Lines from the movie "Kung Fu" (full version)

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Zhou Xingchi's 2004 work "Kung Fu" line dialogue plot script - Mandarin full version

[The camera moves, "Detective Chen" is printed on the sign, and a group of police officers are staring blankly in one direction, the sound of collision is heard in the background, the camera turns to the sign "Evil Buster", suddenly, a policeman is thrown into the air, The plaque smashed into pieces, and the policeman fell heavily to the ground]

Crocodile Gang Boss: Who else? [Facing the crocodile gang, all the police officers showed fearful expressions]

Crocodile Gang boss Feng Xiaogang: You caught such a beautiful woman here just because she spit on the ground [the camera turns to the Crocodile Gang's wife and then back to Feng Xiaogang]? Is there any king law? Are there any laws?

[The camera turns to Policeman A, who is lying on the ground with a bruised nose and a swollen face. Feng Xiaogang is walking leisurely. 】

Your director must give us the Crocodile Gang face, otherwise he will not be the director! You don't fucking know me?

[There was no one on the empty street, there was silence for a while, Feng Xiaogang intuitively told himself that there was a problem]

Feng Xiaogang: Go back!

[The crocodile gang was trying to hide back to the police station, but the police hurriedly closed the doors, windows, etc.]

[Feng Xiaogang turns his head and sees, the street was filled with people in black clothes, black pants and black hats at some point in time. The one led by a group of people wearing distinctive red and white clothes led a group of people to surround Feng Xiaogang? 】

Feng Xiaogang: Call someone!

[The crocodile helper pulls down a dizziness and flies into the air]

Axe Gang Boss: No need to send it, hillbilly, when you hit the police, I already took care of all your little brothers.

Feng Xiaogang: The Axe Gang, I fought with you!

[After shouting, the crocodile helped the boss to get away, and his subordinates just pulled out their pistols when they were shot by the axe gang with machine guns.]

[Slow motion: Feng Xiaogang ran to the side of the road, the axe helped the second master lie down with an axe, cut off Feng Xiaogang's left leg, and Feng Xiaogang fell to the ground


[The axe helped the eldest brother take an axe handed over by his subordinate and danced towards Feng Xiaogang]

Crocodile Gang boss: Slow ~ slow, do you remember? I also invited you to dinner~!

[Big Brother Axe Gang didn't say a word, he chopped a lot, and Big Brother Crocodile Gang died tragically on the street]

The second master of the Axe Gang: Brother Chen!

[Big Brother Axe Gang turned his head to look at the lady of the Crocodile Gang who was standing beside him, and the wife of Axe Gang was crying]

The crocodile gang leader's wife: Brother, please let me go.

Big Brother Axe Gang: Don't be stupid, sister-in-law, I don't kill women, so let's go!

Mrs. Crocodile Gang: Thank you, big brother.

[The lady of the Crocodile Gang turned around and was about to leave, the axe helped the eldest brother with a gesture, handed a shotgun, and the axe helped the eldest brother to kill the lady of the Crocodile Gang with a shot in the back, and then swaggered out of the door of the police station]

Second Head of the Axe Gang: Police, come out to wash the floor!

[The camera turns to the interior of the police station, where the police chief is lighting stacks of thick bills. 】

[As soon as the camera turns, the picture changes between the Axe Gang’s eldest brother and his younger brother dancing with an axe, some black-and-white photos of people hacked to death by the Axe Gang, and the casino run by the Axe Gang. 】

[The screen goes black, and the subtitle reads " This is an era of social turmoil and gangs run rampant. Among them, the "Axe Gang" is the most frightening. Only some impoverished communities that are not even interested in gangs can enjoy temporary peace . "]

Chartered woman: Hey, why did you buy porridge for so long?

Charterer: Didn't you buy it back? I just helped an old woman cross the road!

Chartered Wife: Then what are you doing here?

The charterer: I'll see if there are lechers peeking at people's baths! Sixth Aunt, are there any pornstars watching you take a bath?

[Aunt Liu who came out of the bathroom gestured helplessly at the charterer with a helpless expression]

The charterer: Hey, Sixth Aunt, don't point at me without any evidence!

[The charterer turns his head, revealing the lipstick mark left by Buck Tooth Zhen on the right side]

The charterer: Neurotic, without evidence?

[The renter glared at the lipstick mark fiercely! 】

[As soon as the camera turns, Jiang Bao squatted on the ground and washed his half-washed head with water from the sewer. Suddenly the charterer pushed open the window on the second floor, and the chartered wife beat her with a bruised face and was thrown from the second floor with her face to the ground. When they got to the square, just as people were about to walk over, a beautiful pot of flowers was thrown down from upstairs and smashed on the head of the charterer. Jiang Bao, who was squatting next to him, picked up a bamboo and gently stabbed the charterer. twice]

Charterer: Don't make trouble~

[The onlookers walk away one after another and continue their work. Sauce's trousers are still not pulled up, and half of the buttocks continue to be exposed]

[As soon as the camera turns, white clouds fluttering in the sky, seven children are playing football at the gate of the "Pigcage Walled City", suddenly the ball rolls into the distance, two people walk into the picture, the camera looks at the person's legs, he stepped on it Rolling football, then very skilled tiptoe, stop, great technique]

All the children: Uncle, can you teach us to play football?

Someone: Still playing football?

[This person flattened the football with one foot, kicked it aside with one foot, and walked away. 】

child: wow~ wow

[Children crying] [When the camera turns, these two are Xing Hegu. They are standing at the gate of the "Pigcage Walled City", wearing tattered clothes and a ragged hat, standing at the gate of the walled city with great posture , slowly walked into the fortress step by step. 】

[The camera turns to the shop where Jiang Pao is located. It turned out to be a barber shop. Jiang Pao is taking a big mouthful of rice from a bowl. There is still a small clump of unwashed hair on his head, with a little foam remaining. Star heel bone walked into the store before and after]

Sauce burst: Who cut the head?

Star: My big brother.

Sauce burst: Please take a seat.

[Bone sits down in a big way, Jiang Bao turns around to prepare the barber, when he turns around, Xing looks down and sees that his pants are still only half worn, looks up at him, Jiang Bao turns his head and smiles]

[Xing turns his head to observe if there are any people around, and finds that there is only one child reading a book next to him, knowing that his plan can be implemented. 】

[Xing just turned his head over and found that within a few seconds, the originally messy hair had been treated very beautifully by the sauce]

Sauce burst: After cutting, thank you for 5 cents.

Star: Wow!

Sauce burst: very beautiful!

Xing: Why is the cut so beautiful? Who told you to cut so beautifully? Find fault?

[Gu Yi shakes the coat on his body, revealing two drawn axes on his chest, and his fat keeps shaking. 】

Xing: Brother, don't be angry, he is my friend, let me tell him.

