Subversive appearance, traditional core

Coralie 2022-04-19 09:01:46

Although Disney still presents this work in a traditional 2D style this time, and even though it is the theme of fairy tale adaptations that Disney is good at, in terms of the plot and the overall temperament of the film, this film is an out-and-out modern-style animation. This is very different from the "classical animation" that Disney has launched in the past.
The animation is adapted from the fairy tale "The Frog Prince". One of the propaganda beaks for the animation this time is the subversion of the classic fairy tale - after the "princess" kissed the frog in this film, she turned herself into a frog. But since the story in my memory didn't have the "Princess Kissing the Frog", I didn't feel much about this "subversion", and later I found out what was going on.
Let's comment on the appearance first. This time, I would like to first like the picture of this film. The painting is really beautiful. Although the colors are not particularly bright, the matching is more reasonable. In terms of special effects, the film shows the magician's magic several times. However, this kind of picture also makes me feel that the fineness that pure hand-drawn animation brings to me is hard to find in today's American animation. In terms of music, in line with the "New Orleans style", the film uses a jazz-style soundtrack, which should also be a theme innovation in Disney's traditional musical animation.
Although this film uses "subversion" as its selling point, but after I pondered it carefully, I found out: in the case of the identity of Marvin's prince in this film. The first girl he kissed, Tiana, was not a princess, and because of this, Marvin did not turn back into a prince after they kissed, but instead turned Tiana into a frog. Next, Marvin's second kiss, when Charlotte married the so-called "Prince" before, she was indeed a Princess (Princess), but when the true identity of the "Prince" was revealed, Charlotte apparently also No longer a princess, so Marvin still hasn't returned to his original form this time. But when Marvin and Tiana got married, his third kiss was to Tiana again. At this time, Marvin's prince status turned Tiana into a princess, which also Let this principle still take effect in the end, so at the last moment they both returned to human form... It seems that the "subversion" of this film is just a disguise on the outside, and the heart is still a very traditional fairy tale. .
As an adaptation of a classic fairy tale, I don't think this film is a very good interpretation. There are several places in the plot that make people feel that the setting is far-fetched. The final arrangement of the firefly's death is also redundant. I feel that today's Disney animation Not as storytelling as before. Considering that my overall feeling for this film is still positive, I'll give a more lenient evaluation.

PS: Since the "Frog Prince" story I heard when I was a child didn't have a "kiss the frog" plot, I always thought that the stories about the girl changing back into a human shape after kissing the frog were very strange, and I found out what happened later. . I didn't expect this version of the story to be widely circulated, but I still think the version I remember is the best.

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    The Disney era will never go back...

  • Estefania 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    It's the old story of a prince and a princess that changes the soup but not the medicine. It sounds like Disney's so-called comeback. I thought you made progress and the result is still the same, Pixar can't save you

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