Girl, you always fall into that thing you thought was love

Linnie 2022-04-19 09:01:48

Watched two movies in two days. "Growth Education" was recommended in an English magazine many years ago, and suddenly I thought of watching it (the side proves my procrastination), while "Fish Tank" is purely for Fasha. Who knows, coincidentally, both films were released in the UK in 2009, and both dealt with the growing pains of teenage girls. The narrative methods of the two films are completely different. "Fish Tank" is particularly realistic, and the speed is the speed of real life. "Growing Education" is a well-conceived literary and educational film. Both girls have grown up because of an uncle who can be their own father. The difference is that Jenny can start all over again as a Yale seed, and Mia was originally at the bottom of the society and was eliminated from the school. In the end, even if she bravely found herself With a new foothold, it's also hard to think that life might improve. Mia played the role of her true character, and she did not become a star because of this film. This may be the only work of the actor's life. In the future, her life may be like Mia, withdrawing from the public eye, and only she knows the ups and downs.
I feel that meeting these two films in two days must be a subject arranged by God to make me think about the topic of teenage and adulthood, which I had never thought about before living in a greenhouse. If David, who deceived ignorant girls in "Growing Up Education", has no arrangement for married status, or if the character played by Fa Shark in "Fish Tank" does not have a wife and a daughter, then it is quite in line with the dog blood setting of Korean dramas. The warm-hearted uncle with long legs, the patron saint of girls, and even the enlightener of sex education. But both films are realistic, and they tell girls: Your upbringing is not that simple. Especially the love you use to embellish your boring life, that's just what you think it is. The male protagonists of the movie are all veterans who have been in the arena. They will pick up girls step by step without showing any clues until they conquer the bodies of young girls on the bed and sofa, and then they can retire. This is the true portrayal of many old men. Most of the old men are not uncles but hooligans.
I personally disagree with what some film critics say, what it means for girls to cherish boys and not to be uncles. I don't think that's the educational purpose of the film. Uncles can use elaborate canary cages to tie up girls until they find out they are being played with applause. The damage from boys is of another kind. They are not old-fashioned enough to weave canary cages, but they are childish, sensitive, and selfish, and the damage caused does not require the final blow, but the accumulated bits and pieces over time; The girl who came here hurts the boy in the same way. The girl's suspicion, pride, and meanness also wiped out the boy's admiration in every bit of time. It's just that the latter is a popular version of the story, while the former is still a minority, because in eastern countries, girls are still overprotected by their families, and there are very few parents who really hand over their daughters like Jenny's father.
In fact, no matter Jenny, who is tasteful and thoughtful, or Mia, who has not received much education and is unprepared for life, the common characteristic of girls is that they are too easy to fall into the illusion called "love". Whenever someone accepts some warmth, such as someone who cares about her cello getting wet, someone lends her a video camera to participate in a competition, someone invites her to a concert, someone praises her clumsy dance moves... Girls are too easy to fall into, And once it falls, time, brain capacity, and body can all contribute. The reason why girls fall in love is too simple. For example, in "Heartbeat", wouldn't Julie be able to fall for many years without asking for anything in return because of Bryce's eyes? Maybe many of the girls are in the middle of the temperament. Of course, the so-called "in the middle of the temperament" does not distinguish between men and women. I once heard that a boy fell into an unanswered secret love because of the right arm of the opposite sex at the same table. Lovely.
So what is it that causes girls to fall so easily? Of course, male hormones are inherently a strong attraction, especially the male protagonist in the movie is so handsome. There is no need to avoid being attracted to males, after all, most girls will still choose a marriage partner in the future. Also, I think there is a family factor to consider. At home, parents generally do not spread some physiological knowledge about men to their daughters, and girls have no way of knowing it. The mystery of sex is the inducement that directly leads to beautiful fantasies. And men of the same age, even if they do not discuss at home, have long since fully understood the physiological characteristics of women, the use of condoms and other knowledge they deem necessary from the discussions of boys of the same age. Perhaps this is not only the lack of family education, but also the lack of social education. I remember that the school gave us a science and education film called "Boys and Girls", but now I think back on it, the stuff produced in it probably has no scientific reason at all. It's all imaginary by the producers. Come on, think about all the fallacies. In fact, boys are shy towards girls, usually because his sexual consciousness has just awakened, and it is more a physiological factor than an emotional one. Before reading Junichi Watanabe's "The Man's Thing", I didn't