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Rosalinda 2022-04-20 09:01:40

The popcorn show in the United States is like the cosmetic industry in the Republic of Korea, and the standard to ISO900 certification is a batch operation.
Often such films can be identified directly from the poster. The tones are bright and airy, and the content is usually a high-resolution photo of the protagonist. Of course, there are several grades. The easiest one is to look at the age and worth of the actors. If the protagonist is young and unknown, it can basically be thrown into the trash can. According to this standard, this film will not enter the viewing plan in any case.
But when I was in the very apartment, I swiped to Xunlei at the bottom of the software to see that the recommended film reached an outrageous 9.7 rating. Anyway, the weather was hot and humid, and Miss He was single and boring. A popcorn romance is of course the best choice.

When I finished watching this film with pleasure, there was a kind of cosmic joy that was not wasted for more than an hour. What is the relationship between people's expectations and satisfaction? Aside from that funny Thunderbolt score, the score must not be higher than 7 (of course, the score is not stable, for example, "My name is Han" is rated as close to 9, which makes me Lost two or three hours of life), and then swiped the comments, and many people pointed out that this piece is just a piece of popcorn chips that usually have toads who want to eat swan meat yy.
But if you think that this film is to tell you that even if you are frustrated, you must boldly confess to the school beauty mm, then your IQ will not even be enough to watch popcorn dramas, you might as well watch stick dramas. I don't think it makes any sense to discuss the feasibility of combining 5's and 10's. In most cases, the so-called 5 points and 10 points will not have any intersection.
What it tells us is: to face up to ourselves. This face-up is not to give yourself a score. In a relationship, please fully understand how you feel about her and how she feels about you. In fact, not everyone likes the score higher than themselves, and some people like the score lower than themselves. It is difficult to say whether it is because of pride or inferiority.
When the hero and heroine broke up, the heroine said that the hero always felt that he was not good enough, that the heroine liked him just as a charity, and that only the imperfection of the heroine could make him feel at ease with her. Yes, this is his inferior psychology in this disparate relationship.
As for the heroine, the hero pointed out that she was with him only because a frustrated man like him felt more secure, and she took the initiative in this relationship, even if she claimed to not care about his career, she deliberately concealed it from her parents. Haha, I think so too, this perfect heroine doesn't have the advantage of being a little dark, at least subconsciously, I deeply agree.
These two paragraphs reveal the psychology of those who chose high scores and those who chose low scores.
But why are they still together in the end, has this difficulty been overcome? Obviously, the gap between 5 points and 10 points is difficult to make up in the short term. Although some good friends of the male protagonist at the end told him "you are a ten", this kind of psychological suggestion and self-hypnosis is impossible to make you a 10.
I believe they are together and the five-point gap still exists. The psychological advantages and disadvantages caused by the lack of points are not compensated for (although it is the most fundamental method) only by narrowing the points. Go back to what I said just now and look at yourself. Face the feelings. Don't look at love from the outside, look at it from the inside. If love is built on the outside and looks harmonious, for example - if this person is my boyfriend, I have a lot of face, or I am worried that when people look at me, they will think how she found a boyfriend like me, then this timing The bomb is bound to explode sooner or later. Looking at feelings from the inside, taking this film as an example, the male protagonist must understand that the female protagonist likes him, not because he wants to gain a sense of superiority and security from him, but also must understand that he likes him, not just because getting her is like getting A big bargain, got a show of capital. If the same conclusion is reached on the women's side, then I believe they can go a long way.
At the end of the film, the male protagonist learned to fly a plane, ~plus points~, although it is cliché, it is essential, the fundamental way to solve it.

I don't like the male lead's performance or looks, but the female lead, like Reese Witherspoon, really likes it. When I think about Legally Blonde, I think it's silly and pretentious to equate popcorn dramas with bad movies.

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