Alice eve 10 !

Katheryn 2022-04-20 09:01:40

As soon as I saw her, I was attracted to her. It's a very old movie line, but it's clear that alice eve is the kind of woman that drives every man crazy, charming, sexy, hot, with a magnetic and attractive voice, and a pretty good acting. . I have to say, I was completely smitten with this lady and even swore that future girlfriends must style her. you are out of my league, a very good movie, the plot about love is not very novel, but after such a comedy has been sculpted by the actors, it is full of temptation and charm.

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  • Giuseppe 2021-11-27 08:01:17

    I think the power of good friends is the greatest!

  • Cyril 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    65/100. Forget the rambling ending, the poor boy with 5 points meets the eldest lady with 10 points, there is no chance, there is no place to die, don't even think about it.

She's Out of My League quotes

  • Kirk: Stainer, I know you don't like her very much.

    Stainer: Nooo, no. I hate her. In fact, the day you broke up with her I marked that down on my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm going to celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, we smash it.

  • Patty: You look just like someone I went to high school with.

    Stainer: Oh yeah? What high school? Maybe it was me.

    Patty: No, he's in a coma.

    Stainer: Huh. Who brought the good news bear? Somebody give her some fucking honey.