[Xing pulls the sauce aside]

Xing: Ax help big brother, you have seen the two axes with your own eyes, the bad guys are coming, you cut your hair so beautifully, do you know that you are going to die?

Sauce burst: I don't know~

Star: So, you really are. Hey, I've talked with you so well, you pay some medical bills, and I'll settle it for you, okay?

Sauce burst: not good~

[The bone slaps the thigh, and the two axe on the chest keep shaking with the fat] Xing: Brother, don't take the axe, you, put it away first! I'll tell him again.

[Xing pulls the sauce to the pillar again and whispers]

Xing: This time I will help you out, you saw it with your own eyes, I didn't lie to you. It is inconvenient for you, take some out, and set up ten tables and eight tables, otherwise half a table will do~

Sauce burst: Oh, so you blackmail me.

【Star is stunned】

Star: Big brother! ! big brother? ?

[Xinghejiang turned his head to look at the bones, he was already asleep on the barber chair]

Xing: Oh, you are doomed, my eldest brother will slash people as soon as he wakes up.

[Bone has started snoring]

Xing: Look, he's about to wake up right away.

Sauce burst: I'm not afraid, even if you kill one me, there are still thousands of me!

[The residents of the "Pigcage Walled City" have noticed what happened at the barber shop and gathered around them one after another]

[Xing pulls the jacket that is slipping quickly and walks out of the barber shop aggressively]

Star: The first bird? The axe helped the big brother take a nap inside, the one who is not afraid of death takes a step forward!

[All residents take a step forward]

[Xing was startled, but still pretended to be calm]

Xing: Oh, that means there is no negotiation, okay, the rules of the rivers and lakes, one-on-one, one-to-one, no one should think of fouling.

[Xing emphasized that no foul, looked at the crowd, and pointed with his hand]

Xing: The aunt who took the green onion, come out!

[Auntie walked out with a kind expression]

Xing: What are you doing with such a fierce expression? If you think you can beat me, I can let you punch me. Hit me!

[Auntie punched Xing in the lower abdomen, and Xing spat out a mouthful of blood] Xing: Auntie, what are you doing?

Aunt: I am a farmer.

Xing: Plough the fields, just plough the fields well, you, go back to the fields.

Auntie: Something is wrong...

Xing: If you do something wrong and talk back, it's not because you have "something wrong." I already K you.

[Xing Di refused to admit defeat, and looked at the crowd again, a "short man" behind the crowd was looking around]

Xing: That dwarf, the one that's five feet and half an inch away, is you. Dwarf has to admit it, get beaten and stand firm, come out!

["Dwarf" stood up and was two or three meters tall. He was sitting on a chair just now. 】

Xing: Hey, I despise those dishonest people the most in my life, sit down.

["Dwarf" sat down, Zhou Xingchi continued to look at the crowd, and a righteous old man wearing reading glasses behind the crowd entered his line of sight]

Xing: The old man with glasses is so tugging, come out.

[The old man pushes the person in front of him away, revealing the muscles of his upper body]

[Xing realizes that something is wrong, and immediately turns his head and dares not look directly at him]

Xing: Hey~ I'm not talking about you, old man, I'm calling that...that

[A 10-year-old child is looking at him with wide eyes]

Star: That kid! Little devil, I have endured you for a long time, come out.

[The child pushes away the crowd, and even has strong muscles. He moved his muscles and bones, as if he was preparing to fight against the stars]

[Xing regretted even more this time, knowing that it would be fruitless to continue doing this]

Xing: Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s big enough, hey, there’s no one who looks like a human, it’s you who are not up to your expectations, today’s duel is canceled.

[He turns his head and wants to find his bones to get away, Jiang Pao has brought the chartered wife to the door of the barber shop]

Sauce burst: He blackmailed me.

[The charter wife looked at the stars with disdain and took off her slippers]

Xing: Oh, fat woman, you are the one in charge, right?

[The chartered mother-in-law slapped Xingyi with slippers]

The charter woman: "Where is the fat woman?"

【Star is overwhelmed】

Star: Hey, Axe Gang~

[The chartered mother-in-law slapped Xingyi with slippers again]

The charter woman "Where is the axe gang?"

Star: big brother~

[The chartered mother-in-law slapped Xingyi with slippers, and Gu continued to sleep half-dead in the barbershop]

Chartered wife: "Where is the big brother?"

Xing: You need to pay for the soup and medicine~

[The chartered mother-in-law slapped Xingyi with slippers again]

Chartered wife: "What about the cost of soup and medicine?"

Star: My own person.

[The chartered mother-in-law slapped Xingyi with slippers again]

Chartered wife: "My own person"

[Xing ran away, the charterer chased after him, and slapped him on the head a few more times]

Xing: Alright..., you have a seed, you, I am called...

[Xing reaches into his trousers and pulls out something]

Chartered Wife: With a dead rat in her waist, she just pretended to hunt! I see who is your name?

[Xing takes out a cannonball and ignites it in a stove]

Xing: A cloud-piercing arrow, thousands of troops meet each other!

[After he finished speaking, he threw it behind him, and with a touch, there was a sound of chickens flying and dogs jumping in the background, and Xing's voice said very unconvincingly]

Xing: Wait for you to die, don't leave, buy a coffin for you.

[The camera turns to the gate of the "Pigcage Walled City", a group of people came over, and the first one had a big hole in his hat, and his hair was still burnt. Turning his head, it turned out to be the second master of the Axe Gang]

The second head of the Axe Gang: "Who threw the cannonball?"

[Xing looked at him suspiciously, looked down at his chest, raised his head and said carefully]

Xing: My own person, big brother.

[Xing pointed to the charter woman and didn't know what to say. The second master of the axe gang sat down to the charter woman. The charter woman looked disdainful, but suddenly found two axes on the second master's chest.

Under the sweat, the color did not fade, it was obviously a tattoo, and the complexion slowly became gloomy]

[The picture appeared suddenly dark clouds gathered in the sky. As the second master of the Axe Gang walked in to the "Pigcage Walled City", the shadow of the dark cloud covered all the residents in the Walled City Square. expression, said to the residents standing in the square]

Chartered woman: What are you doing? It's raining, hurry home and collect your clothes...

The second head of the axe gang: fat woman.

[The chartered wife was taken aback for a moment, then ran back to the room on the second floor and covered the quilt]

[The axe helps everyone watch the charter woman rushing to the second floor in a daze for a while]

Sauce burst: You want to blackmail me too, I'm not afraid.

[Second Master of the Axe Gang sneered and pulled out a sharp axe from behind, pretending not to hear clearly and sticking out his ears]

The second master of the Axe Gang: Huh?

[Jianpao looked at the axe and hesitated for a moment]

Sauce burst: I...

