The Three Loves of Princess and Prince

Linnea 2022-04-19 09:01:46

After two hours of reviewing the movie, I didn’t know where I hit the keyboard and suddenly all disappeared. I couldn’t save my efforts and inspiration even if I shouted at the computer. I have been entangled with this question for a long time. I must know that the muse does not often come to drink tea, and my sister does not often write film reviews in the mood, so...

So the following pure argumentative essay that is no longer small and melancholy appears...

This film aroused my desire to type in the text because it tells about several ways of love. First of all, of course, is the love between the prince Naveen and the waiter Tiana. This is the main line of the fairy tale and the core concept of all love: sacrifice, dedication, tolerance . Naveen is willing to kiss Charlotte for Tiana and promise to marry her, Tiana is willing to give up her dream for Naveen, Tiana learns to dance, Naveen washes her hands and makes soup. The greatest thing about love is that you are willing to change yourself for the other party, and willing to accept the shortcomings of the other party that you could not accept before, and then live a life together that you may have never imagined before.

The second love is the firefly Ray and the star Evangeline. This kind of love is actually a bit humble. It is always separated by an unreachable distance, and it can never be truly seen or touched. This is an extremely simple spiritual love. As long as you see her shining, you will be satisfied. This is a kind of watching rather than waiting, because there is really only pure "looking", rather than waiting for a chance to get close one day. I cried when Ray died. I thought that such a cruel reality would never appear in a fairy tale movie like Disney. I always thought that as long as everyone bowed their heads in silence, he would get up and start making noises, but it didn't. Fortunately, the ending is always good, and his soul can finally hold Evangeline's hand.

The third kind of love is Charlotte's love, childish and dramatic. Maybe every girl has a princess dream, looking forward to the prince riding a white horse with a sword to defeat the monster and put on a crystal slipper for himself. But such a dream comes at a price. First, you must have a rich father. Second, you must have a friend who is kind-hearted, never jealous, and will not say "Stop your fucking dreams." . Just kidding, everyone now knows that princes are not so easy to meet, let alone get married. Women are as strong as men these days, or even worse, the ability to persist in such an unrealistic dream itself proves Another great thing about love: blindness.

Well, this is an article of a completely different style, whether it’s a little melancholy or a practical one, it can make me sit in front of the computer and type for three hours, this fairy tale movie is a great one.

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