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Elsa 2022-04-23 07:01:47

On January 15, 2015, three days later, the 3D version of "Kung Fu" was finally re-released. I heard that it was going to be released last year, but there has been no news for a long time. Now I finally look forward to it. My wish is to have a feast for the eyes that night.
Thinking of this, I felt very excited. I happened to see that there was a special episode of "Kung Fu" in "Long Bin Dahua Movie", so I couldn't help watching it again. feel.
This is my favorite of Stephen Chow's movies, and I think this movie has established the status of Xing Ye as a master director.
First of all, in terms of structure, it is obviously different from the theme and subject matter of previous Stephen Chow comedy films. The previous movies are not bad, but they are all low-budget comedy movies, and the protagonists are all small people (of course, the protagonist of "Kung Fu" is also a small person, but it depicts the big rivers and lakes, the great righteousness), the layout is relatively small, the theme is not only It is limited to "self-cultivation and family", but "Kung Fu" is different. It can be said that it has the meaning of "cultivating one's body, balancing the family, governing the country and the world". Times, regions, characters, and themes all present unprecedented "bigness". It seems to be talking about small people and common people in the market, but who do you see in the pig cage walled city who is not a master of all corners of the world with extraordinary skills? It's just that the movie moved the rivers and lakes in traditional Chinese martial arts novels to the old Shanghai (or old Hong Kong?) It is called "Kung Fu", and there are five wonderful fighting scenes in the film, but its core is still the spirit of punishing evil and promoting good, being affectionate and righteous, which is repeatedly promoted and emphasized in traditional Chinese kung fu films and traditional Chinese martial arts novels. Even the "Tathagata's Palm", the final decision to win or lose, conveys the Buddhist doctrine of enlightenment and compassion for all beings. In these senses, "Kung Fu" is actually a movie with the most spirit of traditional Chinese culture. It conveys the core and most important aspects of our culture (Jianghu culture, martial arts culture, market culture, Buddhist culture, etc.). Essence of content. If you want me to say, play "Kung Fu" again, and promote the core values ​​of socialism for ten years.
The soundtrack to this film is also an aspect that has always fascinated me. Huang Yinghua's soundtrack (ah, this person is also the soundtrack of "Shibu Jingxin", I really can't think of it) has drawn a lot of inspiration and materials from Chinese folk music, and many soundtracks are directly used, such as "Sichuan General Order" "House of Flying Daggers" and even "Heroes Crossing the Dadu River" from the red classic that is totally unexpected but works great. When the two heroes of Chengzhai faced the pair of qin masters, the guqin music was specially composed by the top guqin players in China for this segment. Just listening to the soundtrack just feels good, and when you watch it with the movie, you will feel like a god, there is a feeling that it must be tailor-made.
Finally, let's talk about the actors. I agree with the point of view in "Long Bin Dahua Movie" that commented on Zhou Xingchi's personal performance in this film. Different from the previous movies, where the splendor of Xing Ye completely overshadowed the characteristics of others, in the movie "Kung Fu", Stephen Chow compresses his personal performance to a certain extent, so that other characters have more brilliant performances. This also makes the shaping of almost every character in the whole film flesh and blood, vivid and exciting. The perfect interpretation of many old kung fu movies is also quite enjoyable to watch. This is the genius of Star Lord.
As for Huang Shengyi, the only heroine in the film, although there are only a few scenes, I think that if an actress can get such a scene in her acting career, it is completely enough. Somehow, Huang Shengyi always reminds me of the paragraph in "A Dream of Red Mansions" where Jia Baoyu said about girls, he said that girls are pearls when they are not married, but they become fish eyes when they are married. Huang Shengyi is really a shining pearl in "Kung Fu", why has it become more and more like fish eyes in recent years?

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  • Rebeka 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Re-watching it after many years, it turns out that this movie is not only good-looking, but also beautiful, which is not conventional at all. Why didn't I find out when I was younger?

  • Kody 2021-11-18 08:01:28

    Since then, the palm of the Tathagata has been connected with the bamboo dragonfly

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