[Seeing the sauce talking, the second master of the axe gang will split the axe]

[The screen went black, and there was a sound of collision in the background. A few seconds later, the sauce was standing, and the second master of the axe gang had disappeared. A trash can was constantly shaking in the background, and a pair of feet stuck out from it]

[The Axe Gang crowds around the trash can, and the second head of the Axe Gang is stuffed in the bucket]

The second head of the Axe Gang: How could this happen, has anyone seen it?

[You look at me, I look at you, and they all shook their heads, reaching out to help the second master of Axe out]

Second Head of the Axe Gang: Don't move, it's broken... Call someone, call someone!

[The people from the Axe Gang set off a firework, and the fireworks rushed into the air. After the explosion, a huge axe appeared in the sky. 】

[When the camera turns, an old-fashioned gramophone is playing songs from old Shanghai. There is a muffled sound outside the screen, and the gramophone vibrates.]

[At this time, the picture changes to Buck Tooth Zhen wearing a cheongsam and walking to the mirror, and she winked at herself in the mirror, then took out a lipstick and lightly applied it. There was a muffled sound, and the whole house shook. Buck-toothed Jane slipped her hand, and the lipstick left a long trace on her cheek. She angrily picked up the towel and wiped it, and rushed out the door, suddenly standing in shock. Now] [As soon as the screen changes, hundreds of members of the Axe Gang walked neatly into the "Pigcage Walled City" step by step, Ah Zhen was caught by hand, pulled to the square, and fell to the ground]

[The camera turns to the fried ghost's shop, and the axe gang is smashing things]

Fried Ghost: Brother, don't be angry, have you eaten anything? I have...

[He was knocked to the ground before he finished speaking]

[The camera turns to the square, and the axe helps everyone knock down the residents of the "Pigcage Walled City" one by one to the ground. At this time, the screen turns to the tailor, who crawled into his shop on the ground, found a corner and shrank, and peeked out look outside]

[Jianpao has been trampled on at this time, but he still looks dazed. Ah Zhen turns his head and finds that the charterer is still lying on the ground, the flowers on his head are still there, the charterer reluctantly buried his face down On the ground, pile the dirt on the ground next to your face]

Axe Gang: Be honest~

[The camera turns to the second head of the Axe Gang. He foamed in the trash can and was not far from dying. Brother Chen, the Axe Gang eldest, looked at him and sneered]

[The camera turns to the Walled City Square, and a middle-aged woman struggled to be pulled out. An elderly woman and a child were crying beside her. Behind her, an axe gang person knocked open a bucket of things and poured the slightly red liquid inside. Gasoline drenched on middle-aged woman and child in her arms]

Elderly woman: no~

Brother Chen: Who did it, I count three!

[speaking and lighting the lighter in his hand]

[The middle-aged woman hugs the child tightly and shrinks into a ball]

(Note: At this time, the background music is the editor's favorite Chinese folk music "Sichuan General's Order", and the combination of music and pictures is just right)

Brother Chen: one

Brother Chen: two

[Seeing that no one admits it, Brother Chen threw out the lighter at the two of them without hesitation]

[The lighter in slow motion slowly flew towards the middle-aged woman and the child, and suddenly the screen stretched out a hand and caught the lighter]

[When the camera is pulled, it turned out to be a coolie, and he put out the lighter]

Coolie: I did it.

[Brother Chen was in a daze for a while, but someone was so afraid of dying to admit it, he winked at his opponent]

[The axe helped dozens of people to surround Coolie Qiang. Coolie Qiang had a stunt and kicked a few big men when he lifted his leg, and then there was a melee.]

[A little brother of the Axe Gang was kicked into the tailor's shop]

[The camera turns to the fried ghost, and the axe who stepped on the fried ghost's face helped everyone see that the situation was wrong, let go of the foot on his face, and rushed to support]

[Although the coolie is strong in martial arts, he is surrounded by dozens of people and can't perform it. He can only pull an axe to help the crowd and others push around]

[The younger brother who was kicked into the tailor's axe gang stood up and found in the mirror that the tailor was covering his face in the corner, raised his hand to give him an axe, the screen turned to the outside of the tailor's shop, the axe gang flew out sideways and fell heavily on the on the ground]

[The camera turns to the iron ring hanging on the bamboo pole in the tailor's shop. A cloth ruler is placed on the bamboo pole. The tailor suddenly pulls the cloth ruler, the bamboo pole snaps, and the iron ring slips off and falls on the tailor's hand. 】

[The coolie is still struggling to support the camera. Suddenly, several people outside the crowd were knocked down by the tailor. It turned out that the tailor was also a master. With the iron ring in his hand, he blocked the sharp axe of the Axe Gang and rushed into the crowd, followed by the coolie. Look at each other and deal with the axe gang separately]

[Here, the two axe gang help the crowd to take out a few machine guns from a wooden box in the trunk of a car. The picture turns to the fried ghost. He resolutely looks at the noodle sticks in his shop.]

[The two axe gang members here were about to shoot when suddenly a stick flew out of the screen, knocking the machine gun in their hands flying, hitting the wall and shattering]

[Here, an axe helped everyone see this situation, and took out a pistol to shoot the fried devil. The fried devil bent the barrel of the pistol with a stick, and knocked him down with another stick]

[Then the three masters joined together, and all the axe gang members were knocked to the ground. The three masters stood in the billowing smoke, their eyes full of momentum. 】

[Big Brother Axe Gang has disappeared]

[The camera turns to the inside of the Axe Gang, Brother Chen is smoking opium]

Master Axe: Brother Chen, are these goods okay?

Brother Chen: Hmm~

[The screen turns to an ax helper A who is serving Brother Chen, and accidentally knocks down a cup]

Axe Helper A: I'm sorry, Brother Chen.

[Brother Chen stands up, holding a bong, looking at the axe helper A]

Brother Chen: Don't look at it, kid, turn around.

[Axe's helper A turned around slowly, Brother Chen smashed his bong at his head, and he immediately fell to the ground and fainted]

Brother Chen: Throw it out!

[The screen changes to a wooden box, and the star heel bone is tied to the outside of the wooden box with iron chains]

Brother Chen: We have always been the Axe Gang who bullied others. No one dared to bully us. Today we injured more than 20 brothers because these two guys pretended to be our Axe Gang.

[After speaking, Brother Chen is going to take a bong to hit the stars and bones] Master Axe Helper: Brother Chen, do you still need to worry about this? You are in a daze now, be careful to fall, who, get him.

[Ax helper B pulls out an axe and throws it at Xing, Xing's eyes widen, suddenly the picture changes, and the axe smashes into the air]

[Bone turns his head and finds that the lock on Xing's chain has been opened, Xing crawled out from under the table, Master walked to his side and snatched a steel wire from his hand]

Master Axe Helper: Yoho, thief, he can open locks.

