"I don't need a prince, I have superpowers"

Jocelyn 2022-04-19 09:01:51

David O'Russell is one of my favorite directors. He never hides his disdain for the plot, preferring to create characters in a frantic and romantic way, with strong camera movement and sharply humorous lines that underline the dramatic conflict and comedic effect of his films.

Cinematographer Linus Sandgren impressed us with the range of motion and large handheld and telescopic lenses in American Hustle. This very distinctive lens language has been excellently continued in "Joy". The romance and madness in the previous work have become surreal and absurd here. The lens is constantly in Joey's dreams, fantasy, reality and The mesmerizing cruising between memories, the excellent combination of colors and lighting deepens the meaning of the play within the play, and better creates every character in the film.

However, the excellent camera language cannot hide a major shortcoming of the film: the editing of "Joy" is disorganized and unorganized, and some places are even staggeringly rude, which also magnifies the biggest flaw of the film. The problem, that is the narrative.

The unruly David O. Russell once said, "I hate the plot, and what I value most is the character description." Perhaps it is this stubbornness that makes him consciously or unintentionally dismissive of the narrative, in "Joe" It even seems a little irresponsible in Yi, the conflict and the climax either come too early or too late. In short, the things that held the audience so tightly in "The Line of Happiness" and "American Hustle" are gone.

While David O. Russell has repeatedly emphasized the importance of innocence and talent in achieving the "American Dream," "Joy" is clearly feminist (I think twice, but never use another word). A comedic, American interpretation. Broken families and lack of love are its slightly limiting footnotes in the film, but yet another impressive performance by Jennifer Lawrence is her way of shaping this reality-fulfilling dream. successful women.

However, from the perspective of the whole movie, I can't tell you objectively and impartially whether "Joy" is a good movie, even if it still has charming shots and romantic lighting, and the music is as good as the previous works. Taste, but I still worry that David O. Russell's inadequacies in narrative and structure may gradually become an unbreakable bottleneck of a mixture of paranoia and conceit. Known for his ability to train actors, he has sent many actors to the Oscar podium, but his films always fail to win important awards, which may already explain a certain problem.

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Joy quotes

  • Cristy 5 Years Old: Mimi said that you were the one born to help carry us on to success.

    Joy: No, Christie, Mimi was wrong. The world does not *give* you opportunities, the world destroys the opportunities. It breaks the heart. I should have listened to my mother, when I was 10 years old. I should have spent the rest of my life watching TV and hiding from the world like my mother. So I don't want to hear anymore about Mimi. She was wrong, she had her head in the clouds, and it was full of stupid ideas, and it gave me stupid ideas. But this?

    [picks up a mop]

    Joy: This stupid, stupid idea!

    [throws the mop down]

  • Mimi: [narrating] She'd put up with just about anything... until when she had to bring the hammer down - she brought the hammer down.

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