No matter how different the times are, men and women are always different

Alexanne 2022-04-19 09:01:48

At a dinner with old friends, I tried to talk about such a topic: Is it better to have a daughter or a son?
I mean, of course, it's good to have a daughter, because men are made of mud and women are made of water, how boring it is to have a mud embryo.
My old friend ridiculed me as a typical "idealist" and said earnestly that girls are much more likely to encounter danger in the process of growing up than boys.
At the time, I was dismissive of such claims. The so-called "danger" of my old friend is actually nothing more than "sex", and I don't think the probability of girls encountering "danger" in such a thing is greater than that of boys. Times have changed a long time ago, men and women are the same. However, I recently watched a British film "Growing Up Education", but it made me think that maybe I was wrong.

The story of "Growing Up Education" is simple: 16-year-old Jenny is a smart, beautiful little girl studying in the preparatory class of a girls' school in rural London, England. She has good grades and is expected to be admitted to Oxford University. "Seeds". One day, she met a mature, stylish, funny and charming man, David, and fell in love with him like lightning. David brought her to experience the flamboyance and extravagance of the metropolis, which has always been the life she longed for. She had never thought before that this kind of life would be so easy to get. Soon she became addicted to it, and the idea of ​​preparing for Oxford was thrown out of the sky. The days with David looked so wonderful, but one day, the truth hit Jenny like a brick...
In short, a girl at a dreaming age encountered a gorgeous, and the result was gorgeous It was full of lice after all. Of course, the depth is lacking. The so-called "growth education" is actually just the stereotyped but didactic meaning "there is no shortcut in life". But things like "depth" are not important in many cases, because the film itself is delicate and delicate enough, and the picture, music, and rhythm are almost perfect. There is also a heroine who looks like Audrey Hepburn reincarnated in many shots and angles.

In the end, the movie gave the girl a perfect ending in the style of "waving her sleeves and not taking away a cloud". Because of this ending, the gorgeous encounter in front, even if it was covered with lice, was still gorgeous after all: when When the girl is gray-haired, or it can be said, I think that my aunt also messed up, but it is still Oxford... However, now that I am really a girl's father, it is difficult not to ask those who have been avoided by the movie. Question: What if the girl didn't have that perfect ending? More importantly, without that truth, is there really a shortcut ahead? What is the right choice?
In the movie, Jenny decides to marry David and give up Oxford. When the school talks to her, she confronts the headmistress and says, "I study well, I'm smart, and I'm admitted to Oxford, so what? What kind of life can I live? Not yet. Engage in a boring and boring career like you? A woman’s life shouldn’t be like this. I think if I go through boring and boring studies, then get admitted to a famous school, and then engage in boring and boring careers like you, I’m not as good as I am now Just choose a life that allows me to attend auctions, read books in Paris, and listen to jazz!" Jenny said it well, and the principal couldn't refute it. I think, in this era of no ethics, no bottom line, materialism and money, if I were to face such a question one day, I would also have no ability to refute it.
In this sense, it may be better to have a son, because the probability of a girl falling in love with a middle-aged man and thus facing a "shortcut" seems to be greater than that of a boy falling in love with a middle-aged woman. No matter how different times are, men and women are still different.

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  • Vallie 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    Haven't any film critics ever been to oxford...why are they touting a moral sketch so beloved by Chinese parents...

  • Katrine 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    The days and nights that others lead you to see never come from your own planet. Before the boring and boring edifice collapses, you have to spend thirty years in it, on your own.

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