realize that sex occupies such an important proportion in men's lives, and I never thought that sex without love is generally accepted among men. It can be said that this This book can be regarded as my enlightenment book on sex education in the true scientific sense, and it has allowed me to find answers to many questions that I have been puzzled by my "feminine thinking". Knowing that men are not "evil", it seems that in people's minds, knowing nothing should be praised as a hymn of purity. Not at all, as Dumbledore said, "You have to understand before you can accept it." You only know how to deal with the fact after you accept it, and you won't dive into it. The last thing is to understand that "sex" is a red line for girls after all. I'm not advocating the old patriarchal concept of chastity before marriage, but I think that emotional experience can be wasted, it's fine to look down on it, but sexual experience can't be erased in girls (well, I admit it Mainly because I think so as a girl, it's just my personal opinion). You can be attracted, coaxed, have fun, and be unaware, but that doesn't mean you have to undress for him. What men achieve through sex is the desire to conquer, while women often want to get love through sex, which is completely irreconcilable. Because love is long and conquest is instantaneous. As a woman, I can't understand men's desire to conquer sexually, but I used to have a desire to conquer grades and rankings. For example, my goal is to get 85 points in the test. Later, I found that I can always get 85 points in the test, so I don't want to. would feel how rare 85 points, I To test more than 90 points. Maybe girls who have been conquered by men are as dull and uninspiring as those 85 points. Of course, sex itself is a problem through the ages, and it cannot be summed up by my analogy.
In the era when the brain-dead TV series is rampant in the market, we really need to be alert to "spiritual opium". I used to think that only little girls had romantic fantasies about love, but later I found out that women who are mothers still do, such as my mother, she actually instilled me such a standard for mate selection: education and grades do not need to be good, you must be a warm man, like a Korean drama Same as the second male. I thought she was joking, but she turned out to be very serious. God, my mother is also an intellectual and professional woman who went to college and received higher education in their era. She was so influenced by idol dramas! I replied to my mother at the time, "Mom, do you know why the two male characters in Korean dramas are all warm? Because there is no such thing in reality." "Mental opium" is used to numb our nerves and let us temporarily escape from reality The world, but because there are too many shoddy spiritual opium, it is inevitable that people sometimes can't tell whether they live in the real world or the fantasy world. To understand men, and to shape our view of mate choice, we must start from a scientific point of view. For example, read more psychology books and socialize with real-world men. Similarly, I think men want to understand women in a healthier way, at least not by watching pornography. Men are completely free to discuss these topics with women. After all, this is an era of free speech. It was not written at the beginning of the novel "South and North." interesting. For the exploration of the opposite sex, why not really interact with the opposite sex in the real world, but indulge in the illusory world?
Love is something that can easily lead to illusions. I think learning some psychological methods of emotion control and meditation (although there is a slight conflict between the two in psychology) is indeed very beneficial for restoring reason and maintaining calm.
One last thing to add, I think girls still have to find love in decent, honest men. In "Growing Up Education", Jenny has actually seen that David's business is against his conscience (although it is not illegal), but because of his fever, Jenny was coaxed by David and immediately reconciled. In addition, Mia in "Fish Tank" is also, will a normal man find a woman who is full of foul language, ignores her daughter, and has random sex as her girlfriend? But Mia's mother is such a person. Mia should have understood from the beginning that her mother's boyfriend is not safe and should not be approached. Sorry, I do think that love is divided into high and low, and many people do not deserve it. If a person is not kind to the world, how can he be kind to you? How can he be a good man by extorting black, ignorant old people to support himself? But girls are always so stupid that they will not betray themselves if they think that the person they love has betrayed the whole world. Before accepting that he is the man you want, put aside the attraction of male hormones, put aside all the things he has done for you and all the smiling faces he has shown you, first ask yourself rationally, from the personality point of view, can this person be my friend? accept? If the answer is no, then avoid it. (For example, I have heard of a girl's boyfriend who is very disrespectful to her parents and treats them as slaves, but when the girl sees that he treats her well, she accepts the proposal, and then the boy shows his true colors in the marriage.)
To sum up, it is as follows A few:
1. Sex is a warning line;
2. Objectively examine the character of
the other party; 3. Understand men through scientific channels;
4. Finally, there are no shortcuts in life, and girls should not be vain.

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  • Luciano 2021-11-28 08:01:19

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