I'm afraid no one can surpass kung fu

Javonte 2022-04-22 07:01:14

I have to praise Xing Ye's sophisticated acting skills first, as well as his unique style and charm. Maybe this kind of pompous performance of nonsensical mapping will make people sneer, but I think this is the real sense of reality.
A young man's kung fu dream constitutes the black and white of the kung fu world. Xing Ye's lines always make people feel that they are a kind of self-deprecating or he is mocking. As an ordinary person, I want to be a hero in my heart, but in fact, when you meet it, will you really face the rivers and lakes with awe? No matter how dark the society is, it is no match for Baihe and sincerity to awaken the goodness in people's ego. The growth of strength does not necessarily mean that you are a hero. You find yourself on the lost road of Xingye's self-struggling, and break out of the cocoon. The addition of mythical kung fu is the retention of dreams.
What deserves the surging heart is the blow to the head with the wooden pole, but what makes me feel doubtful is that after the achievement of kung fu, Master Xing punishes evil without a fancy line. The feeling of "you want to learn, I can teach you", a sublimation of kindness, after reading it, the whole person is a lot more magnanimous.

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Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Barber: Why don't you train us to be top fighters... and we'll avenge them!

    Landlady: Becoming a top fighter takes time, unless you're a natural-born kung-fu genius, and they're 1 in a million.

    Barber: [Does martial arts routine] It's obvious I'm the one.

    Landlady: [immediately punches him in the face] Don't think so.

  • Sing: NO SOCCER!