she does not have extended sense of entitlement. she's something.

Alphonso 2022-04-22 07:01:16

I watched this movie about an hour and a half ago, and watched PPstream at my cupertino friend's house.

To be honest this friend was a friend of a friend and I was forced to visit him because he had available value. Although he repeatedly invited me to be a guest at his house, I also shied away many times. First of all, because he is interested in me, of course he wants to spend time together, and secondly because he belongs to the ranks of old men, I am not interested in him, of course I try to avoid him as much as possible. But since he might have the potential to help me in my job search, under my mother's persuasion, I gave in to his invitation for a short while and offered to be a guest at his house. I have always felt that being alone with a man and a woman is a very risky thing. If he is deliberately creating some ambiguous atmosphere, I feel that I have no place to die, even though I would rather die than give in.

But today I went to his house alone, ready to be a shameless lobbyist, hoping to persuade him to convince his boss to meet me sometime. I found that I was really not a successful lobbyist, and I found that I was not bitchy enough. I just started to effectively lead the topic to the job search. He used an excuse of "the boss is avoiding him" to block all the way out. Living. I didn't know what to say at the time, and I felt like I wasted my day. All my spending is a waste.

I admit that I am very utilitarian, I am a bitch. I always thought I was marketable because guys liked my appearance, so I could take advantage of that and get all the things I wanted. When I heard the despairing answer he gave me, I had the urge to leave. But I held back, I knew I couldn't be impulsive, and I had to do a full set of movies, so I stayed and watched the second movie. Fortunately, this movie is my biggest takeaway today and taught me the best lesson.

The heroine is the perfect female personification: rich, capable, perfect in shape and easygoing. If I were a boy, I could not help but bow down to her pomegranate skirt. But compared with her, I am really nobody. I have no career (job bottleneck), no money, and my appearance is not as perfect as hers, and my character? Simply shitty. Actually, that's what I admire most about her. She has what all girls dream of, but she is still so approachable. What she values ​​is not fame and fortune, not money, or even appearance. In her eyes, she only sees the other person's heart and the other person's character. And me, I always kill a man at the first glance: he looks too frustrated, he has no money, no education, no car, no house... I always feel that there is a This invisible inferiority complex controls my desires, makes me never feel satisfied, makes me unable to trust others, and makes me only use value to measure the people around me.

When I saw the heroine, I couldn't help but feel ashamed. Because it's more that she reflects the ugliest side of my humanity. No conceit and vanity, inferiority complex and greed can be seen in her. She was in the hero's house and was run on by his family. She didn't care, and accepted the move generously. When the male protagonist was embarrassed, she still compensated him so kindly and comforted him. She never minds a boy's job, doesn't care about a boy's broken car, but asks about his education. What a strong woman at heart! She's beautiful on the outside, but she's even more beautiful on the inside.

While she believes in her own choice, she tries hard to grasp her own happiness. She believes that happiness is something that can be grasped, rather than some invisible short-term vanity. It can be said that her EQ and IQ are full marks. Such a woman is an angel in the eyes of a man, an undefeated goddess.

I appreciate that she doesn't accept some boys because of her appearance or some snobbish conditions, but pays more attention to personality. Even if this is a comedy like a fairy tale, I still prefer to see it as a fable to teach everyone the correct view of love.

On the way home, I kept thinking that it would be nice to find a shy, honest, inexperienced boy like the hero. At least they're reliable, cute, and tasty (haha, his rib physique). I don't know if the sisters feel the same way. Often this kind of boys is more lethal than those veterans. There is no experience, and he is always awkward at critical moments, but he is very self-aware and knows his position, but such boys are now scarce.

An old man told me that nowadays girls always feel that it is a disadvantage to fall in love with boys, but in fact I feel that girls despise these boys. I was once accused by my ex-boyfriend: you have extended sense of entitlement. I guess it means being too self-righteous. Maybe in the future, we should be down-to-earth, and people who are not interested should not bother. Live with dignity.

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She's Out of My League quotes

  • Kirk: Stainer, I know you don't like her very much.

    Stainer: Nooo, no. I hate her. In fact, the day you broke up with her I marked that down on my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm going to celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, we smash it.

  • Patty: You look just like someone I went to high school with.

    Stainer: Oh yeah? What high school? Maybe it was me.

    Patty: No, he's in a coma.

    Stainer: Huh. Who brought the good news bear? Somebody give her some fucking honey.

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