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According to the title of the movie, the narrative of the story, and the ending, almost everyone pointed the finger at this girl or this man. Or, add in the ignorance of the father and the ignorance of the mother, to sum up this sentence, oh, there are no shortcuts in life.

In fact, we ignore the most beautiful romance in the movie, the real France, the men and women in love, and the family full of vitality and fun again.

you've got me wrapped around your little finger.
there is no shortcut, except Oxford.

Jenny knows what she's doing, she knows everything comes like a bubble or a halo. She listens to French music, knows art appreciation, she is mature, she smokes, she likes to imagine herself French all day. She is deeply immersed in French romanticism, and she understands that the so-called life needs to be interesting. She wants to live interesting. So David's appearance is not accidental. The film environment packaged in the film is depicting the difference between Britain and France: Britain, which attaches great importance to the so-called orthodox education, and the serious conservative atmosphere implies the class hierarchy that women need, just like the hazy and rainy weather in the film. France, which is experiencing the impact of new waveism, must be a sunny and liberal country, and it is also the spiritual world in Jenny's heart. Nor is she a naive and ignorant girl, and in fact, perhaps the opposite. Her relationship with David - the first exposure to the world of flowers, is like an adventure. She dressed up as a beauty, she experienced 'woman' for the first time, she was able to attend auctions, casino operas and of course bars. So she can grow up, smoke, drink wine, and high heels with other men and women. To this end, she is willing to help David deceive his father about her and his life, and, at this time, she can foresee that David can not only bring novel life, he is also a glib man. He's not really reliable except for being impulsive.

But I don't mean to defend David, a man who is also unable to break free from the shackles of tradition. In fact, the biggest thing in common between him and Jenny is the romantic idea that exists in both of them. David likes to enjoy life and likes to meet different girls to take her with. Men love girls, men love fraternity, and in fact, Jenny may not have made good use of David. But the movie doesn't go completely dark, and many shots tell us that Jenny in David's eyes is fresh, charismatic and full of life. He proposed to Jenny hilariously and ridiculously, whether it was because he was jealous because he saw Jenny gradually shine and received attention from other people, or he was really impulsive and hopeless because he really fell in love with this little girl And willing to give up the original family, but he did say to friends, she is the one. His final evacuation was disappointing but in line with the tragedy in real life, he feared it was another temporary impulse and took responsibility Even if he could ruin Jenny's life. In fact, apart from the fact that men's timidity is related to traditional educational social thoughts, David is just an ordinary man with selfish desires. They have feelings, but it's not love, maybe it's love, but it's full of loopholes. And Jenny doesn't have the responsibility to fall in love with David completely. She is too young to take responsibility.

Then their memories are denied by everyone, and Jenny starts a new life - and is happy to get into Oxford. Jenny started out in a peer relationship. I'm just wondering if it's really just an age group issue. However, Jenny is not an uncle, she once had a young boyfriend, but he is not mundane and does not understand the interesting things in the mundane. He is bored and addicted to the musical instruments in the book, which makes her boring. So David's appearance represents all the world she yearns for. It's hard to say whether she likes David or because she can enjoy the paradise after growing up in advance. An education, which can be understood as inspiration after a slip, is also an experience, a glamorous romantic experience she sees.

Didn't notice before that this was a movie that was patronized by so many awards. And made in the UK. The 1960s England and France restored by the film are contained in the exquisite and infectious a lot of lazy original music, and the strong French feelings that are slowly revealed, again and again restore the freedom and impulsiveness that two people once had. and romance. Romantic love comes quickly and briefly. It may be a tragedy, but it must also be a comedy.

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