"Kung Fu" in my eyes

Monserrat 2022-04-20 09:01:39

There is no actor's acting skills in the movie that will make you feel bad, not the main actor, but the actor! I can feel that every actor is acting attentively, maybe this has something to do with the director.
This is a movie from 2004. I believe that the funny plot in the movie can be regarded as absolutely original back then.
I don't remember what year I first watched it. Before watching it again tonight, the impression of this movie in my memory is "The charter woman, why is there no water?" There are a series of laughs that appeared in the selection of candidates, as well as the dumb voice played by the pure Huang Shengyi who looked at the tears left in the corners of the eyes of the little gangster, and the big lollipop (it was sweet, but I really couldn’t finish it when I was a child, and when I grew up, it was still the same I can't finish it!).
Looking at it again, I saw more comedy effects, and also saw some tragic elements, and saw the layering of the film.
What I think of as good movies are those that convey certain ideas, those that express real characters and society, those that reflect certain cultural traditions or national customs, those that are imaginative in different dimensions, and those that have a sense of hierarchy in the film. And this movie seems to contain all of those things.
At the beginning of the movie, the brutal violence and blood of the Axe Gang makes people feel like they want to escape and don’t want to watch (I turn on the TV, and you let me watch this cruel picture! Let me see bad guys running rampant in the world! I have a view that I admire and envy the loyalty of their brothers. Since I was a child, I have a sense of reverence for the "boss" of the underworld. so good. oh, a bunch of crap), society is too dark, I don't want to see it. However, the following picture is of ordinary city life, people who rely on brute force to support themselves by physical labor, tailors tailoring clothes, and tenants who bow their heads in front of the charterer (in the face of strong people or in People whose social status is slightly higher than themselves will always show obedience or cater to the common people), which is a real secular society. (This kind of truth will attract me.) But this real and ordinary small neighborhood has accidentally become the enemy of the Axe Gang, and it has also made hidden masters appear one after another. And the Axe Gang is just a group that swaggers through the market by virtue of its large number of people.
The climax of the movie also came with the emergence of masters one after another. I also like to watch master moves, I don't know kung fu, but I think the kung fu in the movie is very enjoyable for me to watch, and I don't feel that some movements are artificial because of exaggeration. Especially after Zhou Xingchi finally opened up the second line of governor, he competed with the evil god of fire cloud to be handsome (I think he was in his 40s, but he was really handsome. ps, that picture reminds me of Jackie Chan's advertisement of Bawang anti-hair loss shampoo , the scene of the advertisement is very similar to the movie). Anyway, it's still a good ending, evil can't prevail.
The whole movie is mainly dark, except for childhood memories, lollipops, and the sunshine and blue sky where the good and evil appear at the end. I really like the picture when the sun is shining and the sky is finally blue.
Some people say that the film is too exaggerated. I don't think that much of the original comedy comes from exaggerating real life. The exaggeration in the movie is just a comedic effect, and it also contains a lot of imagination. The charter wife "gets" the legs to run fast, and the toad face of the Fire Cloud Evil God (I was shocked by the toad posture of the Fire Cloud Evil God, it's really too similar. )etc.
There is also the layering of the film. The layering that I understand is the detailed performance of the film, such as the changes in the muscles of the human face after being hit by a strong external force, the dynamic images projected on the wall, etc. I think this film handles it well.
Also, the soundtrack is also great, i like!
This is what I call a "Kung Fu" movie.

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  • Trevor 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    It’s okay to not remember, forgetting is also a kind of happiness

  • Christa 2022-03-22 09:01:38

    Zhou Xingchi's movies need to grow up to understand ~ I didn't like this movie at all when I was a child

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