dark night

Justen 2022-09-20 00:01:00

The show has a lot of stamina, and the plot develops more and more people. After watching the eighth episode, I was really emotional, so I decided to start writing and write about my feelings.

First of all, the portrayal of the characters in this play is very three-dimensional. Almost everyone is an agglomeration of good and evil, which makes people love and hate. Naz went from being a golden boy at the beginning to
being dug up for drug trafficking, fights and other black material, and kept blackening in prison: shaved off his long hair, tattooed, and became addicted to drugs. But Naz's blackening is not only deplorable, but also mixed with a little happiness. What used to be cowardice and sincerity was discrimination, oppression and betrayal, and even almost disfigurement. The blackened Naz can at least survive in prison, or at least retaliate against those who bullied him. Naz seems to be walking through the white night, sometimes being engulfed by the night, and sometimes shining a faint light to match the bright moon. This black and white interweaving is also reflected in other characters. The justice and kindness in Jone's heart keeps him thinking about cats, and he has the courage and perseverance to conduct in-depth investigations into the case; but on the other hand, he will also bow down for five buckets of rice and persuade Naz to plead guilty, Bargain on attorney fees. In order to win the case, the prosecution's female lawyer tried her best to force Naz to ask "I dont know", but when she made the closing statement with a 5-inch sharp knife in her hand, she would also doubt whether she was the perpetrator in another sense, or even Finally decided to withdraw the lawsuit, took off high heels and put on flat sneakers and walked away. The old police officer Dennis has rich experience in handling cases. He used his experience to make Naz plead guilty, but he could not control his kindness and left the court angrily; The obsession with the truth and the memories of the past return to the police station. Great evil and great good are rarely seen in the play, and the little evil and small goodness in each character makes people feel particularly real and vivid.

This show is very dark. Take the characters that Naz came into contact with on the night of the incident, almost everyone has a history that makes people feel chills, like patches of skin moss, all over the society; there is no obvious difference between good and evil in society inside and outside the prison. Points: Outside the prison, you can unscrupulously cast contemptuous glances at passers-by. Is it good? Is it evil to avoid looking directly at each other in prison? ; During the entire judicial trial, everyone acted according to the rules and maximized their own interests as much as possible, but the final result was cumbersome and inefficient, and brought a deep sense of suffocation to all participants; Naz's Muslim origin It involves the whole society's prejudice and hatred of Muslims, blacks are discriminated against as always, and the white elites in the play are powerful and hypocritical. These racial issues are acute and make people feel powerless. The director shows these problems silently with
pictures .

The title of the play, the night of, may not only refer to the night of Naz's murder, but also to the dark night of the entire society. The final truth of the incident may not be so important. The important thing is that Naz has transformed, and the once immature heart has been cocooned. In the thick night, perhaps only the silent pacing of the cat could touch the softness under the thick cocoon.

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