Xing: Let's eat a meal, give me a chance.

Master Axe Helper: Well, there are two times, it's stupid to open that one too. Come!

[After speaking, he points to the lock of the phalanx]

Master Axe Helper: Well, I only count three times, hurry up.

[Xing grabbed the steel wire from the master's hand and rushed to the platform, the master sneered, this time the two axe behind took out the axe]

Master Axe: Prepare, three!

[Xing didn't expect the master to be so sinister, so he increased the speed in his hands, and the screen changed, and the two axe fell in the air again, smashing on the box]

[The stars and heels come out together from under the table]

Brother Chen: Really two times!

Xing: Brother Chen, we actually wanted to join the Axe Gang, so we pretended to be. Give me a chance? good or not?

Brother Chen: Have you ever killed anyone?

Xing: Murder is something that I have all day long.

Brother Chen: Let me see if you kill someone first.

Xing: Then I'm going to kill people now, okay?

bone: hmm

Brother Chen: Let's go.

Xing: Thank you Brother Chen.

[Star Heelgu doesn't believe it's so easy to get away, so he turns around and wants to leave in worry]

[When they turned around, Brother Chen beckoned to his subordinates. This time it wasn't a shotgun but a pack of cigarettes, he smoked one and lit it up]

[Brother Chen waved his hand and called Master over here]

Brother Chen: This kind of fucking stuff will come in handy one day.

[The screen turns to the bustling Shanghai Street, and Xinghegu is sitting on the top of the traffic light pavilion]

Xing: How many times have I told you, be ruthless~

Bone: Hmm...

Xing: Be a little more ruthless.

Bone: hum...

Xing: If you want to act, you can act the whole set, you! Don't fall asleep every time.

Bone: It's tiring to pretend to be ruthless.

Xing: Tired, make a living, big brother.

[The slow-motion picture changes to a well-dressed man who is walking into the nightclub to give out money to help him get a hat, and then walk in with two young ladies in his arms]

Xing: In this world, the streets are full of money, and there are women everywhere. Whoever can make up his mind can win, and whoever can seize the opportunity can get ahead. Now the opportunity is here, he will kill someone and join the axe. Help, then you will have all the money and women.

[Xing squatted on the side of the road, turned to look at the group of beggars squatting like him behind him]

Xing: Don't be like these stinky beggars, you see. No one is motivated, eat and wait to die.

[Seeing a beggar pick up a cigarette butt on the ground and put it in his mouth, Xing said, he suddenly found that he also had a cigarette butt at his feet, picked it up and took a puff]

[Suddenly he found a four-eyed boy in a straight suit looking at him suspiciously, his eyes widened]

Xing: What are you looking at, four-eyed boy, look at your glasses.

[Four-eyed boy ran on the tram, grimacing and laughing at Xingxing while speaking disdainfully]

Four-eyed boy: Go to hell, you stinky beggar.

Xing: You kind of get off the bus.

Bone: Are you really going to kill?

Xing: Needless to say, I will kill the four-eyed boy first, and then kill the fat woman and the bastards in the city wall.

Bone: Those bastards have high martial arts skills.

Star: Martial arts? I can do it too?

Bone: You too?

Xing: Hmph, do I have to tell you what I have learned about Tathagata's Palm?

[Xing turns his head and starts to recall the childhood events that affected his life]


[When the camera turns, a child is walking on the path]

Someone: Hey, little brother, little brother, don't go [the child turns his head over]

Someone: Wow, it's incredible, you have a spiritual light that spews out of the sky, you know, a young man has muscles and bones that are horizontally trained, a martial arts prodigy that you see once in a hundred years, if one day let you Open up the two veins of Ren and Du, you will not fly to the sky, as the saying goes, if I don't go to hell, who will go to hell...

[The screen switches to the front of someone, it turns out to be a beggar in rags]

Beggar: The task of policing the evil and punishing the traitor, and maintaining world peace is left to you, okay?

The child nodded and said: No!

Beggar: This secret book of "Tathagata's Palm" is a priceless treasure. I think it is related to you. I will charge you ten yuan and pass it on to you.

[A piggy bank on the screen was smashed]

【Back to reality】

Gu: You gave him all your belongings?

Xing: Yes, I originally planned to use this money to study and become a doctor or a lawyer in the future, but in order to maintain world peace... alas...

[The screen turns back to the past, when Xing Xing gave all the money to the beggar, and then he practiced the Tathagata Palm hard every day. One day he thought he had achieved something and waved his palm to a small tree, which just swayed with the wind When he was a child, Xing thought he had learned the Tathagata Palm.]

[The screen changes to a clearing, a girl is caught by a group of hooligans, she is holding a lollipop tightly]

Childhood Star: Let go of that girl!

[Little hooligan let go of the girl, Xing stretched out his palm when he was a child, and slapped the head of the hooligan with his palm, but nothing happened, instead he was knocked to the ground by the hooligan]

[The little hooligan picked up Xing's "Tathagata's Palm" secret book, turned to the last page, and it was printed with "Printed and distributed by Dinghao Shiyin Company, 2 cents per copy"]

The little hooligan: Wow, the Tathagata's palm, and it's sold for two cents a copy, it's really rich, you want to kill people?

[After he finished speaking, he threw off the book, surrounded the childhood star with all the hooligans, and drenched him with urine]

Little hooligan head: a fool, a mute, let's go to death~

[After speaking, he took the hooligan and left, and the picture turned to reality]

Xing: From now on, I understand that good people are not rewarded, I want to be a bad person, I want to kill people.

【A cart passed in front of Xinghe Bone】

bone: ice cream

Star: Where?

[The two rush to the ice cream truck]

Star: Two cups, I want cream.

Bone: I want chocolate.

[The ice cream girl was stunned when she handed the ice cream to Xingxing and stared at him blankly]

Xing: What are you looking at, I haven't seen food without money?

[After speaking, he pulled his bones and ran away. After jumping on the tram, he laughed loudly, but there was a hint of pain in his voice, helpless]

Star: Chase?

[The screen turns back to the Pig Cage Walled City]

Chartered Wife: You three guys are so good at fighting. Some people are working outside. Going to sell martial arts, idiots, why are you pretending to be a grandson's nest here?

Dentist Xu Wen: The charter wife, don't say that, they should have difficulties.

Fried Ghost: Every family has a hard-to-read scripture, but we don't want to hurt everyone.

Chartered Wife: You know it's good. Offending the Axe Gang, do we still have a good life? Hurry up and get out of me!

[The screen changes to the chartered man lying on the chair with a bruised nose and a swollen face, and the sauce bursts next to him]

Sauce burst: The chartered wife is a bit too much!

