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Darius 2022-04-20 09:01:40

So many feelings I don't know where to start. The subtitle of the nirvana is gorgeously debuted~~
①There is God's will in the dark
. This is fatalism, then I admit that I began to believe in fate~
From the moment you were born, God will give you something and set your path. , as the title of the article, I only talk about the female part. God has given some people beauty and wisdom, and of course some lucky ones got both, at the cost of not knowing which way they should go...( Of course, there are others besides these two, but they have nothing to do with the central idea.)
The beauty who only has beauty (er, don't know the name~) went her way, and accepted her destiny very calmly , indeed, the same things are innate, and who prescribes beauty to be inferior to wisdom? ?
I think the typical representative of a woman who only has wisdom in the film is not the teacher or the principal of the school, but the wife of the uncle. She is too smart~ There is a line in "Dove Occupying the Magpie's Nest" that directly expresses the art of women (the specific content is not listed, if you are interested, you can see it yourself~) I think this eldest sister has grasped and applied its true meaning to the level of perfection~ The
above two women who live clearly have achieved the success of a woman , that is to firmly grasp a successful man (hey, what a tragedy~ In fact, there are other things about women's success~)
and the protagonist of the film is still tragic, although I think the purpose of the film is to educate us about the right way in the world Going to Harvard, but I still can't see if this is the right path for the heroine, but how good is it for young people to make mistakes, beauty and wisdom are all accounted for, where is the joy of life without any fork in the road and setbacks?
In a word, everyone has their own destiny. Whether you agree with it or not, it is really true~ I used to think that the only way to be a beautiful woman is to be a woman, but it is not. All roads lead to Rome, but they are indeed different. Return... (Hey, just write it here, the secret can't be leaked too much~~)
②When the time comes, do something
Take the college entrance examination when it’s time for the college entrance examination, look for a job when it’s time to look for a job, eat when you need to eat, and lose weight when you need to lose weight. , before the age of 20, worrying about not being able to marry in the future is bullshit, but if you are approaching 30 and you still can’t walk in high heels, it’s still unreasonable if you don’t know anything about makeup.
I forgot which idle book I was reading. The protagonist is a male college student. He said that a boy in the same dormitory was a special nb. When everyone was chasing beautiful women, there were always ordinary girls around him. Raise it for others. Sure enough, after graduation, the beauties all made a fortune, and the man became famous and won the school flower that everyone in the school was chasing at that time (only to find that the school flower and the joke are the same sound~~ Well, I have a dark mood again. ~~)
It is a great skill to be able to know what to worry about and what to do at this moment~
③ Whoever has the last laugh who laughs the best
The protagonist of the movie said "the life i want there is "no short cut" applies to everyone, no matter male or female, beautiful and smart, everyone~
So the persevering people are the most admirable, because only persevering people can laugh at the end~
④The uncles stay behind People~ There are many benefits to doing good deeds~~ People who
often sing K should know that the MV of courage is the story of a little girl and an uncle (I have had an opinion on this for a long time~) But at least the uncle there is very kind, I didn't take advantage of the little girl~ Unlike the "playing is you" attitude in this movie~
Since people regard women as disadvantaged groups, I really want to represent the disadvantaged groups and appeal to uncles Show mercy~ It's not easy for little beauties~ (Well, especially the classmate who said "no matter how old a man is, he only likes 18-year-old girls", I'll say you~)

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.

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