I love beautiful animations

Janice 2022-04-19 09:01:46

Every time I tell everyone what movie to watch, the boys around me always turn these cartoons away. I still love animation as always. But after watching this one, I completely understand why I like these things: because they are beautiful.
So this film without any cute beauties made me feel that it was boring after watching it. Although I always knew that this type of film is to sing and sing, look at the scene, and by the way, I will talk about the essence of a god horse. Finally, it ends perfectly, and I go home and sleep. But I just like these little happiness. It doesn't need to be very profound, but it can be very happy.
Since I was a child, my friends would be jealous of your stories, so I set an evil character for Tiana's little princess friend from the very beginning. And she believes that when the frog prince appears later, she will become Tiana's obstacle or opponent, and even use evil schemes to prevent Tiana from being with the prince.
But it turns out that not all friends who act so exaggeratedly are bad people. She was just a girl who simply wanted to marry a prince. She has a heart that is not jealous, and when she sees her good friend finding true love, she immediately gives her blessings and help sincerely, although it doesn't help.
You got what you wanted, but you lose what you had. This is the voice of the villain shadowman casting magic on the prince and his followers My eyes lit up. It seems that most of Disney's animations have such a sentence, so that when you see it, you suddenly feel that you have grasped the shadow of truth.
This sentence is too profound for me to comment, but I just want to say: It's really well said. I try every day to get what I want and then lose what I have~~

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The Princess and the Frog quotes

  • Dr. Facilier: [to Lawrence, singing] On you, little man, I don't want to waste much time: you've been pushed around all your life / You've been pushed around by your mother, and your sister and your brother / And if you were married... you'd be pushed around by your wife!

  • Dr. Facilier: Are you ready?

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