"The Princess and the Frog": Let the dream fly in a fairy tale

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"The Princess and the Frog": Let the dream fly in the fairy tale and

accompany the children to watch cartoons. The children often don't think so, but I was moved first, which is the case with "The Princess and the Frog". The cartoons produced by Disney follow the consistent traditional style. The pictures of Mei Lun Meihuan, the innocent and kind protagonist, the warm family affection, the love between the princess and the prince, and the happy ending can always inspire inner beauty.

The character in the film, the heroine Tiana, has been favored by her parents since she was a child, and hopes to open a restaurant. When her father died, Tiana, who worked as a waiter in the restaurant, did not change her original intention and worked hard to make money for opening a restaurant. If you were to ask her what her dream was, it would be to open a restaurant. The male protagonist, Levine, is a prince from the Kingdom of Maldonia. He stretched out his hand from Xiaoyi to open his mouth. He had no ideals. Since he came to New Orleans and was enchanted by wizards, his ideal was to find a princess. , because the magic can only be lifted by kissing the princess.

However, at a party, Levine mistakenly kissed Tiana who was disguised as a princess. As a result, Levine not only failed to dispel the magic, but instead made Tiana become enchanted and turned into a frog. The two frogs can only remove the magic by going to the Mississippi River to find an old witch. During this process, the prince fell in love with Tiana, Tiana gradually realized that running a restaurant is not the only thing in life, but love is the most important thing. As a result, the two fell in love, but did not speak. On the hard way, they meet a cute crocodile whose ideal is to be a trumpet player and perform for humans. They also met the helpful firefly ray, who actually fell in love with a star whose dream is to be with this star.

The film sings and dances, interspersed with the pursuit and killing of bad guys, and the shattering of dreams. However, in the end, it is still the good guys who defeat the bad guys. Tiana and Levin defeated the shadow people and became husband and wife. When Tiana became the wife of the prince, her identity became The equivalent of a princess, so when Levin kissed Tiana, the magic of the two of them was lifted, they became human again, they married in the palace, and lived happily ever after, what a happy ending what!

I was moved, like an ignorant child, fell into it and felt their happiness. In fact, it's only such a short one and a half hour. After the movie is over, we have to return to reality. The reality is like a fairy tale.

However, in any case, let us have a dream, even if it is to fall in love with the stars, let it fly in a fairy tale!

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