Kung Fu -- Stephen Chow's Attempt to Internationalize Movies

Tanya 2022-04-19 09:01:44

Stephen Chow's Kung Fu was his first attempt to enter the foreign film market. I think it was a very successful attempt. In order to enter the international market, the style of Kung Fu this time is very different from that of Zhou's previous films, which is actually the root cause of our debate. If Zhou Xingchi made kung fu into a nonsensical comedy film with exactly the same style as his previous style, then whether it is scolding or praising, at least we will speak the same voice, and there will not be such a tit-for-tat situation. The following are some superficial views on Zhou Xingchi's transformation:

In general, Zhou Xingchi's intention in making this film, in addition to paying tribute to Bruce Lee, is to allow more people to appreciate his works, not only in the Chinese-speaking circle. It can be said that Kung Fu translated into any language will not lose its charm, and none of Zhou's previous works have this feature. Just imagine "Westward Journey", "Domestic 007" or "King of Comedy" with English original sound, and then released in the United States, how high the recognition of American audiences can be?
Therefore, Stephen Chow is doing this kind of effort throughout the movie. His efforts are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Funny. Funny is Zhou's specialty. Even if he changes careers, he won't do serious dramas. Therefore, kung fu is also full of jokes, and the reason why he is criticized is actually due to the lack of catchy nonsense language. It's a shame that we can't come out and make fun of each other with the lines from the movie after watching the movie. But this has the advantage of being easier to understand for international audiences. Moreover, the absence of nonsensical language does not mean that there are no jokes. Most of the jokes in kung fu are realized by the actors' performances and actions. For example, Sauce is bursting. Just looking at his image is full of laughter and hilarious. Another example is the car chase scene between Zhou Xingchi and the charter wife. In the end, the appearance of the charter wife on the billboard may make anyone in the world laugh. Humans of a cultural background. It is true that this kind of joke lacks the trump card of the star master of nonsensical language, but if you want to internationalize, you must make a choice. I think Kung Fu is still very successful in this regard.

2, martial arts and special effects. First of all, I disagree with a point of view, that is, the special effects of the Kung Fu film overshadow the film itself. I just want to say that kung fu is one of the best movies that combines special effects and acting. In Kung Fu, the use of special effects is mostly used to modify the martial arts scenes, and the martial arts scenes of Kung Fu are highly respected by people who like this film or who hate it. Everyone should remember the scene of Neo fighting 100 SMITHs in "The Matrix 2". If the special effects overshadowed the performance, that scene should be representative. There are only two actors in this scene of The Matrix, and none of them have a foundation in martial arts, and one of them needs to be 100 envoys. Naturally, they must rely on a lot of stunts to modify them to achieve a better level. The final effect is indeed quite good, but it is not too much to say that the special effects overwhelm the performance? The scene of Wulang's gossip stick, Twelve Road Tan legs and rabbit fighting the axe gang in Kung Fu is a parody of the 1vs100 scene of The Matrix. But I think it's a parody, but it's blue. Why do you say blue is blue? First of all, the Axe Gang is one person. Second, the three men who participated in the battle all have a certain martial arts foundation. In the words of la la la, they are "quick to recruit", and the martial arts scenes performed by people with martial arts foundation. Of course, it's better than nothing, and there are only two laymen there, and dozens of experts here. And Yuan Heping has been honed by the Matrix, and the scenes he directed are indeed more beautiful.

Regarding the description of the martial arts scene, here is a quote from a netizen, and I take it seriously:

"At that time, when I saw Aguigoro's gossip stick, he stepped on the stick by the wall, jumped out, and stretched out his hand to catch the fly behind him. The stick that gets up, the action is called a handsome, it is Yuan's style. The split killer in "Angel of Thunder" was chased by three angels and also stepped on the box to draw a gun in the air, which is a bit like. I

watched it again today . , the first half is brilliant, the 12-way Tan-legs are exposed earlier, although there is suspicion of hanging steel wire, but the three-chain cyclone legs are not fancy; Unexpectedly; the Golang Bagua stick that was shot at the end was even more majestic, with slaps and slaps and footwork, in line with the rhythm of traditional gongs and drums, like a wonderful actual battle of Peking Opera movements. The appearance of three masters of the same level has been faintly high. The next distinction has left a foreshadowing for the performance of the three people in the future when fighting the piano. As far as the speed of each of these three people's shots and the strength of their moves, it is a real skill.

The rendering of the murderer before his appearance is also very good, especially the cuts of different angles when killing Tan's legs are very old-fashioned, which makes people feel that the musician's weight is light. You were helpless against Yang Gun and Murong Fu against the Six Meridians Divine Sword. "
So I think that Kung Fu's martial arts scenes are not only among the best in China, but also among the best in the world.

As for the next few martial arts scenes, my opinion is different from that of Brother La La La La. Brother La La La La believes that, "As soon as Fire Cloud Cthulhu came on stage, the stunts began to dominate, and the duel between masters became foggy. "That's right, the scene after this can't be called a martial arts scene. In other words, if this plot is handled in the same way as the previous martial arts scene, and it is really done with swords and guns, it can be done with Yuan Heping's strength. It's very beautiful, but I'm afraid people will complain at that time that "Kung Fu is a boring movie from start to finish". It's just a different level here, don't you want to watch Chinese Kung Fu, okay, I'll let Golang gossip in front of me I'll show you the stick dance twice. When I'm almost tired of watching it, I'll stop doing it, I'll make it a Super Saiyan showdown. I don't think there's anything wrong with making it a Super Saiyan showdown, from hackers I have always held this view since the Age of Empires, I think The Matrix 3 is better than The Matrix 2. So in Kung Fu, the role of each move is getting smaller and smaller, starting from The Condor Heroes against the Toad King, and gradually develops Later, Zhou Xingchi used the method of stepping on children's feet in the fight, and then to the Tathagata Palm, which became more and more beautiful. Everyone would never hope that Zhou Xingchi would end up like "Mandarin Duck Legs vs Black Sand Palm", "Yeah" With one kick, the villain's leader will be kicked to death, and then a slow motion will be played, so that everyone can be satisfied?

There is also the "simple plot" that everyone criticizes the most, I think it's a bit too demanding. Just ask "Tang Bohu points Qiuxiang" Is the plot very complicated? Is the plot of "King of Comedy" very complicated? I am afraid that except for "Journey to the West", Stephen Chow's films have no complicated plots. It was originally a commercial entertainment film, and it must be like the Matrix. Panic, why bother? A simple plot doesn't mean it's not a good movie, and countless hard facts prove this.

As for the shooting techniques, such as the use of the lens, and the light and shadow effects, I really don't understand it very well, and I can't say anything, but the long shot at the beginning of the film is very cool to me, and I don't know if other people like me do everything. What do people who don't know think about it.

Therefore, I think Zhou Xingchi's transformation is very successful, and his kung fu should be successful in overseas markets. If Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon gave foreigners a kung fu enlightenment class, Stephen Chow's kung fu will give them a glimpse of what real "kung fu" is.

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