Kind people need to love themselves more

Dewitt 2022-04-22 07:01:16

You can only hurt yourself if you want to. According to social rules, it is normal for a person to be rated five points, but if this person's values ​​are also completely socialized, the problem is not just the score, but more serious is that he will always be dissatisfied with himself. This dissatisfaction eventually becomes a driving force, or it evolves into cynicism. Therefore, the most important thing for people is to accept and love themselves. This is very similar to the reasoning in Angel A, but it is illustrated by a romantic comedy. And the character of this protagonist is more diverse, because he is very kind and simple, so he does not have his own values ​​and courage. It seems that he has an inferiority complex, and his character is extremely passive. Fortunately, he has a fairy tale ending.

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She's Out of My League quotes

  • Molly: OK so, you're gonna tell me exactly what's going on?

    Stainer: In ten minutes Kirk is leaving on a plane for Branson with a horrible, horrible girl.

    Molly: Marnie?

    Stainer: Yes! Let's go.

    Molly: If Kirk's getting back together with Marnie I'm not going!

    Stainer: In fourth grade I peed my pants. On several occasions. Everybody started calling me Stainer. Do you know how I made it through those dark days?

    Molly: Plastic underwear?

    Stainer: In part. But also Kirk. You see he told me to own that name. call myself Stainer so that nobody could hurt me with it.

    Molly: What's your point?

    Stainer: Kirk is the best guy that I know. But he's like... he's like a spider. You know, he's more afraid of you than you are of him. And he also has long legs and... Look, if you want him, you gotta go get him.

  • Molly: Underwear would be fine... if I were wearing any.