Charterer: ah

Sauce burst: Are you okay?

[The chartered mother-in-law gave Jiang a slap in the face]

[At this time, the mother-daughter family, who had been drenched in kerosene by the axe, came over and knelt at the door]

Middle-aged women: three masters

Middle-aged woman: Master, I don't have anything for you at home. This is a little thought.

Child: Thank you for saving us.

[Speaking of handing over a bowl of eggs, the coolie took the eggs. The three were so moved that the tailor cried.]

Chartered wife: Cry again when you go to the grave. Are you acting here?

Tailor: Why are you so hard-hearted?

Chartered woman: Oh, you dare to talk back, do you think that if you can do three-legged cat kung fu, you are not a rabbit?

[The tailor ran away very sissy, holding the stone pillar at the entrance of the stairs and crying]

Tailor: It's not a sin to know kung fu!

Chartered woman: You are a rabbit for one day, and you are a rabbit for the rest of your life~ Look at you wearing a pair of red bottoms, the white is red, and the pockets are tight, be careful to show it!

[The tailor cried even harder, ran over and threw it into Xu Wenya's arms]

[This is Buck Tooth Jane walking down from the second floor]

Bucktooth Jane: Is it a sin to wear red bottoms? If you have something to hide, you can drive people away. If it weren't for the three of them, we would be miserable. You are unreasonable as a human being.

Chartered woman: Okay, I'll reason with you. The three of you owe me three months' rent, and you get nine out of three, ninety yuan, if you have money, take it, and if you don't have money, pack up and get out!

Buck Tooth Jane: Don't be afraid, I'll help them.

The charter woman: Buck-toothed Jane, are you making the first bird?

Buck-toothed Jane: I'll make the first bird now, can I, fat woman!

Chartered Woman: Eight Po

[At this time, all the tenants helped the three masters to come forward, and the charter woman can't tell everyone]

[The renter threw away the cigarette she had been smoking, and shouted with her arms crossed]

Chartered Woman: Are you rebelling?

[At this time, the glasses were cracked, and everyone covered their ears]

Chartered Woman: Comparing your voice with me, are you courting death?

[The renter lit another cigarette and drank it, and continued to scold one by one]

[The star emerges from behind a cage]

Xing: That fat woman screams like a pig, and she will die.

[Turning to look at the bones]

Star: Learn it.

[Speaking of this, he took out a flying knife, took a deep breath, and flew out fiercely, but it hit the lintel and rebounded and stuck it on his shoulder]

[Xing leans against the wall painfully]

Bone: Why...

Star: What why? you throw it!

Bone: I throw?

[Bone looked at the two flying knives in his hand]

Star: Come on!

bone: oh

[Looking at the fat woman, she threw a flying knife out, but put it on the other side of the star's shoulder evenly]

[Xing has been in so much pain that I don't know the pain]

Bone: Excuse me, what do you think?

Star: I think you can go a little further and aim a little more, okay?

bone: oh

[After speaking, the bone moved forward a little, and when he waved his hand to fly out the knife, he still stuck it on Xing's arm behind him. Then he waved and threw the hilt away, leaving the blade in Xing's hand]

[The handle of the knife slammed on the head of the renter, and the woman took the handle off her face]

Chartered Woman: Who threw the hilt?

Bone: The handle?

[Bone turns to look at Xing's body]

Bone: One more? What about the handle?

Star: How do I know where you tossed it?

Bone: Is it the same one? No reason? [Bone pulled out the blade from Xing's arm, Xing was in great pain]

Star: Don't...

Bone: Oh, sorry~

[Bone inserts the blade into Xing's arm again, this time Xing is unbearable in pain]

Bone: Do you have something to say?

Xing: Yes, I'm going to do something important, and then I'll get in touch.

[The star rolls to the ground, ready to leave]

[Bone found that the chartered wife noticed this]

Bone: Oops, it was discovered, don't come here!

[Speaking of raising a cage in front of him, it turned out to be a lot of snakes. Because the cage raised above his head was not covered, the snakes were scattered and fell behind the bones.]

[Bone turns his head to look behind his back and finds that Xing's body is surrounded by snakes]

Bone: Don't be afraid, snakes like listening to music the most. As soon as I whistle, it won't bite.

Star: I won't trust you anymore.

[Seeing that the snake is about to bite]

Star: Believe it again.

[After speaking, he whistled softly, but the snake bit his lip, and Xing stood up and pulled out the snake]

[The charter wife said angrily when she saw the star]

Chartered woman: It's you bastard again.

[Star heels run out nervously]

Dentist Xu Wen: Don't look, don't look, don't look, everyone is gone, go back, go back, this person is talking nonsense...

Star: split up

[The charter wife chases out]

Chartered Woman: Go?

[After speaking, the feet are moving like wheels and galloping behind the star]

[Stars don't feel much, but they also move quickly under their feet]

[The two are chasing after me like a high-speed race car on the road, Xing sees the shadow of the approaching charterer from the knife stuck in his back and quickens his pace]

[The two passed a truck as if they were overtaking, and suddenly another came on the other side. The star suddenly got under the car, and the charterer jumped into the air, circling gracefully, and suddenly flew out of the screen, and there was a muffled sound. ] [The star got out from the bottom of the car and found the charter woman posted on a billboard and slowly slipped off. The star leaves in a hurry]

[Xing hid in the pavilion of the traffic light, his lips were so swollen that he was bitten by a snake. He kept knocking on the pavilion of the traffic light, and veins appeared on his hands. When he used force, all three knives on his body were irritated. Going out, one of them stabbed the front wheel of a moving car, and the car immediately lost control. Finally, Xing kept hitting the inner wall of the traffic light pavilion with his palm, leaving one palm print after another. In the end, the roof of the entire pavilion was pressed down...]

[Bone stood looking around, and suddenly saw the star standing behind him, he was startled]

Star: What are you doing here?

Bone: Looking for you? Aren't you hurt?

Star: I'm fine!

Bone: Why are you all right every time you get hurt?

[Speaking and touching Xing's original wound]

Star: I don't know.

Bone: Which doctor did you see?

Star: I don't remember at all either.

Bone: Huh? Well, memory is the source of pain, you can't remember, it's a blessing...

Xing: Hearing you say that, I feel a lot.

Gu: Oh, how much sorrow can you have...

[A beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam walks past them, their eyes are attracted]

Bone: Like a river of spring water flowing eastward.

[The beautiful woman walked under the lamp, and suddenly two people in gray jackets came out with a big thing on their backs to block the beautiful woman]

Star and Bone: Tsk, hey, go away~

Bone: Let me let you go, please.

Xing: Burst your glasses. Look at those two four-eyed boys, who are running around the street with a coffin on their backs before the Qingming Festival arrives.

