Jenny is the cheapest and most valuable art David has ever bought

Kendra 2022-04-19 09:01:48

From high school to graduate school, I watched this film carefully three times, and it was not until the third time that I could be sure that I fully understood all the education conveyed by the film.

When I watched it for the first time in my second year of high school, I remembered what Jenny said to the teacher: I feel like old but not very wise. A little girl who made a mistake finally realized her mistake and felt that she was stupid before. So I say not very wise, and at the same time I think I have grown a lot and see through the world as if I will never make mistakes again, so I say I am old. This is probably the experience of most people in high school, it may be losing their first love, it may be the first time to be betrayed by a friend, it may be that they made a wrong choice in their studies, it may be that the rebellion after adolescence has finally begun I understand the good intentions of my parents... After going through all of the above, I thought I was mature enough in high school, but I only understood part of education.

At the end of my junior year, because of the uncertain future, it was another sleepless night, so I downloaded this video again. I remembered what Jenny's father said outside the door: All my life I've been scared and I didn't 't want you to be scared. That's why I want you to be in Oxford. It's funny that a British father thinks most Chinese parents think. A good university is the guarantee of your future, the face of your job search, where you have all the networks and resources you need, which is probably what most parents think. Ten years of hard study is for this diploma, which proves that you have received the best education. However, it is the misunderstanding of higher education that makes too many people lose themselves, try to find shortcuts, and enjoy a life of intoxication.

After studying abroad for a year, I watched the film again in the middle of the night when it was difficult to change my resume and motivation letter to find an internship. I always found a little inspiration from this film at the moment when I lost myself. This is the third time I watched the movie, and I finally started to have an epiphany about all the plots. This is also the only time I did not use subtitles to enjoy the film purely by the actors' voices, movements, and a better understanding of foreign languages ​​and French culture after studying abroad for a year. This kind of movie watching feels more direct and in-depth, and I have been thinking about why a pretend businessman like David, who knows a little about art, fell in love with Jenny. He could have found a blonde who knows how to dress and please him like Helen. I don't know if you feel the same way I do when you watch the movie, David should be with the blonde and Jenny should be with Denny, they are the mirror of each other. The first two times I watched it, my focus was on Jenny, and I ignored the character of David. When I saw the first time they supper together, David's face was bewildered when Denny mentioned Burne-Jones, I realized that this man is just a pseudo-art dealer, hiding a 16 The cheesy of century British peddler. So why did David fall in love with Jenny? I have been saying before that David is a businessman. His profession is to buy art at a low price and sell it at a high price. He is very sensitive to high-value art, but his good friend Denny is the one who helped him identify it. Jenny is definitely the most cost-effective and proudest work he has ever bought. Young, with the purest and most valuable body and mentality, the immature appearance hides the potential to be transformed into a classic, this is the Jenny that David first met. But how much is Jenny really worth? David didn't know, and he couldn't use his only superficial knowledge of art to deceive people to value Jenny. So Denny and Helen showed up. In the conversation between Denny and Jenny, you can find that Jenny has a deep understanding of art, and Helen is in sharp contrast with Jenny, and Helen has played the most important role in Jenny's transformation to a certain extent. She taught Jenny to dress up and turned her into a real fair lady, also inadvertently revealed a little truth to Jenny, which actually led Jenny to the final depravity. On the eve of the ending, Denny began to feel bad for Jenny. He couldn't stand the artwork being possessed by mediocrity and slowly losing its value, so he decided to compete with David. But David is a businessman, how could he allow the things he bought to slip away from his eyes, if he can't keep it, then destroy it, so there is a later proposal, the truth, and abandonment. When Jenny ran to Denny for help, Denny didn't lend a helping hand as Jenny expected. This is because Denny is only a businessman after all, and he doesn't want a work of art that has lost its value, and his break with David is just a parting of business partners due to differences of interest, not like himself. It was so great that he broke with David for the sake of justice.

I think I will watch Education many more times, for the beautiful pictures, for the refreshing French ditties, for the works of Burne-Jones, for the collection of Denny's family, and for the greatest art, youth. Young girl, never exchange yourself with a curious mind, one day you will realize that some things will never be complete once they are given.

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  • Orpha 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    The so-called education and growth. It is to find the road sign that belongs to oneself. It is easy to confuse people, and even dedicate themselves to it. The shortcoming of this film is that it pursues too much an inspirational and perfect biographical ending (although this may It's true), and the reversal of the story is too great. If there is no good outcome for such a girl in the end, it will be a real tragedy. Another married uncle cheating on loli is really a cheat.

  • Maegan 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    There are no shortcuts in life

An Education quotes

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.