Grab the mop and fight the realistic monsters

Braeden 2022-04-20 09:01:41

After watching the whole movie in one breath, in fact, the biggest feeling is one word: tired.
The overall tone of the whole film mainly revolves around how Joy started from scratch, while the narrative of his success is relatively sloppy. Most of the time, you will feel that the film is actually telling you how cruel reality is, rather than how important inspiration is. So instead of saying it's an inspirational film, you'll feel more like a standard narrative "composition".
Although most people in the comments say that the acting skills of the eldest cousin hold up the whole drama, in fact, some of the supporting roles do have a great role. The most impressive is Joy's sister and father, these two hateful sometimes I even want to rush to strangle them, a large part of them represent the pressure on Joy from the family; on the other hand, as said in the film , Joy's best friend and his ex-husband have always been her strong backing, and this is also an opportunity for people in the whole film to take a breath under the extremely realistic oppression from all sides. As the narrator's grandmother, I find it too ordinary and abrupt. Although she has always encouraged and believed in Joy, most of the time, you will feel that her encouragement is too lacking in connotation and too simple and straightforward, like Her death came very suddenly, but it was hard to feel the sadness. And of course Joy's mother, she's been watching the TV series that she's been in for an unknown number of years to escape everything in reality, and what's the point of the repeated lines in the TV series? Do you want to dig out some connotations from such a soapy TV series to establish the theme of the whole film? ?
Whether it's Joy wearing a uniform at the beginning of the opening, rushing around at home, wearing the most ordinary shirt and pants to promote her products, or collapsing on the stairs with messy hair and tiredness... These make people feel the heart pouring out of the screen. Tired, her hard work is hard to be rewarded. Every time she takes a step, she will be slapped back quickly. Fortunately, her heart has always been gentle, and she has not been defeated by this repeated blow. If it were an ordinary person (such as me), I would have collapsed long ago.
The turning point came at the moment when Joy cut her hair (I have to say that the big cousin's hairstyle is quite handsome) It seems that her image has finally changed in the blow, but it doesn't seem to be so "strong", for example, there is a short paragraph in the hotel, Joy put the pestle on the cabinet and glanced at it before slowly putting it up, as if to build up strength for later exertion, but the momentum suddenly weakened a lot, until after sitting down, Joy slowly released harsh words, this momentum I just came back slowly, and the most imposing thing is actually when I put on my sunglasses after leaving the hotel, but the big cousin is still too young. In this section, I feel like a college student who skipped class, and I feel handsome and handsome. ?
In a word, the later successful explanation was too fast and too straightforward. Fortunately, most of the hard work that had paved the way before finally ended with the words of the dead narrator, "She didn't expect to release another product", "She didn't expect her to come out." Bought a big house." The explanation was completed. The more textbook-like narrative of success has largely robbed the film of its luster.
After all, I will still sell this movie to Amway if I have a chance.

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Joy quotes

  • Cristy 5 Years Old: Mimi said that you were the one born to help carry us on to success.

    Joy: No, Christie, Mimi was wrong. The world does not *give* you opportunities, the world destroys the opportunities. It breaks the heart. I should have listened to my mother, when I was 10 years old. I should have spent the rest of my life watching TV and hiding from the world like my mother. So I don't want to hear anymore about Mimi. She was wrong, she had her head in the clouds, and it was full of stupid ideas, and it gave me stupid ideas. But this?

    [picks up a mop]

    Joy: This stupid, stupid idea!

    [throws the mop down]

  • Mimi: [narrating] She'd put up with just about anything... until when she had to bring the hammer down - she brought the hammer down.

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