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Kareem 2022-04-21 09:01:51

"Kung Fu" and "No Thieves" are very different, and even more different from "Ambush".
Zhou Xingxing honestly told a purely fictitious story. It was absolutely vain, and there was no need for anyone to argue whether Wang Bo and Wang Li were thieves or not. Zhou Xingxing, who has never talked about culture, is still very sincere and makes his own films according to his own ideas. Such a clever and low-key way avoids the difficulty of being bombarded by Master Zhang, and he does not have to think hard about how to turn the nonsense. Deep art. This point was confirmed one by one during the urination time of the actress, and the pressure formed by the surrounding discussions was obviously relaxed and acceptable. Although the
special effects were dazzling, the dialogues have not yet found the best stories that have been passed down through the ages. Sentence, but we are still buying his account.

If you must find a dogma worth learning from a movie that is determined to be funny, the following points can be used as a reference:
1. Be low-key, so you won't be cannon fodder. Maybe you think it’s good to be cannon fodder, at least if there are people who regard you as a target, then it’s also feasible. If you die sooner or later, you will die once, so why bother.

2. People can't be beautiful. Don't underestimate the man who sells steamed buns, the uncle who sews clothes, and the Zhen who has a whistle, let alone a woman with big breasts and a man with curly hair. When you make a move, it's much more expensive than you shouting and shouting all day long.

3. You must have faith, such as "Tathagata's Palm", such as "Rendu Ermai", and those who have faith can always achieve a righteous fruit, even if the time of this righteous fruit is uncertain, but you must believe.

4. Heroes must be able to save beauty. This is a truth that everyone understands and does not need to be explained.

5. Jay Chou and Zhou Xingxing are both fans of Bruce Lee, so the result of inference is that Bruce Lee is the undefeated idol

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  • Eriberto 2022-03-21 09:01:44

    I watched it many times and remembered every shot. At that time, Master Xing was really young, and now he is full of gray hair.

  • Stefan 2022-03-24 09:01:41

    The film's every move, interlude and soundtrack all reflect the essence of Hong Kong kung fu films.

Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Donut: [nearing death, grabs the landlord] With great power comes great responsibility...

    Landlady: Donut, you are badly hurt. You must keep still.

    Donut: This could be the end of a beautiful friendship!

    Landlord: Oh, Donut. Tomorrow is another day!

    [Donut passes away]

  • Brother Sum: [after dismissing Sing] A bum like that could come in handy.