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In my head, the beginning of the story was that downpour.
Heavy rain has always acted as a catalyst. I remember the hero and heroine in Love Notebook, in the heavy rain many years later, the passion that has always been stored in each other's hearts finally overcame all worldly obstacles and burst out. In the background of the downpour, love is like a peony in full bloom. Bright and dripping, fragrant.
Of course, the heavy rain in our [Growth Education] is only the cause and opportunity of the story, not the climax of the story, so the picture rendered by the heavy rain is a little less stern and more elegant. The middle-aged man is ingenious, witty, witty, and sophisticated in playing with the situation, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth, and a luxurious car, which is driven by the ignorant girl Prince Charming wherever it is placed and at any age. prelude. It just so happened that this pretty and smart girl Jenny was chosen. Her unchanging and boring life with nowhere to release finally opened up in this heavy rain. She carried the cello and walked home in the pouring rain. That man, he played a hard-to-get, devious trick. It's not that gallant can say that I want you to get in the car because I'm afraid you'll get in the rain. He said that he was afraid that the cello would be damaged by drenching and ruining the art. So Cello got into the car first, and after walking a few steps, Jenny finally couldn't help it, and volunteered to say that she hoped to sit in the car. God testifies that the rain was really heavy.
Later, it became smooth sailing and the plot that you and I can think of began. Jenny was fascinated by this handsome middle-aged man. He filled her void, and what he gave matched what was almost wishful thinking in the girl's cup. Just like the famous Titanic. Without the artistic sublimation of this film, not every girl would have liked him when he brought Jack to reality. Take our Jenny now, Jack can't possibly attract her. If Jenny and Jack met on Titanic, Titanic would just be Titanic. In the words of the moment, "he's not your thing". The key is that fate is the thing that arranged for Rose, a wealthy girl from a declining noble family whose spirit was trapped in the material world. The arrival of Jack completed her spiritual redemption. collide with the impact of the mind. Moreover, she was locked in her boudoir and not yet deeply involved in the world, and she was more able to show a kind of fierceness that put the whole world behind her for love regardless of her life. And Jenny is exactly the same as this middle-aged man. The formula has not changed, but the values ​​of x and y have been changed. He took her to high-end cocktail parties, listened to music, admired famous paintings and played auctions. He was smart, witty and humorous, and his family was rich. How could he not let a person who was depressed and urged to take the Oxford exam all day and didn't even know what Oxford would give her? The little girl fell into it. What's more, this little girl is not an ordinary little girl, she is beautiful. She is also smart. She loves art and understands art. But there is a lack of people to lead her to appreciate art. The climax is that he leads her to the Paris of her dreams. A man who will take you to see the world again is just around the corner. When the longing in her heart was satisfied, she was like a cub, all her rebellious potentials were stimulated, and for him, she left the whole world behind.
But the sudden passion and the excesses of joy come at a price.
I don't know if this has anything to do with the opposite, or it's just a fallacy that I personally adhere to. But I always get scared when I'm too happy and happy.
There are many things hidden behind this middle-aged man that Jenny can't bear and can't bear.
Some young girls say that falling in love with a charming middle-aged man will be a tragedy after all. Most of our generation, in fact, everyone has a princess dream in their hearts. We came into this world in an age of relative stability without wars and dynasties. When I fall asleep listening to Grimm's fairy tales, there is no excitement in life, no turmoil and war, and no experience of a different kind of life for educated young people to go to the mountains and the countryside. We study numbly day after day and take exams. Examination for junior high school, high school, university, postgraduate, certificate, and civil servants. Parents' urging and accusation, even a small deviation from the track may be a big treason. So our greatest fear becomes our life itself. It is said that we are born in the midst of blessings and do not know the blessings, and we all say that we are forced to express our sorrows for the sake of writing new words, but who has watered the barrenness in our hearts. Therefore, the prevalence of dwellings allows us to see the sharpness of this era and our own destiny. Sugar daddy has become a dream in the subconscious of many girls. Young, beautiful, smart, and well-behaved girls, there are shortcuts ahead, why not?
However, some say it involves morality. Some people say that if you go in and then come out, the mouse is crossing the street. However I think it has to do with choice. Some people choose to live a peaceful life without waves, while others choose to be a little more ups and downs. Short-term happiness and happiness are paid for later sorrow and pain, and the current shortcut is exchanged for later Waterloo. So in fact, as the Declaration of Human Rights proclaims, we are all equal. If you are willing to exchange, it is actually not a bad idea. As early as in the Middle Ages, some people were willing to make deals with the devil and sell their souls in exchange for what they wanted.
I prefer to be a spectator and a non-judgmental bystander.
But Jenny's ending made me cry. Maybe it's because I'm also at the juncture of the exam now. It can be said that she is reining in the precipice. She walked out of that dream-like life. Spiritually changed from a young girl to a mature elder. Just like the pink and tender hands, after doing a lot of labor, they gave birth to cocoons, and since then they can face the wind and rain more fully. Her phrase "I feel old, but not very wise" always makes me unable to let go. In the end, fortunately, she didn't become a tragedy and she got back on track to Oxford. At this time, the Oxford in her heart was no longer the same as the Oxford she had been urged to take by the parent school. When she received the admission notice and burst into tears, I couldn't help myself. At that moment, you will feel that a lot of things are still hard-earned not by shortcuts, so that they can always be held in your palm and will not fly away.
The heavy rain was like a dream, stored in a mottled form.

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.