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Bethany 2022-04-20 09:01:39

I remember reading a foreign report saying that killing Bill was just a playground melee compared to kung fu~ I just saw that Kill Bill's rating was 8.0~ Very good~ I think the Chinese are really hypocritical~ Give this one People who give low scores must have extremely high taste~ Many people think that they owe Mr. Zhou movie tickets~ But in my opinion, they owe it a long time ago~ Those who really owe it are those pig B who are shameless and think they know how to do it~ I'm sorry I used the wrong word~ I'm sorry I insulted the pig~

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  • Rahul 2022-03-23 09:01:45

    I have known Huang Shengyi since this movie, and the remaining memory of Kung Fu is Huang Shengyi's pure beauty at that time!

  • Garland 2021-11-18 08:01:28

    Don’t say it’s bad, it’s actually very cartoon and cult

Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Donut: [nearing death, grabs the landlord] With great power comes great responsibility...

    Landlady: Donut, you are badly hurt. You must keep still.

    Donut: This could be the end of a beautiful friendship!

    Landlord: Oh, Donut. Tomorrow is another day!

    [Donut passes away]

  • Brother Sum: [after dismissing Sing] A bum like that could come in handy.