3D transformation is unexpected

Theo 2022-04-20 09:01:39

≪Kung Fu≫, it has been ten years since the film was released in the 2004 Lunar New Year. Over the past ten years, the film market has always undergone rapid changes. On this occasion, the 3D version has become the most effective achievement to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Because I didn't go to the theater ten years ago, this time I'll even make up for those two tickets. I was fully expecting the 3D effect to meet my expectations, but after watching it, I found that it was almost achieved, and few shots were effective, which almost ruined the film. All in all, it's worth a look.

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  • Everett 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    It didn't even get 8 points! Angry 5 stars! —————————————————— 8.5, waiting for the day of 9.8

  • Emma 2022-03-22 09:01:38

    Revisit. The technical aspects of art, soundtrack, and photography are among the best even among the top Chinese-language films. Master Xing continued to tell a simple story of a small man punishing evil for good with the best performance of his career. Time will prove that "Kung Fu" is Stephen Chow's best movie, and it far exceeds the second best movie. If he wants to cross his peak, I am afraid that he can only rely on "Kung Fu 2".

Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Barber: Why don't you train us to be top fighters... and we'll avenge them!

    Landlady: Becoming a top fighter takes time, unless you're a natural-born kung-fu genius, and they're 1 in a million.

    Barber: [Does martial arts routine] It's obvious I'm the one.

    Landlady: [immediately punches him in the face] Don't think so.

  • Sing: NO SOCCER!