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Jeromy 2022-04-23 07:01:51

Originally, I didn't want to write, because recently my hands are very clumsy and my mind is very lazy. Thinking about something is the most annoying.
Looking at what others have written, it may be that I am special. Everyone doesn't seem to have written about my favorite small supporting role, so I can't help the inner world and Dese, come out and be hypocritical. = =||||

Well, I still like the "Little Princess" Charlotte the most.

At the beginning of my childhood, I was innocent and hearty, I believed in beauty, I didn't think it was disgusting to kiss a frog, and I was willing to make a wish to the evening star for happiness.
Later, she was outgoing and active, and for what she thought was a better life—to marry the prince, she worked unswervingly, never giving up or doubting.
Finally, knowing that the prince fell in love with his childhood friend, he sweetly called Tiana his nickname, and then happily kissed the prince who didn't love him at all.
When it was over, he pulled the six-and-a-half-year-old little prince and said, oh, then I'll have to wait a long, long time.

Not because it's a mug figure, I've never hated mug figures.

Ray died, and went to the sky to accompany his Evangeline. Two stars shined at the same time. It really made a lot of people stupid. This is a happy ending, huh?
The two protagonists have experienced self-awareness, learned to treat life kindly, and become truly perfect princesses and princes for each other. Is this a happy ending?
The big fat crocodile hugged the trumpet, wobbled in the music area of ​​the restaurant, and performed music with well-known musicians on the same stage. This is a happy ending, huh?

I'm an angry youth, I know, but I have no doubt that the possibility of such a thing actually happening is zero.

In fact, I always distort movies, and I know that Disney is not trying to express this at all. But I just want to say, in fact, you always don't know, you are already perfect.
Persevere hard for the life you want, don't hesitate to sacrifice for your friends, be optimistic and calm for what you think, never look back and never twist for the true meaning of life you think.
I can't do it at all.

I am inferior and cowardly, timid and selfish.
You may not be tall and sturdy, you may even have a small temper, coquettish waywardness, or you are a little bossy and arrogant, or maybe you are just optimistic and cheerful on the surface.
But I like you, I like you very much. Because of those shortcomings, I also embraced them all.

You never know, you are really the most perfect one in my heart.

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  • Virgil 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    the key point is, fairy tale is always fairy tale, which shows us the true beauty of this world.

  • Herminio 2021-11-26 08:01:44

    The continuation of the Disney musical style in the 90s. What you want and what you need are probably not the same thing. For example, most of us want to be successful, we want idol drama-like love, action movie-like demeanor, financial fiction-like wealth; but what we really need, maybe Just a lamp, a book, a bowl of soup, and a simple but sincere person who loves you.

The Princess and the Frog quotes

  • Dr. Facilier: [to Lawrence, singing] On you, little man, I don't want to waste much time: you've been pushed around all your life / You've been pushed around by your mother, and your sister and your brother / And if you were married... you'd be pushed around by your wife!

  • Dr. Facilier: Are you ready?