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Emery 2022-04-22 07:01:14

Another good movie to watch and get excited about.

Ideas: The bottom-level, market, harmonious, joyful, and funny society of
the trailer "The Power of the Axe Gang"
is fully and vividly portrayed (the character of the leased public and the leased wife and the relationship between the neighbors)
1 Zhou Xingchi faked the Axe Gang and offended the Axe Gang (sinners, poor people, Fuse, clue, big boss)
·Three strong men, two gods, two masters (reclusive in the city, kung fu feelings, folk, chivalrous)
2 Zhou Xingchi as a loser and a sinner leads out the real masters (connecting the previous and the next)
·Two A master VS a real master
3 Zhou Xingchi's demonstration of justice and martial arts · Zhou Xingchi's intention
to win with morality : 1 Beggar: Deception is necessary, what if there is a miracle? Rogue Humor 2 Huang Shengyi and Lollipop: When I was a child, I helped others to be bullied. When I just entered the society, I bullied and helped those who were helped. Maturity is to let myself return to my childhood and let the world return to my childhood. There is no meaning of bullying: 1. Shelter-killing-violence Tolerance for Peace _ _

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  • Garland 2022-03-23 09:01:45

    Strong Zhou Xingchi style, the charter wife is the highlight, Huang Shengyi is very amazing.

  • Trevor 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    It’s okay to not remember, forgetting is also a kind of happiness

Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Barber: Why don't you train us to be top fighters... and we'll avenge them!

    Landlady: Becoming a top fighter takes time, unless you're a natural-born kung-fu genius, and they're 1 in a million.

    Barber: [Does martial arts routine] It's obvious I'm the one.

    Landlady: [immediately punches him in the face] Don't think so.

  • Sing: NO SOCCER!