What does the growth path of the male protagonist Naz bring us?

Eddie 2022-08-21 04:44:30

Since Naz was suspended for several weeks because of a fight in high school, which caused his opponent to fall to his head and died, we initially judged that he had courage since he was a child. To be honest, there are not many people who can fight and study to get into college, and such people are usually very popular. Unsurprisingly, Naz started selling amphetamine to his classmates in college. Naz obtained amphetamine at a price of 25 cents per tablet through a doctor's prescription, and the selling price was $10, making a profit of 3900%. It goes without saying that on behalf of Naz smart.

Even if he panicked at the scene of the incident, he forgot to take his coat and keys and couldn't open the car door, and when he returned to the scene again, he did not forget to take the game knife (because of Naz's fingerprints and Andrea's blood), and cleverness played a role here again. Just imagine that if Naz escapes, the police will not only suspect Naz alone, but his stepfather and ex-boyfriend will become the main suspects. Because the judicial process was not fair enough, Naz was afraid of becoming a culprit, so it was understandable that he planned to erase the traces and then slip away. Of course, it is normal for young people to be afraid of seeing dead bodies, so it is too late to remove fingerprints and so on. After Naz was arrested and entered the police station, Sheriff Box preconceived that Naz was a murderer. Although his attitude was very friendly, he seemed to want to add more to Naz's words, and then immediately determined the case. Especially after Stone's lawyer took over Naz's case, the first thing he did was tell Naz to stop talking to anyone about the case. I judge that Sheriff Box speaks to Naz alone seems to be detrimental to Naz. The above is only a personal judgment, and I hope that people with experience in American life will discuss it in detail.

Naz listened to Stone's lawyer, although he told his parents once about the case at the beginning, and never told anyone again, which was crucial to his life in prison. Judging from Naz's obedience, it is not difficult to judge that he is very modest, not young and frivolous, nor is he indifferent, but just goes with the flow. Moreover, Naz thought independently throughout the whole process. He was not scared to death, and acted like a spoiled child to his parents. How to judge who he could trust in Box Stone Prison, including completely trusting the female lawyer and helping him deliver drugs, Naz could change from being smart in prison to a smarter one. Wise.

In prison life, Naz was first spotted by the prison boss Freddie. We all took it for granted that he was going to sleep with Naz, but we didn't expect that the prison boss Freddie had a female prison guard to work with. America is really fun. American prisons are more like a complete, dirty society, which is quite insightful to me. Back to Naz did not accept the kindness of the prison boss Freddie, of course, followed by a warning that the bedding was burned. At first, I thought the punishment was too light, and then I realized that the prison boss Freddie wanted to reuse Naz, so I didn't pay any attention. hand. After that, Naz was slashed for no reason at first, and then met a guy who was first and then reversed, and was injured by him splashing water or sulfuric acid. And knowing that Freddie was looking at himself as a college student, he didn't expect the prison boss to attach great importance to knowledge, and finally Naz decided to go to the protection of the prison boss Freddie. He knows how to make decisions when needed and lives with dignity in prison, which I think is not easy, for a young man who has never been in a situation.

After being protected by the prison boss Freddie, Naz became a member of his team, of course, to help Freddie do things. People see him as a college student. Naz is not proud. He can bend and then show his ability to stretch. He understands that college students are useless just to have a diploma. The key is to be able to make outstanding contributions. It can be seen from the first visit to deliver the drugs, Naz began to refuse, and later realized that it is difficult to get on the pirate ship, and began to try to accept the method of swallowing drugs and pulling them out. In the prison, under certain environmental conditions, this can only be done. Naz has no way to survive, otherwise he may die in the bathroom. I can't help reminding countless college students that you have a degree, but can you really do a good job? Naz can, he is very adaptable, so after he was released from prison, Stone's lawyer said See? You learn something in there.

Later, he began to take the initiative to contact new people and find a way to deliver drugs for them, which further proved that Naz is capable and smart. Episode 8 Naz defended himself as a witness in court, insisted on safeguarding his rights and the truth, and always dealt with everything calmly, which reflected Naz's growth in prison.

in conclusion:
The male protagonist Naz has the following characteristics: courage, intelligence, humility, independent thinking, strong judgment, and strong adaptability. Nothing more than the common elements of all successful people, but not everything can be cultivated overnight, because drama is higher than life, so it attracts us. Of course, due to the issue of racial discrimination in the United States, Naz of Pakistani descent will not be the murderer, nor will it be the black man who appeared at Andrea's door on the night of the incident. Initially, it was easy to point the finger at his stepfather, because he was the largest heir to the estate, and even some people who read the film critics suspected Stone lawyer (of course, he is white and may be a murderer). These give me a lot of room for imagination. This drama is very good to analyze from different angles. I think they are all possible murderers. Of course, I made a mistake and was eager to know who the murderer was, so I watched it quickly and missed the details. The opportunity for details. In fact, the result is not important, the night of wants to show us the actual process of American justice, as well as the truth of human nature. Thank you for the thought this show has brought me, and welcome everyone to exchange and correct me.

Supplementary note: Attorney Stone, facing prisoners, police officers, judges, and fellow lawyers, can get real and valuable information from their mouths with an overwhelming advantage. It turns out that lawyers not only need to know a lot of knowledge, but also need a strong aura, and lawyer Stone has performed well.

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