Bone: Water in the head.

Star, bone: hehe

[The picture turns to the pig cage walled city, the chartered woman is kneeling in front of the Bodhisattva, holding a lottery tube and begging for a lottery, she has gauze on her nose, obviously she was injured by hitting the billboard]

Chartered Wife: Don't say I'm forcing you to leave! Let's follow the old rules, let the Bodhisattva make the decision, ask the villagers and fathers to testify, leave when you sign, and stay when you sign.

[The sound of the big bell being struck on the screen, many people covered their ears, and the three masters stood and waited]

[Suddenly a sign fell to the ground, and the charterer picked it up and printed it, "Get down"]

[The screen turns to the hall of the Axe Gang, just now two people in jackets were sitting on the sofa, and a younger brother next to him handed two cups of tea]

Master Axe Gang: The two of you, please use tea.

[One of the thinner ones fumbled for the teacup on the table with his hands, and the other gently pushed the teacup to him]

Brother Chen: This time, there are two such professional people here...

The fat one said: We all understand this, the Hongjia Iron Wire Fist, Wulang Bagua Stick, and Twelve Road Tan legs are all here, which is more difficult.

Thin said: They were all first-class masters before, but they quit the arena because they were tired of fighting in the martial arts. This job is very challenging for us.

Brother Chen: Na~ this is called professionalism.

Master Axe Gang: Of course, it's the number one killer in the rankings.

[It turns out that the two of them are killers Tian Can, Di Can, the fatter one is Di Can, and the thinner one is Tian Can]

Ground Can: Wrong, the first one is the ultimate murderer, the Evil God of Fire Cloud...

Tian Can: He was so obsessed with martial arts that he became obsessed with his practice. I heard that he has now been admitted to a mental hospital.

Master Axe Gang: The first place on the leaderboard is still two?

Ground Remnant: Strictly speaking, we are just sing-along.

Tian Can: A piece of heartbroken, where can I find a soulmate in the end of the world.

Master Axe: Hey, what a poem, isn't it?

Brother Chen: hehe

[As soon as the camera turns, the three masters are standing on the stairs of the city wall]

Coolie Qiang: We will break up in a while, I wonder if there will be a chance to meet again in the future?

Fried Ghost: It turns out that we are all like-minded people. If we had known, we would not be so lonely. Why don't we take this last chance and let's learn from each other.

Tailor: Don't be ridiculous, there is still a lot of luggage to pack~

Fried Ghost: I was just talking about it.

[When the three pass by, they all stop at the same time. All of a sudden, they each resorted to their housekeeping skills and fought against each other. The last three people jumped up the pillars of the stairs respectively]

Fried Ghost: Twelve Road Tan legs, both offense and defense, well-deserved reputation.

Strong coolie: Iron-line boxing, with softness in rigidity, can be said to be the most respected in boxing.

Tailor: Golang Bagua stick, ever-changing and unpredictable.

Three: There will be a period later!

[Suddenly the tailor stepped on the air and fell down the stairs, and there was a cat meowing from the stairs]

[As soon as the camera turns, the residents of the pig cage city are busy at night, a child is running on the second floor, and the background sauce is squatting on the ground to defecate. No one noticed that tonight was definitely an unusual night, the chartered man and the chartered wife were hugging and dancing affectionately]

Chartered Wife: Another lipstick!

[The chartered man and the chartered wife scuffled together]

[The camera turns to Coolie, he is walking on the road with a package on his back, he doesn't know what will be waiting for him]

[The screen changes to Coolie Qiang walking on the small road, and turns his head to see Tian Can adjusting the guzheng by the roadside. Coolie Qiang feels strange, but he doesn't care about this skinny old man and continues on his way]

[The sound of the guzheng dissipates lightly, and the seemingly peaceful backside turns out to be a hidden murderous intention. The slow mirror moves slowly behind the coolie, and a branch is cut across the sky when the sound of the piano is rushing. At that time, a ceramic jar on the house on the small street was also cut smoothly, and a passing wild cat was cut in half when it touched the piano sound, and blood splashed on the wall. After hanging it, suddenly a violin sound undulated, the wire of the street lamp was cut off, the street lamp fell, and the coolie realized that something was wrong, he turned around abruptly, and found that the old man in the distance was slowly plucking the strings, and for a moment, the shadow of the coolie It was shown that his head was cut off so smoothly that he didn't even have time to make a sound. 】

[The screen changes to the tailor's shop, and Di Zun walks into the shop, where the tailor is packing his luggage. 】

Tailor: Sorry, no business today.

Ground Remnant: It's very fast to make a dress.

Tailor: We're moving.

[Gidget picks up a piece of black cloth]

Remnant: This piece of fabric is top quality~

Tailor: You really know the goods. This piece of fabric has a high artistic component.

Remnant: How tall is it?

Tailor: As high as the third and fourth floors~

[When the tailor picked up the fabric and slightly blocked his sight, Ji Ran stretched out his claws and attacked the tailor. The tailor immediately attacked him, and finally he was pulled out to the square of the castle.]

【After blocking the tailor's foot, Di Can stepped aside. The tailor was about to step forward when suddenly the faint sound of the piano came. Di Can walked to the back of Tian Can who was playing, and looked at the tailor with a sneer.】

[The screen changes to a small car, Brother Chen and Master Axe Gang are sitting in it]

Master Axe Gang: To offend the Axe Gang is to think that you have a long life. Kill these three bastards first, and then use them as a fireworks garden.

[Speaking of extending his head to look at the window, accidentally blocking Brother Chen's sight]

Brother Chen: Don't block me!

[Brother Chen slaps the master to the seat with a slap]

[Tian Can played the guzheng, strummed with his left hand, the sound of the piano suddenly turned into a wave, and flew to the tailor. The tailor realized that something was wrong, and immediately flipped to the left. Although he avoided it, the sound of the piano left a wound on his face. The tailor Very surprised, rushed to prepare to fight with Tiancan]

[Tian Can plucked the strings again, this time the sound of the piano turned into a big knife and flew to the tailor. The tailor blocked it with the iron wire in his hand, and the sturdy iron wire was shattered by the big knife turned into by the sound of the piano. 】

[Tian Can plucked the strings again, the tailor did not dare to face each other, one turned over and hid behind a stone mill, and a wooden frame behind the position he had just stood was already shattered by the sound of the piano. 】

