There is no shortcut.

Emmie 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I believe for most people, there is no shortcut. Don't think you're the luckiest person, even if you're as smart and beautiful as jenny.
Jenny is just a little girl who doesn't know much about the world. She doesn't understand men or society. She can be forgiven. But the choices her parents made on the fork in their daughter's life were really out of standard. Just because the vision is too shallow.
When Jenny was debating with her teacher who graduated from Cambridge, she once said something directly to the heart: You graduated from Cambridge, why are you still teaching here? It seems to make sense: I've found something to live a better life now, so why keep reading? She didn't understand that if she could continue her studies, it would be her greater capital in the future. Sadly, her parents didn't understand either.
That married yuppie, suave everywhere, a girl's poison. You can't say he is a bad person, there is no absolute bad person in this world. But he is really a knife that kills without blood, and it needs less skin if it doesn't shed flesh.
After the rebirth, Jenny is already a little woman with experience. And this little woman will surely go further and further in her life, and the sky above her head will become wider and wider.

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  • Jenny: I don't want to lose my virginity to a piece of fruit.

  • Headmistress: [On Jenny's career opportunities] It doesn't have to be teaching. There's always the Civil Service.