Right and Freedom

Johnathon 2022-09-17 21:11:31

I used the New Year's Day holiday to finish 8 episodes of Evil Run. After reading it, I feel that the translation of this Chinese translation is quite in place. Although there are a lot of legal terminology and analysis in the drama, which sometimes makes it difficult to understand, but because the story is easy to understand, it has little impact on the overall viewing of the movie. Lamenting the soundness of the American judiciary, a suspect can be sent in or released through various reasonable rights, just like the line "This is a free country" that appears many times in the play. Nasir's brief experience in prison taught him the laws of survival, but he also became addicted to drugs, which is a sigh. The drama as a whole can be given four stars. It always feels a little unsatisfactory and lacking, but I can't tell where it is. Another point is that I may have watched various reversals a lot. After Nasir was released from prison in the last episode, he always wondered if there would be a big accident at the end. He got in. However in the end nothing happened haha.

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