  • [Tian Can urges the guzheng repeatedly, leaving three deep traces on the stone mill. ] [The tailor raised the huge stone mill with force, and threw it at Tian Can. Tian Can listened to it, put up the zither, and pushed the zither with the ground to form an air cover. , The stone mill was split into two halves and flew out] [Dentist Xu Wen heard the sound and walked out of the door] Dentist Xu Wen: What's the matter? ... [Half of the cracked stone mill flew towards him, he immediately closed the door in fear, and the stone mill slammed into his door] [Tian Can quickly strummed the zither, the sound of the piano turned into a few fists, and slapped it hard on the ground. On the tailor, the tailor fell to the ground] Brother Chen, Master Axe Gang: Good! Brother Chen: Please don't block me. [The master who blocked Brother Chen was slapped by Brother Chen again] [At this time, the residents of the city walled away, closing the windows and doors, and the sauce burst into the house, and the renter hurriedly closed the door] The renter: Damn it, call The three guys left quickly and came here again! Charterer: No? The charterer: Yes~ [The two of them secretly look downstairs through the crack of the window] [Di Can let go of the guzheng, Tiancan plays the guzheng again by himself, this time he plays the zither with both hands, and the sound of the qin turns into a few sharp weapons and flies to the tailor , Seeing that the tailor is about to be killed] [Suddenly the fried ghost inserted from the air and used a red tassel spear to defuse Tian Can's attack. ] [When Tian Can heard it, he found out that the fried ghost had cracked the move, and immediately cooperated with the two of them, and was about to deal with the fried ghost] [The charter wife suddenly pushed open the window, and the goddess held down the strings] charter Granny: Did you make a mistake, fighting here? Who pays for broken things? The charterer: I'm sorry, it's alright~ [After speaking, the charterer is pulled back and the window is closed] [Tian Can Di Cun started a fierce fight with the fried ghost, and the fried ghost finally threw out a few red tassel spears and rushed to the sky Remnant, with the flow of the piano sound, the fried ghost's red spear was smashed to pieces, and the fried ghost's clothes and hair were cut by the sound of the piano, but he held the red spear tightly and broke through the sound of the piano. To stab to hell. ] [Tian Can Di Can put up the guzheng again, and used the air cover again, the fried ghost's red tassel spear still couldn't break through, it was cracked, and Tian Can saw that the fried ghost lost his weapon, and plucked the strings again and again, The fried ghost covered his head with his hands, and was shaken by the sound of the violin and flew far away, and he played the guzheng. Killer ~ The tailor pushed the fried devil away from the side, and the sound of the piano penetrated his body. ] [The charterer opened the window again, and the gods and the earth held down the zither again] The charterer: Have you been arguing enough, now What time is it, no sleep? [Master Axe Gang came out of the car and took out an axe and threw it at the chartered woman by the window.] Master Axe Gang: Ah, damn fat woman, are you going to die? [The renter catches it at will] The renter: Where am I wrong? The charterer: I'm sorry, it's alright~ [After pulling back the charterer, Master Axe is very angry] Master Axe: Ah~ah~ Brother Chen: Stop blocking me from watching the show! [He was kicked again and fell to the ground by accidentally blocking Brother Chen's axe] Fried Ghost: Hold on~ [Tian Can Di Can play the piano sound again, this time countless swords flew towards the fallen man The tailor and the fried ghost] [The deafening voice of the charterer suddenly came from outside the screen] The charterer: Don't make any more noise, you can't make a living, don't kill them all~ [The sword that the sound of the piano turns into is shaken by the voice of the charterer The strings of the guzheng were also shattered, and the water on the ground was shaking.] [The axe that fell on the ground helped the master to hide in the car in fear, who knew that he blocked Brother Chen again and was slapped again] [Heaven Remnant to put down Guzheng] Heaven and Earth: There are still masters? [The two of them were about to jump up to the second floor when they suddenly fell down again. The charterer put his arms around their shoulders and stood leisurely] With the help of strength, both of them hit each other with their moves.] [The renter here has rescued the tailor and the fried ghost to the house. The tailor was seriously injured and died after struggling a few times. The renter's eyes suddenly became firm. Many, the outsourcing rental just took the wreck in his hand and threw it out] Helping the master to hide in the car in fear, who knew that he blocked Brother Chen again, and was slapped again] [Tian Can Di Can put down the guzheng] Tian Can, Di Can: Are there any masters? [The two of them were about to jump up to the second floor when they suddenly fell down again. The charterer put his arms around their shoulders and stood leisurely] With the help of strength, both of them hit each other with their moves.] [The renter here has rescued the tailor and the fried ghost to the house. The tailor was seriously injured and died after struggling a few times. The renter's eyes suddenly became firm. Many, the outsourcing rental just took the wreck in his hand and threw it out] Helping the master to hide in the car in fear, who knew that he blocked Brother Chen again, and was slapped again] [Tian Can Di Can put down the guzheng] Tian Can, Di Can: Are there any masters? [The two of them were about to jump up to the second floor when they suddenly fell down again. The charterer put his arms around their shoulders and stood leisurely] With the help of strength, both of them hit each other with their moves.] [The renter here has rescued the tailor and the fried ghost to the house. The tailor was seriously injured and died after struggling a few times. The renter's eyes suddenly became firm. Many, the outsourcing rental just took the wreck in his hand and threw it out]

[Tian Can Di Cun fell to the ground, knowing that he couldn’t beat the chartered public with his kung fu, Di Can ran to the guzheng and re-stretched the strings.]

[The charter woman suddenly appeared and stood in front of the charter man]

[Tian Can stood in front of the guzheng, playing with all his strength, the sound of the zither turned into a group of ghosts and flew to the charter woman]

[The chartered wife took a breath and roared loudly. The ghosts transformed from the sound of the piano were shaken to shreds. The heaven and earth were left behind by such a huge sound wave, and they flew out. Hit the wall hard. In the distance, the glass of the car window where the axe helped Brother Chen sit also shattered.]

Tian Can: Is this the lion's roar? Who does Tai Chi?

[Di Can pulls Tian Can away, Tian Can is still shouting in the distance]

Tian Can: Lion's Roar, Tai Chi...

Chartered Public: If it's cured, it's a waste of soup, forget it

Chartered Wife: Well

Master Axe Helper: No good, Brother Chen, hurry up and drive! drive...

[Suddenly the scene changed, the charterer didn't know when he was sitting in the front seat of the car, and the camera shot to the back seat again, and the charterer didn't know when he was sitting between Brother Chen and Master Axe Helper]

[An axe helps the younger brother run over]

Axe Gang little brother: big brother

Master Axe: What a big brother! Do you have a public morality, it is noisy and noisy, and the neighbors don't have to sleep? They have to go to work tomorrow~ Get out.

[The younger brother looked at the chartered man and the chartered wife, and walked away with interest]

Master Axe Gang: You bastards.

[Speaking of rustling, he took out a cigarette from his body and honored the charter woman in the back seat]

[The chartered wife turns her head to Brother Chen and poses in the classic Bruce Lee pose]

[The axe helped a group of people leave in a hurry. Brother Chen took out a cigar in the car in fear. Master's lighter couldn't be turned on. It suddenly caught fire and burned Brother Chen's hair. Master accidentally took Brother Chen's wine.

