girl, why are you educated

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the life i want, there is no shortcut.


As long as it is a girl, most of them have been troubled by a problem, "It is better to marry well than to study well". If there are quite a few good looks followed by a few followers, and if the results are also very good, the trouble will be even more obvious.

The little loli Jenny in the movie is not much different from other adolescent girls. Innocent and full of dreams. However, this vigorous vitality has encountered the college entrance examination, which is the biggest pain for the teenagers all over the world. The parents of petty citizens who have not seen the big world have lived a life of anxiety all their lives. They only hope that their daughter will be admitted to Oxford to study Latin and live a stable and comfortable life. So all activities and hobbies should be in line with Oxford standards. If there is any dream for girls, it is the fantasy of a colorful life in the future, freedom and romance. So I worked hard to learn Latin, and while secretly listening to French songs, I dreamed of that romantic French dream. Life at this time is peaceful. Because going to Oxford and going to university is the only ticket to the future.

Fortunately, little Jenny is talented and intelligent, and she is well liked by her teachers. It is not difficult to get admitted to Oxford.

However, the appearance of the suave, unrestrained and worldly uncle seems to provide another kind of ticket. Look, even me, a bystander, couldn't help but compliment it. His appearance seemed to satisfy all of Jenny's dreams. Go to listen to pure classical music, go to a high-end restaurant to eat, go to an auction house to buy your favorite paintings, and easily go to Paris. Even seduce is such a gentleman. In the end, he even proposed.

Even I fainted when I saw this. I went to see this movie after seeing the recommendation. I know this uncle is an old fox, but I can't even control myself. In this arena of great disparity, on the one hand, it is boring and hard learning, boring Latin; on the other hand, it is rich and romantic marriage.

What is the meaning of education and learning? all that latin! all those essays! what was the point! Jenny asked her parents. Even got permission from the parents.

why didn't you just send me prowling round the nightclubs. "If marriage is the only purpose, then why study, why don't you just send me to the nightclub to catch Kaizi?" it would have been less trouble, and i might have had more fun.

i don't know about nightclubs. i know about education. he wouln't want you if you were thick, would he? It won't attract him so much."

Old Antique's lonely teacher, what's the use of studying?

"you can do anything you want, you know that. you clever and you are pretty. is your boyfriend interested in clever Jenny?" you know you can do anything. You are smart and beautiful. But is your boyfriend interested in this smart Jenny?

"where did you go?" Where did you graduate from? "Cambridge." Cambridge

"well, you're clever. and you're pretty. so presumably, clever Miss Stubbs won. and here you are with your pony essays. i don't know. these last few months, i eat in wonderful restaurants, and went to jazz clubs, and watch wonderful films, heard beautiful music. maybe will Our lives going to end up with pony essays or housework. and yes, maybe we'll go to Oxford. but what if we all going to die the moment we graduate , isn't it what we do before that counts ?"

Okay. You are also very smart and beautiful. So let's say you win and you're teaching a translation class here now. I have no idea. For the past few months, I've eaten at fancy restaurants, listened to jazz, watched great movies, and listened to great music. Perhaps our lives ultimately boil down to teaching and chores, trivial and mediocre. Well, maybe we all went to Oxford. But if we all die at the moment of graduation, isn't the hard life we ​​lived before our whole life?

"i'm sorry you think i'm dead." The teacher can only say regretfully, sorry you think i'm dead.

If things go on so smoothly, it will be normal and happy again. Jenny, wearing heavy makeup, takes her parents to celebrate their engagement. However, a letter addressed to the uncle's house was found in the car. MR & MRS DANNY. It turns out that the uncle is married. How to do? I will get divorced. See the uncle's plea. Thinking of the happy times in the past, Little Loli had to think again. The school has dropped out, the principal has fallen out, the Oxford exams have been missed, and what else. It seems to be fashionable to be a mistress now. Just a small request shattered Jenny's yet another compromise. The uncle didn't even have the courage to enter the door and tell her what was really happening to her parents. What can you expect from such a man. What can you bring.

Jenny went to the uncle's house. A they from the uncle's wife let Jenny know that she was neither the first nor the last.

In the end, Jenny regained the book and said only one sentence, the life i want, there is no shortcut.

Seeing this, I have to think of "Mona Lisa's Smile". But the scene is put in the university. In the face of traditional husbands and children, girls are educated in order to marry better. The bohemian female art history teacher in the film just said, strive for excellence. Pursue excellence and progress. A rather introspective slogan is indeed a bit hollow. In "Growth Education", education is implemented into their own lives: the life

you want requires your own efforts.

Only then can there be true freedom and romance.

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  • Macie 2021-11-28 08:01:19

    "If you don’t know what you want when you are young, then please go and study well." I want to enjoy the paintings of the aestheticism period in the cozy hut that I rely on my own ability to support. These famous paintings sold by the self-righteous wealthy auction houses are more meaningful.

  • Karlie 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    I've never seen such a rubbish British movie

An Education quotes

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.