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The movie "Kung Fu" should be the only movie that I don't need to watch again before I write a review.

I love this movie so much, or my whole family, that if it's on TV, I'll definitely watch it.

This movie is so impressive. Not so much that he is Stephen Chow's most accomplished film, I think even if the history of Chinese films is opened, this is one of the best comedy films.

First, let's leave aside the comedy component of the film. In terms of presentation techniques and narrative style, I think the art of this film is too high. In addition, the core of this movie is quite deep. The form of kung fu can completely rise to the level of national spirit, and the director has transformed it into a philosophical thought, what is kung fu and what is a strong person.

Secondly, from the perspective of comedy, the world view of this movie is very complicated, but it is also in line with common sense. Although there are many plots of martial arts novels, it is also acceptable. But the characters in it are always full of all kinds of "nervousness", which is also the basis of this movie's laughs. It can be said that there are no normal people in the whole book.

Compared with Zhou Xingchi's other works, it can be said that this film completely forgot all the elements that were used before, and refreshed it again.

Do you need to be funny? Do you need nonsense? Dancing? Vile plot? These things cannot be said to be complete, and they have basically never appeared in the movie.

However, the audience still thinks this movie is really funny, why is that? I think this is the most worthy discussion of this Stephen Chow movie.

The most successful part of this film is that Zhou Xingchi changed the plot that he used to be comical in the past into exaggeration and absurdity. And this exaggeration is entirely based on Stephen Chow's personal thoughts.

For example.

Zhou Xingchi and the chartered wife ran the race. In order to highlight the speed of the two, the comparison with the car is flat. Instead, their legs have become hot wheels, and the knives inserted into them have become rear-view mirrors, which is what people talk about. And this kind of plot, the only reference I can think of is "Tom and Jerry". Reasonably, unexpected is the best explanation.

And after that, the charter woman fell to the billboard with a diving action and then collapsed so many things. Even if you can imagine that something will come out, but you can't imagine that it will create an effect of scattered flowers, including underwear.

Can you say this is not art?

In addition, I don't know why in this movie before, but every character had an inexplicable sense of joy when they said their lines in a serious manner. I can describe this feeling as being very happy but not enough to laugh out loud. The first to bear the brunt of Feng Xiaogang is who else, and I have invited you to dinner. After thinking about it, I think it is the influence of the atmosphere, that is, a normal person would not be able to think of saying that in a certain situation.

Text: The film is set in Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. The whole society is filled with an atmosphere of depression and panic. The illegal organizations headed by the Axe Gang represent power and social ethos. At the same time, there is a group of people who choose to succumb to reality and live in a place called Zhulongzhai, which is a representative of the poor class. Most of them do manual labor with extremely low productivity, but they also have another identity, recluses with high martial arts.

To sum up the plot in one sentence, the innocent protagonist from childhood went into darkness because of a deception. After some things and self-struggles, he accidentally acquired a martial art and embarked on the road of self-redemption of punishing evil and evil.

At first glance, the plot is vulgar.

Since there are so many high-energy aspects of this movie, I'll pick a few that I think are the best.

At the beginning of the film, there is a plot of throwing an axe and cutting a leg, but the use of the camera has a beautifying feeling, reminiscent of Quentin's violent aesthetics. Including the death scene in the back.

After Feng Xiaogang received the lunch box. In order to explain why the Axe Gang can do whatever they want, the director could have said it in a straightforward manner, although it was a bit dull but also calm. But through a few shots of him, we can understand these situations of the Axe Gang.

1. Control the police

2. Often use violence

3. Engaged in illegal business

4. Have strong economic strength

And these scenes are interspersed with a dance. Simply a stroke of genius.

I am a dance lover. This piece of Qi dance is really interesting from a professional level. It incorporates the elements of MJ's shudder, giving people a strong sense of oppression, and the atmosphere is very well defined. But in fact, if you think about it carefully, it is very funny that a gangster group with such a large scale will use dancing to show itself. In addition, music is the soul of dance, and the BGM at this time reminds me of a word "melting furnace" or "purgatory".

The three masters against the six-fingered piano devil is a climax of the film. One of my favorites is the death of the gossip stick (which feels weird to say that).

Before the massacre began, there was a long shot showing the living conditions of various residents in the community, which may be used to reflect the reluctance of the "dead". The most memorable one is that the first second was dancing and the next The chartered couple started in seconds. With the continuous sound of the piano, Mount Tai collapsed in front without changing its color. Heads fall. The depiction of this shadow is so beautiful that it reminds me of Chinese ink painting. There is also a loneliness that can only be metaphorized in poetry.

I think the biggest highlight of the whole film. After Zhou Xingchi smashed Huoyun Evil God with a wooden stake, he was pressed against the ground by the latter.

Cthulhu asked: Why did you hit me?

At this time, Zhou Xingchi, who had even fatally wounded him several times and his head sank to the ground, without the audience knowing that his life or death was unknown, he took the small wooden stick next to him and knocked the evil god's face again.

This knock, I personally think, not only hurt the self-esteem of the evil god, but also touched the ceiling of Chinese comedy, and the film has since sublimated to a new height.

What makes this segment so intensely comfortable is that it brings together all the comedy. Nonsense, black humor, and tragicomedy are all integrated into this little wooden stick, making the audience fall into such an embarrassing situation that they feel cruel and have to hold back their laughter.

In the end, the movie expresses a theme of evil and righteousness through a superb showdown. This fight scene has also reached an unprecedented height. The reason why it is wonderful is because the director truly moved the plot of the martial arts novel to the audience. You can't imagine that only the moves you saw in the book can be photographed in real life. Of course, the exaggeration I mentioned above is also used throughout the film until the end of the film. The trampled feet and the last few prawn soldiers and crab generals were knocked down, and they were inserted into the ceiling.

But in fact, truly defeating the Huoyun Evil God is only the last word.

"If you want to learn, I will teach you."

This is also what the real director wants to express. Force cannot solve the problem. Attacking the city is the bottom, and attacking the heart is the top. When Huoyun Evil God fell to his knees and said the words "I lost", he was really convinced.

Summarize. in Stephen Chow's movie. He built a stormy fairy tale world for us, or a realistic version of the rivers and lakes. And from then on, it started to go downhill. This situation is indeed regrettable.

Stephen Chow is a director who relies on ideas, not tricks. Professional skills will last forever before innovation, but ideas will dry up. His ideas are an insurmountable height, which is why we always look forward to him.

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