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Krystal 2022-04-22 07:01:16

After watching so many 3D animations and watching this Princess and the Frog again, I suddenly feel a refreshing feeling, as if I went back to the time when I watched Disney's graphic animations with enthusiasm a long time ago.

This movie has all the elements that little kids love, princesses, demons, pixies. . . Let me, an older young woman, also enjoy watching it, without having to worry about it, I followed the little frog everywhere on adventures, and I almost cried at the end. I don't know why, but I feel very happy after watching this film, and I feel that my heart is filled with the pure joy of childhood. I think I'm starting to get old. . .

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  • Ressie 2021-11-26 08:01:44

    Produced by John Lasseter ("Toy Story", "Cars"), he was nominated for the 82nd Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. It's the path of Disney's classic fairy tale again. Since the rise of Pixar and DreamWorks, I haven't seen a decent Disney animation. If it weren't for the acquisition of Pixar, Disney probably would have been forgotten by everyone. This film can be nominated for Oscar, the level is above average, it is good-looking but not easy to remember, and it does not break through the old routines.

  • Noelia 2022-04-23 07:01:51

    Now that you are back in the 2D line of business, please show more creativity and sincerity

The Princess and the Frog quotes

  • [Naveen and Tiana are cooking dinner]

    Prince Naveen: [mincing vegetables] I'm not really used to doing this. I mean, most of the time I had servants do everything for me: dress my clothes, brush my teeth, even help me get out of bed!

    Princess Tiana: [stirring broth] Aw, you poor baby.

    Prince Naveen: Yes, they did everything for me, until the day my parents cut me off, and that's when I realized... I don't know how to do anything.

  • Dr. Facilier: Y'all should have taken my deal. Now you'll spend the rest of your life being a slimy little frog!

    Tiana: I got news for you, Shadow Man: it's not slime... it's mucus!

    [uses her tongue to get back the talisman and smashes it]

    Dr. Facilier: No! How am I ever gonna pay back my debt?

    [a trio of masks break out of some graves, chanting]

    Dr. Facilier: Friends!

    Masks: [smile malevolently] Are you ready?

    Dr. Facilier: No! I'm not ready at all! In fact, I got lots more plans! This is just a minor setback in a major operation!