In wonderland, the dreams always come true!

Valentina 2022-04-22 07:01:16

I still want to watch cartoons, maybe, I never want to grow up.

Very happy, Disney finally returned to 2D animation. Although Pixar has brought new visual effects, the initial beauty of Disney in recent years has somewhat disappeared. this timeIt is indeed a return to the most essential performance method. Although it is a bit out of place to go against the trend in the era of 3D technology, it is still very happy to see familiar things appear on the big screen.

To be honest, the plot of this cartoon is very simple. Although it is based on the Frog Prince, it extends the plot and does produce something new. There are some simple little beauty in the simplicity, so that people can simply enjoy some small details and the beauty of the picture. For a love-themed story, the enduring fate is essential. Heroes and heroines will always experience something together, and only then will they establish a profound proletarian revolutionary feeling. Of course, lovable supporting roles are also essential. The crocodile who dreams of playing with humans, the firefly who fantasizes about falling in love with the stars, and the rich lady who expects fairy tales to come true, all make the slightly monotonous story full. In addition, the rich New Orleans jazz in the film is also impressive, and the cheerful and entertaining rhythm stretches from beginning to end. Of course, aspect roles are also essential. The big villain Shadow Man is just bad and doesn't have much manoeuvre, but the servant pretending to be a prince was a bit of a let down and was dealt with before it even started to fully show the bad side. Perhaps to highlight the beautiful things, the villain hung up too fast...

Although this cartoon is not very recommended, but for people who like simple and beautiful, it is worth a try.

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The Princess and the Frog quotes

  • Dr. Facilier: [to Lawrence, singing] On you, little man, I don't want to waste much time: you've been pushed around all your life / You've been pushed around by your mother, and your sister and your brother / And if you were married... you'd be pushed around by your wife!

  • Dr. Facilier: Are you ready?

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