Toad, I wish you happiness

Alfonso 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I haven't watched an American comedy for a long time. I have nothing to do. I flipped through the "Watching Movies" that I kept at hand, and I saw this movie with a very interesting name. I looked for it out of curiosity. again. I just found out that these entertainment film directors in the United States have really improved.

Personally, I don't have a good impression of the actors in the film, er, maybe the male protagonist also said that he is the kind of character who has a very distinctive appearance and needs sex. As for the acting skills and style of the other people, I personally don't think there is anything to evaluate. At first, I thought that the people watching this movie must not be couples, because looking at the title of the movie will make you feel that this is not a warm, romantic, happy and sweet love movie, at least I initially thought that this movie, no matter what, will Something sad has to happen. But it turns out that I was wrong, no, maybe not completely wrong.

The film is about an ordinary TSA officer named Cork (actually a security guard at the airport), his four friends, and a seemingly impossible love affair after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.

Regarding these four friends of his, I would like to focus on the long-haired eldest brother. He is a grumpy person who can say whatever he wants. At first I thought he would be the reason for the end of this love story, because he He always keeps hitting the protagonist, telling him how big the gap is between the protagonist and the girl, and he talks a lot, always saying a lot of nonsense, which messes up the original romantic atmosphere.

As for the heroine of this movie, Mary, to be honest, I think she played a very poor role. On the contrary, the dark-haired girl with heavy eyeshadow attracted my attention. I really don’t know what the protagonist thinks. In fact, she Not very pretty (except for the boobs). She is a typical professional woman who values ​​practicality, reality and pursuit of career. She's very motivated, and she initially feels like the kind of woman who is easy to approach. In the film, Kirk mentions how perfect he is countless times. In fact, it tells us two different life values ​​from one side. That is, if someone chooses life, then they will be affirmed, if someone chooses emotion, then there will be ridicule, and vice versa.

In fact, when I saw half of it, I already knew that they would be together in the end, but what I didn't expect was that it was in such a "difficult" way

To be honest, the reason why I am so interested in this light comedy is because, in Kirk, I saw my shadow, and I saw the shadow of many ordinary people. These people live their own lives in their own world every day. Their every move is basically unnoticed by the opposite sex, they cannot speak, they do not understand trends, they are clumsy, and they have no idea of ​​active life. In the eyes of most women, such a man is tantamount to a stock that will never appreciate in value, and some "small capitalists" are unwilling to pay attention, let alone those "rich and wealthy".

Such people live in their own inferiority complex every day, they are afraid to talk to a beautiful girl, and they feel that they are completely unworthy of her. For various reasons, people like us live in our own torment every day. , Although it is often better to live without love, not everyone can survive by relying on other people's advice and ridicule.

As Kirk said: "My figure is not good, my appearance is not good, my job is not good, my future is not good, I only have a bunch of friends, I only have a family that hates me, I only have one car Dilapidated little car, but this is me, this is my life, this is my life."

After listening to this sentence, after a long silence, I wanted to say, "I don't have the courage you have.

" In the movie, Mary is not the materialistic woman who pursues the money-worship theory in reality. They are still together.

I really like her last sentence: "Because I feel like I'm thinking of you and I'm loving you."

Well, the movie still has orange sunshine, beautiful New York, and touching songs.

Well, this is a love story for real couples to enjoy together.

Toads and swans, well, I wish you happiness.

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  • Branson 2021-11-27 08:01:17

    It’s not bad, but the character description of the part is not enough.

  • Oda 2022-04-22 07:01:16

    On the train back to Beijing ~ Qualification comedy, fighting chicken blood

She's Out of My League quotes

  • Kirk: Devon, why would you tell her that I broke up with Molly?

    Devon: Cause I thought you had.

    Kirk: No. We're just in a sticky wicket.

    Stainer: A "sticky wicket"?

    Kirk: Yeah. A rough patch. Rough pumpkins.

    Stainer: And how many times have you called her?

    Kirk: Five.

    Stainer: And how many times have you really called her?

    Kirk: Seventeen.

    Stainer: It's done. Tao of Love.

    Kirk: What?

    Stainer: That's what I call it. The Tao of Love. You being with Molly defies, like, forces of nature. It's over man.

    Kirk: No. It's not over. Frankly, I'm sick of all you guys pretending like you know where I'm coming from. None of you know what I'm going through right now.

    Stainer: Tina Jordan does.

    Kirk: Who the hell is Tina Jordan?

    Stainer: She was my Molly.

    Kirk: You never mentioned her.

    Stainer: I didn't want to jinx it. But she was perfect. Yeah, perfect. Freckled shoulders. Anyway, two months into it, bam, she dumps me. I shoulda seen it coming too, cause she was a ten. Like a hard ten. I was a six, possibly a seven. Either way, I couldn't cover the spread. The universe spoke and I was depressed for months.

    Kirk: That's what that was? You said you had mono.

    Stainer: Yeah. Mono of the heart.

    Jack: OK, my God, how's your vagina?

    Stainer: Shut up, Jack!

  • Jack: Dude, forget Stainer. All right? I think you could get her back.

    Stainer: OK, then why don't you look Kirk in the eyes and tell him that you believe he's gonna end up with Molly. Just tell him that.

    Jack: Fine. Kirky, I truly believe that... I mean, I think anything is possible.

    Kirk: "Anything is possible"?

    Devon: Come on! Like there's a million examples of guys like Kirky ending up with a beautiful woman.

    Stainer: Such as?

    Devon: Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts.

    Jack: Right. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. Then he went on to Denise Richards.

    Stainer: All recording artists. Normal rules don't apply to those guys. Kirk, as soon as you record an album and it goes platinum, you can push your meat into any human being you want.

    Jack: OK, OK, OK. King Kong and Naomi Watts.

    Stainer: They never consummated. Totally platonic relationship.

    Jack: Stephen Hawking and his lady nurse.

    Stainer: He's the master of space and time. He knows about black holes and shit.

    Devon: What about the President of France and that girl that went out with Mick Jagger.

    Stainer: He knows about wine. And he has a french accent. He could probably French kiss like a motherfucker.

    Devon: Wait a second... The Beast.

    Stainer: Who?

    Devon: The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Beast won Beauty's love and he wasn't rich or a recording artist. Though, he did have an amazing voice.

    Stainer: OK, Devon, that's a cartoon. But yes, that's one. One out of a million.

    Devon: You know what, Stainer? All it takes is one. Man, you... You guys sit here and talk about relationships but the truth is, I'm the only one here that's married. Yeah, and I'm tired of you guys busting my nuggets cause I've only been with one girl. It's cause she was the right girl! That's why I married her! So, Kirky, let me tell you something, if Molly is the right girl, that's all that matters. You just, you stand up. You stand up. You get in front of her. You get right in her grill and you say, "Hey, I am Kirk Kettner, and I am right here, standing in front of you... right here. Here I am." Something like that.

    Stainer: Power of love.

    Jack: Very... perfect.

    Kirk: Beautiful.

    Devon: Thank you. I was in debate, junior/senior year. I don't know if you guys remember that.