng Xiaogang's exaggerated performance just right. The second sentence, "Is there still king law? Is there still law?"

The concubine of the boss of the Crocodile Gang, an unknown actor. The actor's acting is of course also great. But the most impressive thing is the exaggerated slender waist when he walked out of the cinema, which gave a glimpse.

The slightly neurotic Axe Gang boss. The signature move is to reach out and invite the younger brother to come over. His little brothers are also clever, and they can understand what he means every time. To be honest, I really didn't recognize Chen Guokun when I watched it for the first time. Because the performance is too subversive of the previous image. It shows that Chen Guokun's performance was successful, and he completely got rid of Bruce Lee's shadow through this film. For an actor, this is no less than a new life. Only Mr. Zhou has the ability to turn stone into gold. The master of the Axe Gang is also a very brilliant character, with super ability to respond on the spot.

Life in a slum village in a pig cage city. There are a lot of shots in this section, and it's also very detailed. It is simply a reproduction of the life of ordinary people in the old society. The group performance here is no longer just a back, but each has its own performance. People brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouths in public bathrooms; people lining up in the yard to fetch water, and people jumping in line; various shops: Longtai grain, oil and white rice, Daguan Western clothes, porridge and face oiler, Baicaotang herbal tea, etc.; a worker is playing cotton, and all of a sudden Let the audience find a sense of substitution, as if traveling through time and space; the geese, pigs, cows, etc. raised in the yard; and the hairdresser who always shows his buttocks in his pants.

Some of the details are downright horrific. For example, in the background of Fat Zaicong's haircut, a migrant worker is busy bundling firewood, next to a worker rolling a mat, and a child reading a book in a bookstore.

A timeless classic. "The task of policing evil, punishing traitors, and maintaining world peace is left to you." "Let go of that girl"

The heroine appeared, without a single line, but it was amazing, memorable and unforgettable.

The rescued family held the wowotou to thank the life-saving grace, and the scene was heart-wrenching and touching.

Billboards everywhere. "Three times a month, skinny boys become fat boys". This is of course not a weight gainer, but an insect repellant for children.

Three reclusive kung fu masters. Hongjia Iron Wire Fist, Golang Bagua Stick, Twelve Road Tan Legs. The three people's kung fu have their own characteristics. Iron Wire Fist has softness in rigidity, Tan legs pay equal attention to offense and defense, and Bagua sticks are ever-changing.

The camera is once again given to the pig cage walled city. Residents who cook vegetables, mothers who discipline their children, barbers pooping, and mosquitoes. The killer came without a sound. The three masters were defeated one after another under the hard battle. The charter wife's roaring skills are beginning to show.

Xingzai and the heroine met again and recognized the dumb girl, but it was at the most desolate time in life. This is a huge blow to a man. But Stephen Chow's films never overplay sadness. Just inadvertently showing sadness. Soon a new climax came.

The first villain, Huoyun Evil God, appeared. The character portrayal was so successful. Liang Xiaolong is just an out-of-date actor, and not many people remember him at all. But through this role once again reached the pinnacle of his career. Mr. Zhou's ability to turn stone into gold has been confirmed again. Huoyun Evil God appeared in a domineering manner, showing his skill in "grabbing bullets" and slaughtering "The Legend of Condor Heroes". Of course, the lion's roar of the chartered wife is not a vegetarian. In particular, the "big horn" made the Huoyun Evil God willing to bow down.

The final battle is coming. The Huoyun Evil God released the ultimate move "Toad Art". The expression form of "Toad Kung Fu" amazes us, and it is full of power. At the critical moment, the "Tathagatas Palm" reappeared in the rivers and lakes. A palm technique that fell from the sky was so powerful that we were dumbfounded.

The final epilogue section is also simplified. There is still no line, but it leaves the audience with endless imagination.

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  • Laverne 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Xing Ye has put so much effort into this film that the next few films are a bit like that. Exquisite special effects, the same funny lines, but we can also see that this star who accompanies us to laugh is really old.

  • Gust 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Conservatively I've watched it 17 times

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  • Barber: Why don't you train us to be top fighters... and we'll avenge them!

    Landlady: Becoming a top fighter takes time, unless you're a natural-born kung-fu genius, and they're 1 in a million.

    Barber: [Does martial arts routine] It's obvious I'm the one.

    Landlady: [immediately punches him in the face] Don't think so.

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