The pot was poured on Brother Chen's head, and the fire was even bigger. 】

[Here the Axe Gang has left, and the pig cage city is paying homage to the coolies and tailors]

Fried Ghost: It's useless. I won't live long. If I can meet you, the real masters, I won't waste my life.

The charterer: Don't say that, ah ghost, we just want to enjoy the little citizens in their old age, ordinary is a blessing, and the word "professional" is really not wanting to memorize.

Buck-toothed Jane: You two have such interests, if you take action earlier, they won't have to die so miserably.

Chartered wife: Just like what the ghost said, every family has a scripture that is difficult to read. Back then, in order to compete in martial arts, I saw with my own eyes that my child was beaten to death.

[The renter-in-law leaned on the charter man, the renter gave her a kiss, and she also kissed the charter man]

Sauce burst: In this case, you pass the martial arts to me, let me become a peerless master, and avenge them!

Chartered Wife: To become a master does not happen overnight, unless you are a natural martial arts prodigy, but such a person is unique.

Sauce burst: Hi~

[Jianpao played around with his hands and feet and walked to the charter woman]

Sauce burst: Obviously, I am this kind of person.

[The charter wife beat him down with one punch]

Chartered Wife: It seems that he is not.

Chartered Master: Ladies and gentlemen, our husband and wife have sworn a poisonous oath that we will no longer show our martial arts skills. Today, we will take action even if we don’t do anything. For safety, let’s get out of here as soon as possible~

[The fried ghost pulls the charter company]

Fried Ghost: The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, you cannot avoid it.

Chartered woman: Ah ghost, you are hurt so badly, don't get angry.


The charterer: Ah ghost, you should still speak Chinese~

[The fried ghost struggled and sacrificed]

The chartered man and the chartered woman: Ah ghost~

[The screen turns to a tram on the street, and the stars and bones are sitting together]

Star: Four-eyed boy, I know you.

[Opposite the star is the four-eyed boy who laughed at the star]

Four Eyes: It seems that this gentleman has a deep prejudice against people who wear glasses.

Star: That's right, especially the gold wire glasses. shuh ~ shuh ~

[Speaking, play snake fist]

[Four Eyed Boy slaps Xing on the face, grabs his head and slams it on the chair]

Four Eyes: As a clerk, it is normal and logical for me to wear gold-rimmed glasses. I wear beautiful clothes, why are you targeting me~

[Xing's painful words to the bones]

star: help

Bone: Hmm, Wang~

[Four Eyed Boys grabbed the heads of the two at one time and smashed them on the chair with force]

Four Eyes: Help, right? help, right? local ruffian, right? Dragon shape, right? Tiger shape, right?

[Xing Hegu got out of the car in a hurry, and Siyanzai gestured to them in the car]

Xing: Get out of the car, I'll blow your glasses~ You get out, do you believe I'll blow his glasses?

[Bone nods]

Star: You swear! swear!

[Bone hesitates for a moment, then shakes his head]

[Xing punched the past, the bones shrank a bit]

Xing: Look down on me, what did I ask you to help you just now?

Bone: Wang~

Xing: Wang what Wang, so arrogant, you deserve to be beaten, you, for so long, murder, arson, robbery, rape, indecent assault, there is no one time you can do it, it is because you are a fat pig that gets in your way, your teaching is not good, and you are supported by mud. Not on the wall.

[Xing suddenly found that the girl he used to eat Bawang ice cream was buying ice cream on the roadside]

star: come with me

[Xing rushed over and pulled the door under the ice cream truck hard when the girl turned around, but unfortunately it couldn't be opened, the girl turned around when she heard the voice]

Star: Robbery, where is the money?

[The girl was stunned, Xing took out a knife and stuck it in the ice cream truck]

Star: Where is it? Say, what are you looking at, look down on me?

[Xing pulls the girl to his side, the girl looks at him sadly, but doesn't speak]

[Xing pushes the girl away, pulls out the knife and pulls the girl up from the ground, the two of them pose as a ballroom dance]

Xing: I kill people without blinking. Where is the money? Say it~

[The girl kept silent and shed tears silently]

[Bone found a latch on the door of the ice cream truck, he pulled it out and found two boxes]

Bone: The money is here.

[Xing let go of the girl, picked up the box with a few scattered coins, took out the money, and threw the other box away. When he was about to leave, he found that the girl picked up the box and gestured to Xing in sign language]

[Xing seemed to recall something, the girl opened the box, and there was a lollipop inside, Xing suddenly recalled the lollipop in the hand of the girl he saved as a child, and the memory of his childhood came back to his mind... 】

[Back to reality, the girl handed the lollipop to him with a smile, Xing froze for a while, then flicked away the lollipop, the lollipop hit the wall and shattered]

[Xing dashes away, Bone following him. 】

Xing: Don't follow me anymore. Sooner or later, I will be dragged to death by you. I will say that you are muddy and can't support the wall. Go home and raise pigs.

[Speaking of giving the loose money in his pocket to Gu, he turned his head and left, but Gu continued to follow him]

Star: Kill you!

[Xing turns around and punches and kicks the bone, but the bone still follows him. When Xing is about to fight again, the bone handed him a bottle of drink, Xing stayed and took it, and the bone turned and ran away]

[Xingluo sits lonely on the side of the road, silent for a while]

[Suddenly, two men in black came over and pulled Xing away. Xing was very surprised. What is waiting for him? 】

[As soon as the screen changes, don't take Xingxing to a nightclub, he has never been to such a high-end place, shaking his body to the music]

Master Axe Gang: Who is that, who is that?

[Xing looked back, saw that it was Master Axe, and walked over]

Master Axe Gang: Then, take these to disguise yourself. From today onwards, you will be our Axe Gang.

[Speaking of stuffing a large stack of banknotes into the pocket of Star's jacket]

Star: No way?

Master Axe: Yes, there is an old friend waiting for you!

[Speaking and pulling Xing inside, Xing found out that it was Brother Chen of Axe Gang]

Star: Brother Chen?

Brother Chen: As soon as I saw your appearance, I knew that you dare to do anything but good things!

Star: Yes.

Brother Chen: You only owe one chance.

Star: Yes!

Brother Chen: I need your help with something.

Xing: Go through fire and water, Brother Chen.

[As soon as the camera turns, a sign reads "

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Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Donut: [nearing death, grabs the landlord] With great power comes great responsibility...

    Landlady: Donut, you are badly hurt. You must keep still.

    Donut: This could be the end of a beautiful friendship!

    Landlord: Oh, Donut. Tomorrow is another day!

    [Donut passes away]

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